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Twitter Web Client : Ever wonder what space dreams are made of?

Walk through the life cycle of a mission from its start as a crazy idea to launch during this special live presentation. Join us and chat tomorrow at 7pm PT (10pm ET):

Twitter Web Client : A miscalculation of one millisecond (one thousandth of a second) could equal a distance error of 185 miles 😳

Here’s are the figurative nuts and bolts of an ultra-precise Deep Space Atomic Clock that could empower spacecraft to navigate autonomously:

Twitter Web Client : Art or Mars? Both!

This new impact crater on the Red Planet reveals darker material beneath reddish dust. Read more about what lies beneath:

iPhone : LIVE NOW: Ask our experts anything about the NASA Technology missions that will launch aboard SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket. Head over to @Reddit to join the conversation:

Twitter Web Client : JPL’s tech workers are given tools to ‘solve difficult problems that no one else has solved.’

Here’s to our seventh consecutive year on Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT.…

Twitter Web Client : spaceman NASA Dust is more of a worry for solar powered missions (and usually Martian wind storms take care of that). #Mars2020 is powered by RTG. Here's more on how the rover is powered:…

Twitter Media Studio : Come check out our new wheels!

NASA’s next big rover is being built right now. Watch LIVE 24/7 and chat at 11am and 4pm PT: #Mars2020

Twitter Web Client : Space travel untethered

NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock could allow spacecraft to navigate without relying on navigators on Earth:

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Twitter Web Client : Is your head on straight?

Engineers and technicians install #Mars2020’s remote sensing mast, uniting the rover’s “head” with its body, or chassis:

Twitter Web Client : We’ll spend the next few weeks focusing on how we see 👀 freshwater. Follow along with us to learn more about where your water 💧 comes from…and where it’s going. 🌏

Twitter Web Client : Exoplanet-hunting @NASASpitzer has lasted longer than its creators ever expected. Meet the engineering team that helped it survive:

Twitter Web Client : Feeling extra salty?

So’s Europa. The surface of Jupiter’s mysterious moon may have more of this familiar ingredient than previously thought: