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Sprinklr : Our NASA Commercial Crew Program is making progress to launch astronauts from U.S. soil to the Intl. Space Station. Learn about our rehearsals to safely extract crew members from the SpaceX #CrewDragon spacecraft that will carry astronauts to & from space:

Sprout Social : Back to school! Check out @nasajpl_edu’s state standards-aligned #STEM activities for the classroom:

Twitter Web App : The astronauts are getting ready for an Aug. 21 spacewalk as the rest of the Exp 60 crew focuses on biology research and a pair of docked spaceships.

Sprinklr : #DYK that you can find NASA in your backyard? Our Home & City website shows how the work we do for space also benefits people on Earth. And we just won an AAF National 2019 Silver ADDY so see what all the fuss is about and look around the neighborhood:

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Sprinklr : As NASA sets its sights on sending humans to the Moon by 2024, the Moon’s gamma-ray signature is a reminder that astronauts will require protection from the same cosmic rays that produce this high-energy gamma radiation. More:…

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Sprinklr : #HappyBirthday to legendary flight director Gene Kranz. He is best known for his work in Mission Control during Apollo 13 (and his many vests), but Kranz served a long, storied career from Project Mercury into the Shuttle era. In this photo, he celebrates the landing of STS-41C.

Falcon Social Media Management : 🎥 Behind the scenes again with DJ #AstroLuca: in preparation for his #MissionBeyond set for #WorldClubDome Cruise Edition, Luca Parmitano took some time to answer questions from his DJ mentor Le Shuuk and Bernd Breiter, CEO of #BigCityBeats. Watch here 👉

Hootsuite Inc. : Last months global average concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) was about 411 parts per million (ppm), up about 3 ppm from the same time last year.…

Twitter Web App : Crew members prepare for next weeks spacewalk. An unmanned Soyuz test flight will launch on a new booster. Also this week the crew worked on a robotic refueling experiment for long duration missions. #SpaceToGround

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Twitter Web App : The ICESat-2 data also show the steady rise in elevation from Long Beach🏖️ in the south, toward the mountainous Angeles National Forest 🌄further north

Sprinklr : This is an incredible time in human spaceflight, and we are proud to once again be leading the way. - Jim Bridenstine

Catch up with the Administrators visit to #NASAMarshall and #NASAMichoud in his latest blog >>

Twitter Web App : By focusing on SmallSats and capitalizing on the cost savings of sharing a launch, we can test and advance cutting-edge technologies at a reasonable price. Learn more about this NASA Sun & Space science news:…

Sprinklr : 🔥Coming in hot!

To get student-built experiments to 96 miles in altitude, the RockSat-X mission had to travel FAST. Check out the launch video where the sounding rocket leaves the rails in less than a second!

🔊 Unmute to hear the loud rumble of a rocket launch!

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Twitter Web App : The August full Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon. It also corresponds with the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan, the Sri Lankan Nikini Poya holiday, and the Chinese Ghost Festival.

Twitter Web App : If our eyes 👀 could see high-energy ⚡ radiation called gamma rays, the Moon 🌑 would appear brighter than the Sun☀️! 😱 More:

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Twitter Web App : Since it’s #NationalTellAJokeDay, What did one raindrop say to the other? Two’s company but three’s a cloud! ☔️

Do you have any funny weather or space jokes? Wed love to hear them!

iPhone : #ElPaso and #Dayton are acts of domestic terrorism. Our leaders take an oath to, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” Our leaders must lead. Our votes hold them accountable. #ThisIsAmerica

Twitter Web App : Five years ago today, Cassini captured this look at Saturn’s rings casting intricate shadows. If you look closely, you might also spot two moons. Details:

TweetDeck : Good morning! This is a beautiful timelapse of the night of August 14-15, when a brief storm swept across the Sangre de Cristo mountains in New Mexico. Thanks, Mike Lewinski!…

Sprinklr : Tony Hawk) 's Twitter Profile">Tony Hawk Tony Hawk) 's Twitter Profile">Tony Hawk is probably the only person we know who could make skateboarding look cool while wearing a full body clean room suit. Though when it comes to the category of Big Air, NASA Webb Telescope will take the cake when it launches to orbit a million miles away from Earth.

TweetDeck : Managing the Human Landing Systems program that will land #Artemis astronauts on the Moon is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary vision. Thats why NASA Marshall veteran engineer Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is leading it.

Get to know her: : Kylo Ren Force Grips His Way into Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Trailer

Twitter Web App : I had several people ask me why umbrellas attract lightning after seeing the guy almost struck this weekend...Thats kind of a myth. I explain that and other common myths about lightning in Forbes Science (and its still not spelled with an e)…

iPhone : Managing the Human Landing Systems program that will land #Artemis astronauts on the Moon is an extraordinary task that requires extraordinary vision. Thats why NASA Marshall veteran engineer Dr. Lisa Watson-Morgan is leading it.

Get to know her:

Twitter Web App : NASAs Precipitation Processing System has completed initial reprocessing of TRMM-era data with the IMERG algorithm. IMERG multi-satellite precipitation data is now available from June 2000 to the present. Learn more:…

Hootsuite Inc. : In #AGUpubs JGR: Planets - In‐situ measurements of lunar dust at the ChangE‐3 landing site in the northern Mare Imbrium…

iPhone : Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced NASA Marshall will lead our Human Landing System Program that will put the first woman and next man on the Moon in five years as a part of our #Artemis program. Watch:…

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SocialFlow : 200,000 people have died in the U.S. from prescription opioid overdoses. Our reporter Barry Meier uncovered a government memo containing evidence that could have curbed the crisis. Watch #TheWeeklyNYT on FXNetworks on Sunday and later on @Hulu.

Hootsuite Inc. : “Gauging in the Rain.” This and more in the August issue of Eos: and also online. #AGU100…

iPhone : “I am the first woman in my family to choose an education & a career in STEM over what was expected of me.” Supreet Kaur came to NASA Ames as a Systems Engineer intern & learned how to stay calm in the midst of the unknown. Learn about our NASA Internships:

Buffer : #DYK were developing an inflatable heat shield to help deliver heavy cargos to any planet with an atmosphere? LOFTID is designed to enable more robust missions to places like Mars, Venus, and Titan. Find out how were prepping LOFTID for launch in 2020→

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Twitter Web App : #NASA GES DISC data release: Level 1 radiance data from the Satellite Infrared Spectrometer (SIRS) instrument, which orbited on Nimbus 3 and Nimbus 4. #Earth #satellite #data #science #weather #climate

iPhone : Wildfires in the Arctic often burn far away from population centers, but impacts are felt around the globe. What we’re seeing is an accelerated fire cycle: we are getting more frequent & severe fires and larger burned areas,” says a NASA Earth researcher:

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Sprinklr : This imagery is from the Swedish 1-meter Solar Telescope. To get a sense of scale, the image covers 46,900 x 33,500 km. Since the diameter of Earth is about 12,700 km, it could fit 4 Earths in the horizontal dimension & 3 Earths in the vertical dimension:

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Twitter Web App : Are you a NASA EXPRESS subscriber? If not, what are you waiting for?

Its an easy way to keep up with the latest opportunities -- workshops, contests, internships, resources & more -- in a weekly email. Dont miss this weeks edition, sign up at

Twitter Web App : Weve reached the middle of August, and there is no tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin. No tropical cyclone formation is expected through the middle of next week. Check out the latest Tropical Weather Outlook here:…

Twitter Media Studio : Through to the end of October, professionals, researchers and enthusiasts across Europe will be sharing their passion for space via European #SpaceTalks! Why not organise your own event and share you #EO love with the world? 🌍🛰️💕 More info:

Sprout Social : The #Cygnus spacecraft mission didnt end when it left the Intl. Space Station last week. Once at a safe distance away, deployment systems deployed a series of CubeSats.
Learn about the Slingshot deployer system and how CubeSats can benefit life on Earth:

Sprinklr : We recently completed a test on a scale model of the X-59 QueSST (Quiet Supersonic Technology), supersonic X-plane, which is designed to reduce the sound of a sonic boom to a gentle thump. More on our efforts to make supersonic flight over land possible:

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Twitter Web App : Millions Heading to Mars

Send your name with theirs on board NASA’s next rover! Sign up to get aboard #Mars2020 now:

iPhone : The poster sessions are in full swing! Stop by and talk with our participants and learn how they used NASA data to help communities all over the world! #AESAS19

Twitter Web App : There were no Landsat satellites flying overhead when the original Woodstock festival kicked off #OTD 50 years ago. Check out the differences in #Woodstock94, the famously muddy festival in Saugerties, NY that marked the 25th anniversary of the original.

Twitter Media Studio : El instrumento ECOSTRESS, a bordo de la @Space_station, observó desde el espacio cómo la vegetación de Costa Rica empezó a dar señales de estrés unos pocos meses tras el inicio de una sequía grave.

TweetDeck : The start of a large wildfire on the #Greek Island of #Evia was captured by #Landsat earlier this week. These gap-filled #Landsat7 images show the difference between a natural color image and one created using infrared bands.

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Twitter Web App : LIVE from NASA_Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Marshall: I’m making an important announcement about NASA’s plans to return to the Moon as a part of the #Artemis program. Tune in:…

Twitter Web App : NEWS: NASA_Marshall) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Marshall will be the lead NASA center for human lunar landing systems - a critical component of infrastructure to return to the Moon, along with NASA_SLS, NASA_Orion and the Gateway. Learn more about this #Artemis announcement:…

Twitter Web App : Heres a Giovanni-generated map of averaged daily Erythemal Dose Rate data for July 2019 over New Jersey (including Wildwood,…) showing there was slightly less UV exposure overall during the month going from south to north on the NJ coast.

Twitter Web App : NW Pacific Ocean- Watching System 98W
System 98W is located near 22.3 north latitude and 155.2 east longitude. Thats about 800 nautical miles northeast of Guam. It has a low chance to develop in the next 24 hours.

Twitter Web App : Neil Armstrong is remembered for many feats, including breaking records in aviation and spaceflight. On his birthday, we remember the man who inspired millions when he walked on the surface of the Moon. More:

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TweetDeck : #NASAGO #landcover observations help document change, both seasonal and other forms of change. This observation from Montana shows change from a forest fire.
#FindYourPark #GOonaTrail #LewisandClark #LewisandClarkTrail #CitizenScience #CitSci #FindYourTrail #parkscience

Buffer : Research intended to help understand how to save the reefs encompassed over 2,500 reefs, a million individual corals across 44 countries.

Twitter Web App : As sea levels rise, Virginias coastal flooding is getting worse – especially during hurricanes. NASA’s Disasters Program provides satellite data to help cities understand which areas are most at risk. #SpaceForUS

iPhone : Morning lecture on different design methodologies for satellites looking at life in the #ocean. #NASA @nasagoddard @nasaocean #onassignment

Sprinklr : NASA SCaN summer intern Grace McFassel developed technology that might help automate critical aspects of NASAs optical communications architecture. Read about her Odyssey at the oscilloscope here:

Sprout Social : Interdisciplinary researchers working on the SeaSCAPE project at Scripps are bringing the ocean into the lab to study human impacts on the ocean and climate. Learn more about this #NSFfunded CAICE experiment in the video below. 🌊

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Android : The internet is great and all, but accounts with over half million followers posting cool, but misleading stuff like this are actively contributing to the dumbing down of science.…

Twitter Web App : EO On This Day: The Many Hues of London… While a typical digital camera takes one picture of a scene based on information from the visible spectrum, #Landsat generates multiple views of everything it images.

Twitter Web App : Check out Spacecraft AR, an augmented reality mobile app available now for Android and iOS. No cards necessary, just put your fav spacecraft on any horizontal surface!

Twitter Web App : Teach aeronautic concepts in your K-12 classroom using kites! Find out how at a free NASA EPDC professional development webinar TODAY at 5 p.m. EDT. Learn about aeronautics teaching guides filled with STEAM lessons aligned with NGSS. Register at

Twitter Web App : U.S. companies are invited to Goddard on Sept. 18 for an On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly and Manufacturing Technology Transfer Industry Day. 🛰Join us for an updated technology catalog and a tour of our robotics facilities.

Register and learn more:

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Instagram : This was my 6th time up to the JIRP and I continue to be amazed at the passion of the students, the beauty of the place, and the stark reality of change of the glaciers here. I joined JIRP for its last……

Hootsuite Inc. : Putting solar panels on less than 1 percent of the world’s agricultural land could produce enough energy to fulfill global electricity demand, according to a recent study.…

TweetDeck : These students attended our NASA HAQAST meeting in January 2019 - so great to see their work take off!

#STEM #highschool #Maryland #dust #weather #airquality #airpollution #innovation…

TweetDeck : NOAA awards $2.7 million for 14 projects to address the harmful effects of #marine #debris on wildlife, navigation safety, economic activity, and #ecosystem health. More at…

HubSpot : Buy surplus, seized, or forfeited government properties, vehicles, or equipment at government auctions operated by GSA. Learn how to register and place a bid to get started.

iPhone : .NASAHyperwall) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Hyperwall Thomas Huang NASASeaLevel) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Sea Level presenting the last talk on the NASA hyperwall at #igarss2019 on the NASA sea level change portal

iPhone : If you think your dog has gotten into a harmful algae bloom rinse them immediately, watch for symptoms, and report the bloom to your states health department. Keep your pooch safe from toxic algae blooms!…

Twitter Web App : Looking to bring the Intl. Space Station into your classroom? Try out the new Humans in Space App that will let students experience the effects of space on the human body.
Download here:

Twitter Web App : Super Typhoon Lekima scraped past Krosa, a concurrent typhoon, in the Western Pacific Ocean earlier this month, before making devastating landfall in China

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Twitter Media Studio : Thanks so much for joining FIREX-AQ 🔥 in the field this week! Well be in Boise for another few weeks before heading to Salina, Kansas for the second leg of the field campaign. Keep following FIREX-AQ and learn more about how NASA studies fires over at NASAEarth! 👋

Twitter Web App : Up early on Sunday morning? 🌅

Rain will quickly clear the southeast, to leave sunny spells and blustery showers across the country 🌤️

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Twitter Web App : We are proud to be the trusted #space robotics partner for all 6 of NASAs #Mars landers & rovers - work that is bringing scientists here on #Earth closer to the answers hidden beneath other celestial surfaces.…

TweetDeck : A solid-fuel small satellite launcher named Jielong 1 fired into orbit Saturday on its first flight from northwest China, debuting a new rocket developed by a spinoff of China’s state-owned launch vehicle manufacturer using a “commercial business model.”…

Twitter Media Studio : Black Holes is one of the most highly searched terms about our universe. How much of what we think we know about black holes is actually true?

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i am a person that breathes air for a living also my favorite thing to eat is food and my favorite hobby is blinking also my favorite thing to help me is sleep

Lately I’ve been studying geology, mainly rocks & minerals💎

Android : Luis Guillorme, the newest Mets hero (via New York Mets)

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iPhone : Loneliness isnt a human condition🐻
But it is one of the many tragic consequences of the mass #extinction caused by our vandalism💔
#Irony; were going to feel very #lonely when weve finished our carnage🤔

Greta Thunberg Bella Lack 🌱 PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE Peter Egan Robb Edwards Ⓥ

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iPhone : The happiest place in the world is without traffic lights and yet there is no road accident no congestion...surprised...Well, certainly you should be, because you are in #Bhutan. Heres a special report from #Thimpu.

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Twitter Web Client : Η εταιρεία διαψεύδει τον ΟΑΕΔ και τα αναφερόμενα στο από 23/08/2017 δελτίο τύπου, το οποίο και θεωρεί άκρως δυσφημιστικό για αυτήν