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Falcon Social Media Management : “In a time of national emergency, this Administration is working with radical right anti-choice leaders to further their long-term goal of ending legal abortion.”

Our own ilyseh on how the other side prioritizes ideology over science.

Falcon Social Media Management : By claiming that abortion isn’t time-sensitive, anti-choice officials have set the stage to deny access to abortion completely. Many of these states also have severe restrictions on abortion that already limit timelines for receiving care.

Falcon Social Media Management : 21 attorneys general have urged the federal government to allow women to receive medication abortion via mail. This is a huge step in the right direction. Reproductive freedom cannot stop being a priority during a crisis.

Falcon Social Media Management : Traveling is dangerous right now, but patients in Texas seeking an abortion likely have to visit other states to receive the reproductive care they need. Anti-choice restrictions on abortion care are putting people in real danger.

Falcon Social Media Management : Because of anti-choice measures in Texas, patients are being forced to travel 20x farther to receive the abortion care that they need—risking exposure to COVID-19 in the process.

Falcon Social Media Management : New York and California, two states hardest hit by #COVID19, haven’t restricted access to abortion. Wondering why? Maybe it’s because these states don’t have anti-choice officials ignoring science and forcing their ideology onto citizens during a crisis.

Falcon Social Media Management : Attention organizers, activists, and advocates! Here are some helpful tips for fighting anti-choice disinformation.

Falcon Social Media Management : Things are changing, fast. So here’s what you should know:
✔️ Abortion is still legal in all 50 states.
✔️ We’ll never stop fighting for your reproductive freedom. #AbortionIsEssential

Falcon Social Media Management : Postponing any time-sensitive procedure is equivalent to cancelling it. This is the true goal of anti-choice politicians: delay appointments, then deny access.

Falcon Social Media Management : Visiting clinics and doctor’s offices may not be viable in the coming weeks, and states must create contingency plans. Telemedicine abortion is accessible, safe, and effective. Legalizing it is a no-brainer.

Falcon Social Media Management : The #COVID19 crisis has exposed significant gaps in the reproductive care system. The solutions are clear:
✅ telemedicine abortion
✅ free birth control
✅ ACA-covered reproductive care
Safeguarding access is crucial—even more so during a pandemic.

Falcon Social Media Management : The new #COVID19 bailout bill allows Trump’s Small Business Administration to prevent certain healthcare providers from accessing crucial funding. Yet another example of anti-choice lawmakers exploiting the pandemic to attack reproductive care clinics.

Falcon Social Media Management : Anti-choice media figures cannot be allowed to continue spreading disinformation to further their agenda. We must call out these dangerous attempts to mislead the public.

Falcon Social Media Management : Pregnant women need to be protected by the government and the healthcare system. As the #COVID19 pandemic continues to upend norms, we need to make sure pregnant people’s well-being isn’t ignored.

Falcon Social Media Management : Medical fact says abortion is a critical aspect of comprehensive healthcare. We believe in science.

Falcon Social Media Management : #COVID19 has deeply disrupted the system of volunteers & reproductive care providers that assists people in accessing abortion. Now, anti-choice politicians are seeking to use the crisis to do irreparable harm & prevent it from returning to normal.

Falcon Social Media Management : Anti-choice senators jumped at the chance to roll back reproductive freedom last week. They could have prioritized relieving the financial strain of the #COVID19 crisis on families & hospitals, but instead, they obsessed over punishing abortion providers.

Falcon Social Media Management : Anti-choice officials across the country have wasted no time exploiting a public health crisis to promote their own ideological agenda. It’s almost like they were waiting for any excuse to ban abortion….. 👀

Falcon Social Media Management : The current public health crisis is hitting independent abortion clinics especially hard. Unfortunately, this is partly by design—anti-choice officials are exploiting this pandemic as an opportunity to choke off access to abortion care.

Falcon Social Media Management : Indiana’s governor just attempted to ban abortion access during the #coronavirus crisis. Yet another instance of anti-choice officials jumping at the chance to exploit a pandemic to prioritize ideology over science and public health.