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Twitter Media Studio : The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft from @Roscosmos stands at its Kazakhstan launch pad counting down to a lift off Wednesday at 11:38pm ET for a two-day unpiloted flight to the station.

Twitter Web App : Today is #NationalAviationDay! Ellington Field is the heart of NASA Johnson’s flight operations, where we train astronauts for spaceflight in T-38 jets just like this. 👨‍🚀✈️👩‍🚀 Did you know T-38 jets can reach speeds as high as Mach 1.3? 💨

Twitter Web App : Science was the last thing on Jose Martinez-Camachos mind until a diagram in his chemistry textbook caught his eye. Now the NASA JPL intern is studying how lunar craters might point the way to water ice on the Moon:

#NationalInternDay #MeetJPLInterns

TweetDeck : Studies of acoustics, crystal growth and stem cells. All in the typical week for the crew aboard the Intl. Space Station!
Learn more about the research they performed aboard the orbiting laboratory this past week here:

Twitter Web App : “I always wanted to be in the air, whether that was in a plane, on a Ferris wheel, or on a roller coaster. I loved the feeling of being in the sky.” Meet Elizabeth Ruth, NASA research pilot: #AviationDay

TweetDeck : In our latest call to industry to go with us to the Moon under our #Artemis program, we need supplies delivered to the Gateway. First supply mission supports landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024. More here:…

Sprout Social : The #Cygnus spacecraft mission didnt end when it left the Intl. Space Station last week. Once at a safe distance away, deployment systems deployed a series of CubeSats.
Learn about the Slingshot deployer system and how CubeSats can benefit life on Earth:

Buffer : How does aviation make us #FreeToFly?


Learn more about @NASAAero in your life on #NationalAviationDay:

Twitter Web App : We’re inviting you to celebrate #NationalAviationDay with us by sharing how aviation has touched your life. From vacations to family reunions to aviation careers, share your pics and tell us how NASA research has made you #FreeToFly ✈️

Twitter Web App : Do you have what it takes to teach a rover to fetch? Check out our newest challenge, the Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2, where advancing technology could earn you $1M! MORE>>

Sprinklr : On #NationalAviationDay, learn how were using 3D printing to generate new data on one of aviation’s oldest safety challenges—icing. The new info could help manufacturers design more fuel-efficient airplanes that are not as expensive to operate. Details:…

Sprinklr : A brand-new Hubble observation is teaching us more about Jupiter’s Great Red Spot ... watch this video to see how:

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Sprinklr : Ice accumulation is a serious safety hazard for aircraft 🥶 This is why we have collaborated with industry partners to develop lightweight heating elements capable of keeping ice from forming on airplane wings→ #NationalAviationDay

Twitter Web App : Manish Kumar Mishra #Mars2020 hits many of those marks from...
and shelter

Check out this article:…

Twitter Web App : Were looking for industry to help deliver supplies to the Gateway, which is NASAs lunar outpost. 🌙

The first supply mission supports landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024 as part of our #Artemis program:

Twitter Media Studio : Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek to all of the educators around the world who are constantly changing the lives of students. Id like to thank Mr.Walt, my High School Metal Shop Teacher, for inspiring me and teaching me the importance of responsibility. #ThankATeacher

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Sprinklr : This may look like a blobby jellyfish — but its actually a vast orb of gas in space, cast off by an aging star. Learn more with Hubble >>

iPhone : “I am the first woman in my family to choose an education & a career in STEM over what was expected of me.” Supreet Kaur came to NASA Ames as a Systems Engineer intern & learned how to stay calm in the midst of the unknown. Learn about our NASA Internships:

Sprinklr : NASA Watch The NASA Expeditions account is a collaborative effort across the agency to share the wide range of field work we conduct right here on Earth. It has contributors from different field campaigns, missions, centers and programs

Sprinklr : Whether on the Moon, Earth or Mars, quakes look and feel different depending on the material their seismic waves pass through. So, what does a Marsquake look like? FIND OUT >>

TweetDeck : The first “A” in NASA stands for aeronautics—the science of travel through the air. Our wind tunnels have been used to test generations of commercial and military aircraft, leading to discoveries that helped pave the way for supersonic flight! #NationalAviationDay

Twitter Web App : Who says #WorldPhotographyDay has to be limited to *this* world?

See some of the best photos in the solar system and beyond in our downloadable:

📚 e-books -
🖼 posters -
🌌 image collections -

Twitter Web App : Happy #NationalAviationDay! Even if you didnt fly today, something you needed did. Did you know that NASA Aeronautics-developed tech is on every U.S. commercial aircraft & in every U.S. control tower? Thats why we like to say were with you when you fly. More:

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Twitter Web App : The same tech developed for notifying Intl. Space Station crews of reductions in cabin pressure is now a simple device that can be mounted in a cockpit or worn on clothing by anyone maneuvering at high altitude–like mountain climbers! #NationalAviationDay

Twitter Web App : This infrared photo from NASA Spitzer provides a preview of the revelations expected from NASA Webb Telescope. The cosmic blossoms surrounding the Ring Nebula are an outer shell of expelled hydrogen. #InfraredWonders Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/J. Hora (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA).

Sprinklr : ...we have always been surprised by what we see in the sky. That’s why building a telescope has always been interesting. Every time we build a better one, we see something we never imagined was out there. View more about the science goals of #NASAWebb:

Twitter Web App : Check out Spacecraft AR, an augmented reality mobile app available now for Android and iOS. No cards necessary, just put your fav spacecraft on any horizontal surface! : RT NASAexplores: RT NASA_Langley: Lets have some fun on #NationalAviationDay!🛩️ Today, NASAaero 🚁 invites you to celebrate how aviation touches your life…

Sprinklr : Launched Aug. 20, 1975 - Viking 1 was the #NASAFirst spacecraft to land on Mars! Viking 1 was designed to take high-res images and study the Red Planet for signs of life. The mission performed the first Mars soil sample. Discover more in #NTRS! >

iPhone : This morning we visited Northampton Branch Library to teach pre-k to elementary school students about our wonderful Moon! We created moon maps during this informational session. Thanks to all those who came out!

Twitter Media Studio : Our GOLD mission has seen unexpected changes in the ionosphere — a dynamic part of Earths upper atmosphere — at night. Signals from satellites pass through this region, so such changes can disrupt our communications and navigation signals. 📡🛰… #NASAGOLD

Twitter Web App : NASA JPL Lockheed Martin MAVEN currently has a periapsis (closest) altitude of 152 km and an apoapsis (farthest) altitude of 4,495 km. The orbital period of the spacecraft is 3 hours 39 minutes and the distance from Earth to MAVEN is 2.66 AU (398M km or 247M miles). One way light time is 22 min. 10 sec.

Twitter Web App : Tune in to NASA TV tomorrow at 9:30am ET to hear from the National Space Council, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence Pence. Watch as Administrator Jim Bridenstine and the council discuss deep space exploration, cooperation with international partners and more. Details:

iPhone : This week, NASA scientists are on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii investigating caves formed by lava. We believe these caves are also present on the Moon & Mars and could serve as habitats for our #Artemis astronauts. Follow NASAExpeditions to learn more.…

Twitter Web App : EO On This Day: First Map of Antarctica’s Moving Ice… #EarthDayEveryDay #NASAEarth20 #Antarctica

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI Happy launch anniversary to #TDRS13!
TDRS-13 was launched on August 18, 2017.
NASA TDRS is the space segment of the Space Network and provides communication and tracking services to ~30 missions in Low Earth Orbit like Hubble and Intl. Space Station.

Twitter Web App : Happy #NationalAviationDay! ✈️🛩️

Did you know the Bell X-1 was the 1st plane to fly faster than the speed of sound? On Oct. 14, 1947, Air Force Capt. Chuck Yeager piloted the Glamorous Glennis & broke the sound barrier. Watch this video to learn about the history of X-planes.

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Twitter Web App : For the first time, data from our @NASASpitzer Space Telescope shows the surface conditions of a planet orbiting another star. 🔍 The hot, rocky planet is 1.3 times the size of Earth, but has no atmosphere. Discover more:

Twitter Web App : ✨Star cluster NGC 2024 is located in the center of the Flame Nebula, a mere 1,400 light years from Earth. Seen here in X-ray and infrared light, the cluster is made up of hundreds of young and newly-forming stars! Out of this #WorldPhotographyDay!

Sprinklr : Thanks for following along as we celebrated National #AviationDay by highlighting some of our directors, engineers, scientists, and pilots! Interested in joining our team? Learn more here:

TweetDeck : Fun fact: The orange hue you see enveloping Earth in this photo is a phenomenon known as airglow.

Airglow typically occurs when nitrogen and oxygen molecules are energized by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight 🌞

Hootsuite Inc. : Last months global average concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) was about 411 parts per million (ppm), up about 3 ppm from the same time last year.…

Twitter Web App : Fires in southeast Bolivia, seen on August 18, 2019 by #GOESEast, are producing a large amount of smoke and a few puffs of pyro-convection. More imagery:

Twitter Web App : Maria Monica, from Colombia, uses journalism to help her community reduce mosquito-borne disease. Learn more about her work to spread information that fights the spread of disease: #MissionMosquito #WorldMosquitoDay #Zika

Twitter Web App : Have you been enjoying the #PerseidMeteorShower?
With the shower at its peak tonight, make sure you go out and look up tonight! The shower will continue till about the end of the month! #MeteorShower #whatsup…

Twitter Web App : For the first time, data from our @NASASpitzer Space Telescope shows the surface conditions of a planet orbiting another star. 🔍 The hot, rocky planet is 1.3 times the size of Earth, but has no atmosphere. Discover more:

iPhone : Thank you #Stockholm for a wonderful visit. Sunset over the city as we returned by water taxi from the archipelago after a fun day with family & friends #kulturfestival19 #Sweden 🇸🇪

Twitter Web App : “I always wanted to be in the air, whether that was in a plane, on a Ferris wheel, or on a roller coaster. I loved the feeling of being in the sky.” Meet Elizabeth Ruth, NASA research pilot: #AviationDay

Sprinklr : At night, Earth is lit up in bright strings of roads dotted with pearl-like cities and towns as human-made artificial light takes center stage. During Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricos lights went out. More info:

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iPhone : A good guy to have around both on earth and in space — especially on Aug 3, 2005. i was so happy to spend last weekend playing music with Dr Steve — astonishing guitar, bass and banjo player with #Bandella!…

iPhone : Before going to space, Astronauts go to geology camp! Geology helps us discover information about the early history of the Moon, Earth, and inner solar system. Studying rock and soil samples from the Moon & Mars will be crucial in our journey of human space exploration. #Artemis

Twitter Web App : NASA Goddards Research and Technology Programs recently hosted a two-day workshop focusing on robotics and automation in space crop production.…

Twitter Web App : NASAs Mars 2020 mission is scheduled to blast off next July — but you only have six weeks left to add your name to its rover!

Heres how >>

iPhone : In celebration of the first day of classes, take a look into the founding of our university 150 years ago. #TakeGiantLeaps #Purdue150

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Twitter Media Studio : Solar conjunction is coming up!
That’s when you and I will be temporarily invisible to each other, like dancers on opposite sides of an enormous bonfire. Learn what this means for me in this 60-second video.

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Twitter Web App : Micro-g NExT challenges undergraduate students to design, build, and test a tool or device that addresses an authentic, current space exploration challenge. To participate, submit your proposal by October 31! 🚀

iPhone : Aviation’s story is one of courage, sacrifice, vision and innovation. Today is a great day to reflect on one of the greatest of all human adventures, with more adventures yet to come. Aerojet Rocketdyne will be there for them! #SLS #Moon2Mars…

TweetDeck : If you were asked, “Why is the sky blue?” would you know the answer?

Find your answer fully explained here:

iPhone : We are going to the Moon — to stay.

Our #Artemis program will lay the groundwork for a sustainable infrastructure to support missions to Mars and beyond. This is what we’re building. This is what we’re training for. We are going.


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Hootsuite Inc. : #NASA has chosen two new science proposals for nine-month concept studies to advance our understanding of how the particles and energy in space – shown here flowing from the Sun in an illustration of the solar wind – affect the fundamental nature of space.

Twitter Web App : Know any young scientists/engineers wanting to do STEM the NASA way?🚀👩‍🚀👨‍💻

T minus 1 wk. and counting to apply for our Out-of-School opportunity! Get funding for materials & training NASA Glenn Research for your org to do #NASAGlennSTEM this school yr.

Details @…

iPhone : It’s a marvelous weekend for a moonwalk, don’t you think?

Follow NASA and watch for special #Apollo50th programming July 19-20, including rebroadcasts of the Moon landing and first steps in real time.

Twitter Web App : If you think our drones are cool, why not fly one? U.S. small businesses are invited to compete in an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle competition to help NASA researchers find more ways to make you #FreeToFly. Info: #NationalAviationDay

iPhone : 9. Countdown to Apollo 50, #RPI’s Space Legacy: ISS

Today, we look back on an out-of-this world event, when astronaut Reid Wiseman ’97 had a live video chat with members of the #RPI community while aboard the ISS! Watch: #Apollo50 NASA Intl. Space Station

Twitter Web App : 🗓August 5th is a red-letter day in space exploration.✨ In 2011, NASAs Juno Mission set sail for Jupiter on a mission to study the giant planet’s mysterious interior. In 2012, Curiosity Rover touched down on the Red Planet. Both missions succeeded — and both continue their quests today.

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iPhone : Exploration on earth to prepare us for exploration in space. NASA_NEEMO) 's Twitter Profile">NASA_NEEMO NXT project working underwater to explore the tools, tasks, techniques and training. NASA_Astronauts) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Astronauts NASA

Twitter Media Studio : Feeling the love! Thanks, everyone, for all the thoughtful landing anniversary messages.

I remember where I was seven years ago tonight. Do you remember where you were when I touched down on Mars?

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iPhone : The Space Educators Institute, a conference for educators in space, will take place from August 14 to 16 in London, Ontario. Learn more:….…

iPhone : Training today for manual rendezvous, if our automatic system were to fail when en route ISS. In this case, my commander will remain in his seat to fly the spacecraft while I head up to the habitation module to assist him by taking distance measurements. T-50 days to launch!