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iPhone : David McAllister explains operation of the SOFIA Telescope while it is being prepared for its mission tonight #NASASocial

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iPhone : .SOFIAtelescope’s telescope system weighs 17 tons (!!!) which necessitates the 747 platform. “We would not be able to do this in a space vehicle... we don’t need to miniaturize these instruments.” 747 heavy lift and power generation capabilities make it all possible. #NASASocial

iPhone : “Imagine when you go to file your flight plan with the FAA and you file this.” 😂

A typical SOFIAtelescope route might look messy and confusing but it’s all about putting the jet in the right place at the right time to lock the telescope onto the target. #NASASocial

iPhone : The SOFIA mirror coating chamber, what it looks like on the inside, and the automated control system. The mirror absorbs water molecules, which have to be vacuumed out. It takes about a month to clean the mirror for a new run, and then a week to install it on the 747 #NASAsocial

iPhone : Ready for the #NasaSocial NASA Armstrong!

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