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Sprinklr : On a small cattle farm in Missouri, a young Janet Kavandi dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Nearly 3 decades later, she flew on 3 space shuttle missions, earning her a spot in the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Happy birthday to the director of NASA Glenn Research!

CoSchedule : With 16 historical districts packed into 23 square miles, #Pasadena has a wealth of incredible architecture, like this Victorian style home. Discover it all at… #architecture #visitpasadena #victorianarchitecture #pastel #spring #architecturephotography

Hootsuite Inc. : Were currently recruiting for an Engineer, Human Services and Recreation Supervisor, Police Cadet, and more! View all open positions and APPLY NOW: #JobSearch

Twitter Web Client : To #Pluto and beyond! 🌑🛰️

Join the New Horizons science team on @Reddit starting at 5pm EDT to ask questions about this historic mission through the Solar System. The journey continues. Ask your questions now!


Twitter Web Client : Our mission to share science has earned #Emmy nominations!

NASA’s journey of discovery that started with one small step on the Moon continues today as we bring the world with us to Mars.

More on NASAInSight & SpaceX Demo-1 campaigns honored today

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TweetDeck : The 12 Apollo astronauts who explored the Moons surface clocked in 80 total hours of discovery time. Soon, scientists & engineers will have more chances to examine the surface from up close with NASAs Artemis missions. Here are a few things well learn:

Twitter Web Client : Fifty years ago, humans took their first steps on the Moon. The world watched as we made history.

This week, you can watch us salute our #Apollo50th heroes and look forward to our next giant leap for future missions to the Moon and Mars. Tune in:

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TweetDeck : Can you name the type of galaxy pictured below?

If your guess is a spiral galaxy, then you are correct! This image from Hubble frames a perfect spiral specimen: the stunning NGC 2903.

Twitter Web Client : A full-sized, 363-foot Saturn V rocket is projected onto the Washington Monument 50 years to the day after astronauts Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin launched on Apollo 11, the 1st mission to land astronauts on the Moon, Tuesday, July 16, 2019. #Apollo50th

Twitter Web App : GFZler Alexander Rudloff zum IUGG Generalsekretär ernannt. Wir gratulieren 👏

Außerdem bekam Berlin-Brandenburg den Zuschlag, die #IUGG2019 in 2023 auszurichten. 💯#Geoforschung /ak…

Twitter Web Client : “The NASA contract & the ads helped transform Stouffer’s into a household name. But the company has failed to acknowledge the black women who made the meals possible.”

Charnell Chasten Long, on the black women food scientists who created meals for #Apollo11…

EO Feed : Green Space is Good for Mental Health… #NASA

Hootsuite Inc. : This years ULA and Ball Aerospace Student Rocket Launch is on Saturday, July 20, in honor of #Apollo50th. Thanks to Jamie Leary for visiting our Open House/payload fit check event to meet some of the amazing teams! #StudentsRockIt