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Sprinklr : Exploration is in our DNA & our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon, is a treasure trove of science! As we look forward to sending the 1st woman & next man to the lunar surface in 5 years, were sharing a gallery of images taken from the Intl. Space Station:

Sprinklr : Teachers, students and classrooms everywhere tuned in to the historic #AllWomanSpacewalk that took place on Friday, Oct. 18. Relive the reactions in this Twitter Moment:…

Sprinklr : This weekend, our NASA International Space Apps Challenge Challenge brought together teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists & others to answer some of the most pressing challenges on Earth & in space. 🌎💡 See how our data can be used to solve problems:

Sprinklr : We have never been more ready to meet the unknown. Team members from our #Artemis program share the risks and rewards of this next era of exploration as we prepare for missions to the Moon and Mars. Watch:

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Twitter Web App : Timothy.Production🎬 This view of Earth from the Intl. Space Station's cupola might be considered the ultimate observation deck!👀Check out even more photos of our home planet, taken by crew members:…

Sprinklr : This week marks the start of the International Astronautical Congress — an annual event that brings together the world’s space agencies and other key players in space exploration. Discover how you can follow along during our #IAC2019 coverage:

Sprinklr : A colossal collection of stars, numbering up to hundreds of billions: galaxies like this one are quite common in the universe! ✨ Hubble took this image of galaxy NGC 4380, which has graceful spiral arms outlined by dark lanes of dust. Look closer:

iPhone : ✨Meet the next generation of space explorers✨ aka the #Artemis generation!

Tune in next week to Space & STEM: Where Do You Fit In? to learn more about these young professionals & how their roles are helping take us to the Moon and on to Mars! 🌖

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Sprinklr : On Houston, We Have A Podcast, Samuel Lawrence, planetary scientist & lead lunar exploration scientist, discusses what we’ve learned about the Moon & some of the interesting questions that we hope to answer when humans return in the #Artemis program. 🌙…

Sprinklr : The #Artemis generation will be the first generation to witness humanity live sustainably and work on the Moon. To celebrate, we want YOU to be featured on our new 3D mosaic sculpture representing our future plans. Heres how to participate 📸 :

Sprinklr : Happening this weekend: our NASA International Space Apps Challenge Challenge, the world’s largest global hackathon! 🌎💡 Discover how you can participate by using our data to solve real-world challenges on Earth and in space:

Sprinklr : During our #AllWomanSpacewalk, there was an Earth-to-space call as President Trump called Christina H Koch & Jessica Meir to congratulate them on their historic accomplishment. Read about the work completed outside the Intl. Space Station during yesterdays spacewalk:

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Twitter Web App : Join thousands worldwide for the #NASA NASA International Space Apps Challenge Challenge! Be a part of the worlds largest global #hackathon and create #innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. Explore Challenges Near and Far:​ #SpaceApps

Twitter Web App : Earthling Thanks for tuning in to watch this historic moment in space exploration! Check out our video recap of the #AllWomanSpacewalk: