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TweetDeck : During a visit to NASA Ames today, Vice President Mike Pence Mike Pence talked about the future of human space exploration and our #Artemis plans to return to the Moon as a forerunner to future human missions to Mars. Take a look in this Twitter moment:…

TweetDeck : It was my great honor to celebrate Ames’ 80th anniversary with the hardworking Americans of NASA Ames! Their groundbreaking research continues to pave the way for advanced aeronautics, space exploration, and next-generation computing in the beating heart of Silicon Valley.

TweetDeck : Our Apollo astronauts & the roughly 400,000 @NASAPeople who supported the mission accomplished what is arguably the greatest achievement in human history — landing humans on the Moon. Watch Vice President Mike Pence Pence talk about this milestone in space exploration:

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TweetDeck : During todays visit to NASAAmes) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Ames, Vice President Mike Pence Pence acknowledged the contributions of NASA innovators who developed groundbreaking technologies that have paved the way for modern aviation, space exploration and computing. Watch:

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TweetDeck : Before our #Artemis astronauts arrive at the Moons south pole in 2024, well send a rover there to hunt for water ice. The VIPER mission will give us surface-level detail of where the water is and how much is available for us to use. Learn more:…

TweetDeck : “The next man and the first woman on the Moon will be American astronauts,” says Vice President Mike Pence Mike Pence during a visit to NASA Ames. Learn more about our #Artemis missions to return to the lunar surface:

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TweetDeck : As a part of our #Artemis program, we will return .NA$$A. Astronauts to the Moon for long-term exploration. “Not only to plant our flag and leave our footprint, but to establish a foundation for an eventual mission to Mars,” says Vice President Mike Pence Mike Pence. Watch:…

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Twitter Web App : We’re excited to host Vice President Mike Pence Pence & Administrator Jim Bridenstine tomorrow for a tour of our world-class research center! Tune in to NASA TV at 11:45am PT for live remarks about our #Artemis program & plans to return astronauts to the Moon in 2024. Details:

Twitter Web App : #OTD in 1962, the Gemini crew capsule was tested in a wind tunnel at NASA Ames. Originally established in 1939 at Naval Air Station Moffett Field, Ames was the second NACA laboratory to be established.

Learn about Ames Research Centers history: