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Sprinklr : NASA Watch The NASA Expeditions account is a collaborative effort across the agency to share the wide range of field work we conduct right here on Earth. It has contributors from different field campaigns, missions, centers and programs

Sprinklr : Meteorologists regularly deal with large-scale weather events and atmospheric phenomena. That didn’t stop Mark Baldwin of WeatherTAP from feeling totally awed during the launches he attended with #NASASocial! 🤩 🚀 More:

Sprinklr : Ever wondered what those huge vehicles that transport rockets are? 🤔 In their blogs recap of the #NASASocial for Orion Spacecraft Ascent-Abort 2 test, TakeBacktheSky chats with experts on what it takes to prep for a launch, including a look at the Crawler:

Sprinklr : Failure is universal. More importantly, it’s necessary. So why don’t we talk about it? #NASASocial attendee Goldie Chan 💚 looked at Orion Spacecrafts Ascent-Abort test to examine how making failure the goal can help build more dynamic brands, stories & people:

Sprinklr : Enthusiastic educators rock our world! After talking to space tech pros during a recent SpaceX cargo re-supply social, Matt Miller plans to bring the material into the classroom. Read more:

iPhone : Our #NASASocial participants today represent podcasters from all over the world. They’ve been exploring behind-the-scenes here at NASAs Kennedy Space Center, learning about our future #Artemis missions to return humanity to the Moon and eventually Mars.

iPhone : We need your help! From the nearby to the far out, our panel ideas are up for a vote at @SXSW & you get to choose! This interactive festival gathers creatives to share new ideas and new technologies in our lives. Voting for #SXSW2020 ends Aug. 23:

iPhone : Are you a developer in the Los Angeles area? Do you like robots and outer space? If so, sign up now to reserve your seat for the "NASA robots and Twitter bots" event at the Jet Propulsion Labs on Thursday, August 29th.


Sprinklr : “I’m still thinking about it.” 😯 🚀

For Vanessa, witnessing last week’s SpaceX recent #Dragon launch was seriously impressive. The SoCal native recapped her experience in a piece featured by The Press-Enterprise! Read on:

iPhone : This might be the fastest I've thrown together a launch video. It's not my best, but I'm still happy with it.

I give you my video and perspective of #SpaceX's #CRS18 launch from the NASA Causeway!
Ft. a NASA Social crowd-cam!👀

iPhone : Now that's I've had a few days for the experience to settle in, I have to say.

The NASA Social was the most incredible and inspiring experience. To be able to go behind it all & see things I usually only see from a bus window or computer screen was such a crazy and cool thing.

Sprinklr : For one teacher who attended her second #NASASocial event a few weeks ago, spending time with other “space nerds” helped re-energize her love for educating. So what was so special? From the looks of her daily recap, well… everything.

Sprinklr : .@happytobedees recap of our #NASASocial for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch includes a little bit of everything: “class photos,” panel recaps AND tips on how to survive the Florida heat! (We could use way more of those). Check it out:

Sprinklr : If you’re bummed about missing the launch abort test of our Orion Spacecraft spacecraft, this event vlog by @Swoodbury1963 might help: Check out those pastel hues in his footage of the launch! 😍 🚀