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iPhone : It’s #STEM Day at the NAS Oceana Air Show!✈️ Students across Hampton Roads are speaking with NASA Langley researchers to learn more about our work in NASA Aeronautics, NASA Technology and NASA Earth. Our NASA Exhibit will be here all weekend! Info:

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Sprinklr : Need something inspiring to watch this weekend? Jim Garvin, our chief scientist, has a new TEDx Talk! Jim encourages the next generation to use their imagination when it comes to space exploration. ✨🧠

iPhone : 3...2...1...action! 🎬

Actor Brad Pitt, who plays an astronaut in #AdAstra, is helping us kick off a new video series where our experts answer your questions. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you wont miss our full #AskNASA episode w/ Brad tomorrow:

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Twitter Web App : Community college students came to Wallops this week to develop a mockup space company and a prototype rover as part of NASAs NCAS program.

About the program:

iPhone : A planetary first! Researchers detected signs of water vapor in the atmosphere of a faraway planet in the habitable zone, where liquid water could potentially pool.

Read about this fascinating world and the findings from Hubble data:

Sprout Social : Show us your ticket!

Join Brad Pitt, William Shatner, Snoopy and around 10 MILLION of your closest Earthling friends in sending your name to Mars aboard our next rover, #Mars2020.

Get your boarding pass by Sept. 30:

iPhone : Its not too late to send your name to Mars! 🤖

Our #Mars2020 Rover is gearing up for its seven-month journey to the Red Planet and you can send your name along for the ride. Get your boarding pass before Sept. 30:

iPhone : Thomas Zurbuchen meets with Mike McDaniel, General Manager of Aerojet Rocketdyne at Stennis Space Center, and Randy Galloway, Stennis Space Center Deputy Director, for a site tour. Aerojet Rocketdyne is the prime contractor for the RS-25 engine that will help power NASA_SLS

TweetDeck : ❌marks th spot. The Moon be a treasure trove o science, water n resources. Startin wit Arrrtemis I, well return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024. So, fire ye pyros & ye main engine n get excited as we prepare for Marrrs!🚀#TalkLikeAPirateDay:

iPhone : You can’t escape! Next week is #BlackHoleWeek⚫️!

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TweetDeck : Living in space changes your body. Astronauts aboard the Intl. Space Station worked on an experiment last week that monitors nutrition to provide info for keeping crews healthy on trips to the Moon and Mars.

Learn about this and other recent research here:

Sprinklr : #Remembering Dorothy Vaughan on her birthday! Vaughan became the first black NACA supervisor in 1949. An expert FORTRAN programmer, she stayed with NASA for 28 years.

Her legacy as a programmer, a leader, and an advocate inspires us to this day.

[Photo: 1971 Retirement Party]

Twitter Web App : Our space technology researchers have radical, breakthrough ideas that could transform future space missions. Asteroid mining technologies for space industrialization and robotics for exploring lunar craters are among the new wild innovative concepts:

Sprout Social : The current crew onboard the ISS gather for dinner in the galley of the Zvezda service module. Next week, three new crew members are scheduled to arrive in space to join their colleagues. Stay tuned for details on how to watch live coverage of their journey!
Image credit: NASA

iPhone : You can’t escape! Next week is #BlackHoleWeek⚫️!

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Twitter Media Studio : Were over the Moon about 200,000 followers! We stan the Moon and were glad you do too 😉

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Sprinklr : #ICYMI - NASA joined the last of five sections for the #NASASLS rocket stage earlier this week. SEE THE HARDWARE >>

Sprinklr : The Rugby World Cup starts today! For those of you with your eyes on the pitch, #DKY that #NASAWebbs secondary mirror (the smaller mirror opposite the large primary mirror) is ~2.5 rugby balls across in size? The primary is 24 rugby balls across! #RWC2019

Sprinklr : Smaug isn’t the only dragon in the sky. Draco, the dragon of our northern sky, is a circumpolar constellation meaning it’s visible in the north all year! This constellation contains the Cat’s Eye Nebula, Spindle galaxy, and the Tadpole Galaxy.… #HobbitDay

Twitter Web App : Poster: How our Moon formed. Content and resources related to the Moons formation and evolution. Front: Grade 6-9 students. Back: Educators of grades 6-9.…

Twitter Web App : Los científicos aspiran a usar impresoras 3D para producir órganos humanos funcionales, pero la gravedad de la Tierra lo dificulta. La biofabricación en microgravedad ofrece la posibilidad de crear tejidos biológicos en la Intl. Space Station.

Twitter Web App : Unaware he would eventually be responsible for countless Star Wars jokes, 230 years ago today astronomer William Herschel discovered Saturn’s moon Mimas.

(Yes, it IS a moon. We checked.)

Meet Mimas:

Twitter Web App : 🗣️in the hole!
....well, almost.⛳️

Had this boulder on the Moon rolled just 250 feet more, it might have plopped neatly into a crater. More:

Twitter Web App : Fermi cant wait! We are humanitys eyes 👀 on the most energetic kind of light. We have so much to share about Black Holes ⚫️!…

Twitter Media Studio : Students, we need YOUR help naming the next Mars rover!

Dont hesitate to suggest Rover McRoverface on our behalf:

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Sprinklr : Celebrating #LSP20th, #OTD 2001, NASA’s Deep Space 1 captured this image of Comet Borrelly. We launched Deep Space 1 in 1998. Learn more -…

Sprinklr : Did you know that different parts of the sun rotate at different rates? This is because the Sun isn’t a solid body. At the equator, the Sun rotates once about every 25 days, but near the poles, it’s closer to once every 36 days! More #SUNday facts:

TweetDeck : Its #SunDay! ☀️ JAXA Web & NASAs Hinode solar observatory launched to space 13 years ago to study how energy moves through the Suns atmosphere. This image from Hinode shows a filament structure in the Suns chromosphere.

Sprinklr : Born to a poor family in Costa Rica, Sandra Cauffman nurtured her dream of space travel and is now acting Director of the NASAEarth) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Earth Sciences Division of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. Celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth:

Twitter Web App : Are you a #college student interested in helping NASA develop the next generation of spacesuits? Join the info-session on 9/23 at 7pm ET to learn about the #NASASUITS Design Challenge:

Explore more #Artemis #STEM challenges at

Sprinklr : Were just days away from a 🚀 launch! A JAXA Web cargo spacecraft loaded with more than four tons of supplies, spare parts & experiment hardware is scheduled to launch to the Intl. Space Station at 12:05pm ET on Tuesday, Sept. 24. Heres how you can tune in:

TweetDeck : They have not told me anything, NASA chief Bridenstine said on Thursday (Sept. 19). I dont want to let one item set [the relationship] back, but it is clearly not acceptable that there are holes in the International Space Station.… : Trump Hails Mars As NASAs Next Target, Says the Moons Not So Exciting

Twitter Web App : We’re just two weeks away from International Observe the Moon night on Oct. 5. You can #ObserveTheMoon on your own, join an event near you, or host your own event:

Falcon Social Media Management : Purple carpet treatment for ESA Education at todays all-star London premiere of #Farmageddon. Shaun the Sheep invited his friends from ESA Tim Peake and Director Dave Parker along to see his new film, along with Paxi of course! 🐑 👉…!

SocialNewsDesk : Tomorrow, Good Morning America marks the first day of fall with the world premiere of the new trailer for Disney’s #Frozen2

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Twitter Web App : As part of our program, SpaceX has been testing the #CrewDragon parachute system, which consists of two drogue parachutes and four main ring-sail parachutes—the same type of parachutes that have been commonly used for human spaceflight in the past:

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Sprinklr : #HubbleFriday Many of the best-loved galaxies in the cosmos are remarkably large, close, bright, or beautiful, often with an unusual structure or history. However, it takes all kinds to make a universe — as demonstrated by this image of Messier 110:

Sprinklr : We can’t #ExploreSpace alone. Seeking a Solar Electric Propulsion #Engineer NASA Glenn Research to work on major #spaceflight projects. Help lead us into the #future. Open until 9/24 #NASAJobs #SpaceJobs #EngineeringJobs #STEMJobs

Sprinklr Publishing : Knifing through the air at tremendous speed is our MX-324, the first military rocket plane flown in the United States. #NorthropGrumman #FlyingWingFriday

iPhone : Right now there are 30 job ads STScI, some of them are for #Exoplanet Scientists/Astronomers who would like to pursue research & perform functional work that enables the best possible science with #NASA missions #HST, #JWST, #WFIRST, #TESS, etc. Apply!…

Twitter Media Studio : Students from École secondaire de Chambly, in Quebec, helped us test one of the #JuniorAstronauts activities this week.

We will release the first batch of activities next week. Register now:…!

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True Anthem : Poor lung cancer screening guidelines miss too many African American smokers

iPhone : i’m awake purely fueled by coffee.

(this is also one of my favorite gifs 😂)

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI The TESS project team received a NASA Goddard Agency Honor Award last week! Pictured here is former TESS project manager Jeff Volosin (right) receiving the Silver Achievement Medal from acting Center Director George Morrow (left). Go team! TESS at MIT Northrop Grumman

Twitter Web App : Next weekend Sep 27-29 Im going to be speaking at TwitchCon in San Diego. Now, who among my fellow tweeps, can give me advice about ways to connect with gamers, or better yet, be there? New conversations await! I dont have a cool gamer handle yet, so Ive got a lot to learn. :)

Twitter Web App : ❌marks th spot. The Moon be a treasure trove o science, water n resources. Startin wit Arrrtemis I, well return astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024. So, fire ye pyros & ye main engine n get excited as we prepare for Marrrs!🚀#TalkLikeAPirateDay:

Twitter Web App : Naruto runners, no need to #StormArea51. Heres what we know so far from our search for extraterrestrial intelligence:…

Buffer : This week, well welcome autumn on September 22nd and take advantage of the waning Moon to take out our binos/scopes and dig a little deeper into the night sky.

Twitter Web App : Josh Dobbs Sounds good, Josh. Well make it happen! Weve also got some MIS space swag headed your way. Good luck this season! #DUUUVAL

Android : Just made a #NewProfilePic in a long while... Taken with the skyline of #Shanghai in the background. I really dig it! Here is the full crop.

#GoProHero7 #Snapseed

iPhone : Look who is making a cameo in our new video series! 👀

Today, we launched our #AskNASA series where our experts answer your ?s. Tune in NOW for our full episode with #AdAstra actor Brad Pitt & see more episodes with our experts starting Monday, Sept. 23:

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Twitter Web App : Calling all kids ages 4-12! We want to see your space-themed artwork, and well pick some winners to be featured in the 2020 NASA Commercial Crew Program Childrens Artwork Calendar. You have until Nov. 4 to enter, so get drawing!…

iPhone : The phone on the left has lower battery than the phone on the right. Bolt, Uber, etc raise their prices relative to your battery level (yes, they can do that and they do).…

iPhone : Celebrating the life and work of Dorothy Vaughan (1910-2008), trailblazer mathematician and human computer, born #OTD

Vaughan was 1st African-American female supervisor of NACA, which later became NASA and her work helped put humans on the Moon. 🚀


Twitter Web App : It may look cartoonish, but the face of NASAs next Mars rover is serious business for NASA JPL intern turned #Mars2020 mechanical engineer Jeff Carlson. Find out how he went from an internship in space origami to building a Mars rover:


Twitter Web App : The 10th Annual #ScienceHackDay is upon us! As official sponsors of this awesome event, we invite you to attend! Click the link, check it out, and GO! Anyone excited about making things with science can attend! No special skills or experience necessary!

Android : #FlashbackFriday to when #MissionControlAcademy completed missions on 4 different continents in 2017! Students learn more than #STEM, they improve teamwork and communication skills, and they get to drive a #rover!

Twitter Web App : Check out this time-lapse from one of our winners at the 3D Printed Habitat Challenge!…

Android : A new ad from Gut — We watch as an astronaut visits multiple planets, finding each less habitable than the one before. A reminder to continue the journey of discovery while also caring for #PlanetEarth (join free to read)

Twitter Web App : Demagogues have always aimed their messages at the unthinking and the uninformed. Unfortunately, today that includes many of our college students.

Twitter Web App : NOW IMAGINE THIS IS YOUR CHILD , sister, mother #arabtraitors #uk #arabia #us #justice #ukparlement #parlement #palestine #Resistance #UniformCivilCode #UNSC #ISRAEL #Zionist #EGYPT #Saudia #JORDAN #EU #TRUMP #USA #russia #iraq #lebanon #freepalestine #bbc #cnn #CBS #FoxNews…

Twitter Web App : Astronomers Decode Weird X-Ray Pattern Coming from Neutron Star

Twitter for iPad : 우리형 생일 축하해요
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Android : *कर्मों का फल*
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