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Bio NASA uses the vantage point of space to increase our understanding of Earth and improve lives.
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TweetDeck : Even When Storm Clouds Gather, Our Next Generation of Scientists Shines Bright – the latest #EarthExpedition blog post…

TweetDeck : Opened in May 2019, the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway is one of the largest construction projects in Kuwait’s history.… #NASA #Landsat #bridges

TweetDeck : Some more notable bridges and causeways in our archives — a railroad in Great Salt Lake, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, and the Golden Gate Bridge.………

Twitter Web App : Find more of the most beautiful, newsworthy, interesting, and scientifically important images from the past 20 years here: #NASAEO20 #EarthDayEveryDay

Twitter Web App : EO On This Day: Changes on Ol Doinyo Lengai… In September 2007, a series of explosive eruptions altered the summit of the volcano, the only one that erupts natrocarbonatite lava. #NASAEO20 #EarthDayEveryDay

EO Feed : Downpours Flood Southeast Texas… #NASA

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI: NASAs Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) mission just finished their 2019 ocean 🌊survey. The airborne team dropped 285 probes to measure ocean temperature & salinity. This data will help researchers understand the role that the ocean plays in melting Greenland’s glaciers.

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EO Feed : The Long Bridge to “Silk City”… #NASA

Twitter Web Client : There are a lot of challenges that come with field campaigns. One that often gets overlooked? Really long hours! Science flights can leave pretty early. For more of CAMP2Ex, follow NASA Expeditions

⚡️ “CAMP2Ex Science Flights: The Timeline of a Takeoff”…

Twitter Web App : NASA) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Follow NASA) 's Twitter Profile">NASA’s Applied Science program into the field as they study a prescribed burn for fire🔥forecasting from the frontlines in the Fishlake National Forest, Utah.

Twitter Web App : NASA Fire forecasting models, like hurricane🌀or climate models, use math to represent Earth processes. Researchers use real-world data on🌲fuels,⛰️terrain,🌩️weather, and other factors that affect a fire’s behavior in order to set up the virtual world where the simulated fire occurs.

Twitter Media Studio : Did you know that, just like weather forecasting, fire forecasting can help first responders work more safely and efficiently? By studying prescribed 🔥burns using NASA satellites🛰️and data, researchers are working to build a more accurate model of how fires spread and interact.

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Twitter Web App : Two years ago today, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico. NASA Earth observations helped first responders quickly locate damage, flooding, and power outages to better focus rescue efforts and distribute life-saving supplies:


Twitter Web App : Need visuals and facts to help you tell the climate change story? Check out our “boutique” of media resources.…

Twitter Web App : EO On This Day: Phytoplankton Bloom in the Bering Sea… #NASAEO20 #EarthDayEveryDay

EO Feed : Drought Reveals Lost “Spanish Stonehenge”… #NASA

Twitter Web App : Peat fires in Kalimantan have once again blanketed Borneo in a pall of smoke.… #Landsat #Indonesia

Twitter Web App : We can get choked up on #pollution, literally. This month EO Kids is looking at a type of smog called photochemical smog. Read all about it in the latest issue:

Twitter Media Studio : Fires require 3 things: heat, fuel and oxygen — all in abundance on Earth. This season, #NASAExplorers 🌎🔥 are taking us with them to study fires from the ground, air and satellites, from the Arctic circle to the tropical rainforest.
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