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Sprout Social : It’s the last day of the underground robot competition and our #CoSTAR bots are tied for second place! Watch them compete in the DARPA #SubTChallenge:…

Sprout Social : Mars awaits

From rover tracks to boot prints, here’s how NASA’s #Mars2020 rover will pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet:

Sprout Social : The Weight of Midwestern Floods

New data from NASA’s twin #GRACEFO spacecraft show the increase in water storage the Mississippi River Basin and Great Lakes after the wettest 12 months ever recorded in the region:

Twitter Media Studio : Rare Look at a Rocky Exoplanet

With a tight orbit around its parent star, this planet 49 light-years away most likely has no atmosphere and is covered in volcanic rock, according to data from @NASASpitzer:

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Sprout Social : Voyager 2 launched #otd in 1977. Together, NASA Voyager are the only spacecraft to have visited the four outer planets of the solar system:

Twitter Web App : Manish Kumar Mishra #Mars2020 hits many of those marks from...
and shelter

Check out this article:…

Twitter Web App : Jack Turner NASA Two subsequent missions, currently in the concept stage, would be needed to bring the Mars 2020 samples home. There's more information on this here:…

Sprout Social : Back to school! Check out @nasajpl_edu’s state standards-aligned #STEM activities for the classroom:

Twitter Web App : Techno Innovation(NGO) & Innotrade Technology LLP 1. Feel more connected to this awesome mission and mark your calendar when the launch date. Right now the window is between July 17 - Aug. 5, 2020 but will tighten up as the date gets closer. 2. Learn more and impress your friends at parties.😀

Twitter Web App : Angela A. G. Mendes Of course. All you have to do is sign up here and you'll be added to the millions of names already going.…

Twitter Web App : A bit closer to drilling on Mars

#Mars2020’s bit carousel, an integral part of the rover’s toolkit for sampling and storing Martian rock, has been installed:

Sprout Social : Millions Heading to Mars

Send your name with theirs on board NASA’s next rover! Sign up to get aboard #Mars2020 now:

Twitter Media Studio : Robot Olympics

The DARPA #SubTChallenge puts teams of robots to the test to map, navigate and search underground without help from human teammates. This tech may be used in future space missions to caves and lava tubes on other planets:

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Sprout Social : Like an #Apollo11 astronaut retrieving Moon rocks, NASA’s #Mars2020 rover will prepare Martian samples for return to Earth:

Twitter Media Studio : Want to see the best-known meteors of the year?

The #Perseids will peak Monday and Tuesday, but you can catch some early shooting stars this weekend. Here’s where, when and how to check out what’s up!

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Twitter Web App : 🔴LIVE NOW

Small worlds, big science! Join us for a talk about how asteroids, comets and dwarf planets can help us answer some of life's biggest questions. Watch and chat at

Sprout Social : Where did Earth get its water?
When were conditions for life met during solar system history?

NASA works to answer big questions with small worlds. Join us tonight for a live talk about comets, asteroids and dwarf planets at 7pm PT (10pm ET, 0200 UTC)