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Twitter Media Studio : When the crew of Apollo 11 splashed down after their historic lunar journey, John Wolfram was the first man to greet the crew in the Pacific Ocean:

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Twitter Web App : We’re inviting you to celebrate #NationalAviationDay with us by sharing how aviation has touched your life. From vacations to family reunions to aviation careers, share your pics and tell us how NASA research has made you #FreeToFly ✈️

Sprinklr : In the #AmazonRainforest, fire season has arrived.

The MODIS instrument on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this images of several fires burning in the Brazilian states of Rondônia, Amazonas, Pará, and Mato Grosso on August 11, 2019.

iPhone : Check this out! We’re taking you inside our DC-8 flying laboratory!✈️ The DC-8 is in Salina, Kansas for FireX-AQ🔥, an airborne science campaign with NOAA to measure the effects of smoke from agricultural fires. More:

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Sprout Social : It’s the last day of the underground robot competition and our #CoSTAR bots are tied for second place! Watch them compete in the DARPA #SubTChallenge:…

TweetDeck : It’s happening right here in Sandusky, Ohio—teams are preparing to test Orion Spacecraft in the world’s largest thermal vacuum chamber. This unique facility puts spacecraft through the rigors of space and helps further the safety and success of our #Artemis missions.

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI: Today Administrator Jim Bridenstine joined Vice President Mike Pence Pence and other members of the #NationalSpaceCouncil to talk about our plans to return humans to the Moon 🌘 in 2024. Learn more about our #Artemis program: 🇺🇸👩‍🚀👨‍🚀🚀


Sprinklr : These spiraling clouds, called von Kármán vortices, were spotted by NASA Earth off the coast of Morocco the night of July 19. Learn more about how they were formed >>

Twitter Web App : In partnership with Energy Department, we’ve completed successful tests of #Kilopower, a new nuclear power technology that could provide safe, efficient and sun-independent energy for long-term human and robotic exploration during long lunar nights and within shadowed areas on the Moon.

Twitter Web App : The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft launched on a test flight at 11:38 pm ET. The Soyuz spacecraft will have an upgraded motion control and navigation system. #AskNASA |

Sprinklr : Change is always hard - even if its just one letter. #OTD in 1958, our predecessor institution took another step in its transition to NASA as the NACA held its final meeting. NASA officially began operations a little over a month later on October 1.

TweetDeck : The International Docking Adapter-3 (IDA-3) is officially installed and becomes the second port on the station awaiting NASA Commercial Crew vehicles. #AskNASA |

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Twitter Web App : More photos from last night’s Falcon 9 launch →

Twitter Media Studio : Feeling the love! Thanks, everyone, for all the thoughtful landing anniversary messages.

I remember where I was seven years ago tonight. Do you remember where you were when I touched down on Mars?

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Twitter Web App : Every month, we offer up a puzzling 🛰️ image. Your challenge: tell us what❓we are looking at, where on 🌍 it is, and why it is interesting. Good luck!… #NASA

Twitter Web App : The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft launched on a test flight at 11:38 pm ET. The Soyuz spacecraft will have an upgraded motion control and navigation system. #AskNASA |

Twitter Web App : Mars awaits

From rover tracks to boot prints, here’s how NASA’s #Mars2020 rover will pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet:

Sprout Social : The #Cygnus spacecraft mission didnt end when it left the Intl. Space Station last week. Once at a safe distance away, deployment systems deployed a series of CubeSats.
Learn about the Slingshot deployer system and how CubeSats can benefit life on Earth:

TweetDeck : This summer, a group of scientists took advantage of another eclipse to improve their understanding of the corona. Using a model that incorporates data from our Sun-watching satellites, they predicted what the corona would look like from the ground:

TweetDeck : Whether youre doing your shopping, going to the gym, or just a little cold at the office, this zip-up is the perfect outerwear for any occasion. Proudly bear the ESA logo with items from the #ESASpaceShop
Buy item here:

Twitter Web App : The ICESat-2 data also show the steady rise in elevation from Long Beach🏖️ in the south, toward the mountainous Angeles National Forest 🌄further north

Twitter Web App : NASA JPL Lockheed Martin MAVEN currently has a periapsis (closest) altitude of 152 km and an apoapsis (farthest) altitude of 4,495 km. The orbital period of the spacecraft is 3 hours 39 minutes and the distance from Earth to MAVEN is 2.66 AU (398M km or 247M miles). One way light time is 22 min. 10 sec.

Twitter Web App : The indication of a hydrogen leak has been detected by the HazGas system. The countdown is proceeding for the #DeltaIV launch while engineers access data.

iPhone : This week, NASA scientists are on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii investigating caves formed by lava. We believe these caves are also present on the Moon & Mars and could serve as habitats for our #Artemis astronauts. Follow NASAExpeditions to learn more.…

Twitter Web App : “I always wanted to be in the air, whether that was in a plane, on a Ferris wheel, or on a roller coaster. I loved the feeling of being in the sky.” Meet Elizabeth Ruth, NASA research pilot: #AviationDay

Sprinklr : #HubbleClassic Thousands of sparkling young stars are nestled within the giant nebula NGC 3603. About 20,000 light-years away, this stellar jewel box is one of the most massive young star clusters in the Milky Way Galaxy:

Twitter Web App : Time travel isn’t actually possible, but #NASAWebb will provide the next best thing! By using natural telescopes to magnify very distant galaxies, astronomers will peer back billions of years to study how stars like our Sun formed in the early universe:

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Twitter Web Client : Today, we begin a new chapter as Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems. As we sign off, we hope you will continue to keep up with our products & programs by following @NorthropGrumman. We’d like to thank all of you for engaging with us & sharing our content over the years!

Twitter Web App : Five years ago today, Cassini captured this look at Saturn’s rings casting intricate shadows. If you look closely, you might also spot two moons. Details:

iPhone : 📣Discovery Alert!📣

A new exoplanet has a sky that one-ups Star Wars Tatooine – three stars instead of two.

LTT 1445 A b swelters under three red suns. Its a hot, rocky world only 22 light-years💡⤳ away.

Welcome to the family, LTT 1445 A b!

Android : a reminder that the amazon forest has been on fire for 3 weeks now and because of the lack of media coverage people don’t know about it. this is one of most important ecosystems on earth

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Buffer : #OTD in 2017, we launched our weather balloon #OLHZN9 during the #GreatAmericanSolarEclipse. We were not in the area of totality, but this was a nice practice run for 2024 when the area of totality will pass directly overhead of us!

Twitter Web App : Everyone: Please stop having PAX East in March - with the lack of accessible housing/hotels, freezing cold temperatures, and the cannibalization of your already struggling PAX South, April makes more sense!

PAX (unofficially): PAX EAST 2020 FEB 27TH - MARCH 1ST!


iPhone : Lots of clickity clanging during dusk at #SpaceCoastStarship nothing really visual of work, but definitely activity going on again. Top section of nose cone still removed, and some added material on back (bottom) of the stern (tall vessel) #StarshipEast #Starship 🤠📷🚀

Instagram : Today I was my first day of any education that left me without having graceslach right next to me. Space and time will be good for the both of us, but lord knows it won’t be easy. At the end of the day, there’s……

iPhone : “What is the point of isolating subject domains, grouping students by birth date, and scoring everything that moves, just for starters? And yet, those are the practices we have learned, and that it is what is accepted as standard practice.” ⁦Will Richardson…

iPhone : EAST COAST CHECK MAP YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SEE!5 things to know about final Delta IV Medium launch…

iPhone : Weather forecasters from U.S. Air Force @45thspacewing say conditions are favorable to proceed with tower roll and for the rest of the morning hours when the vehicle will be exposed during fueling operations. For launch time, we remain 80% GO on the weather.

iPhone : Kinda sad to see summer 2019 finally winding down, but extremely excited for what’s to come this fall and winter. Been an unforgettable year thus far, and 2019 still has a lot of energy left in her.

iPhone : 🤓 I’m right there with ya, it will very interesting to see how slime works in space!…

Android : Happy 1st day of classes! 📚👩🏾‍💻☕

Just a reminder that college is TOUGH. There will always be times were you couldve done better, studied more, or asked more questions - know that no one is perfect. Try your hardest + make sure you do something you 💙 and things will work out!

Twitter Web App : Welp looks like Im eating McDonalds tonight (and tomorrow and until I collect them all) 🚀👨‍🚀🍔🍟…

Twitter Web App : Hugs! Heres my dog Oliver looking pathetic as the doorway to our bedroom. He is banned from it because he pees on our bed. He has his paws on right on the border and is giving me his cutest look to get me to give in. But I was strong.…

iPhone : Jeffrey Epstein employed an army of disciples through a complex network of companies for many years to recruit girls and young women to have sex with him, according to allegations in three lawsuits filed Monday.

Android : With a robot rather than a cosmonaut in the commander’s seat, a Russian Soyuz spaceship has launched from Kazakhstan en route to the International Space Station on a key test flight before crews begin riding an upgraded Soyuz booster next year. FULL STORY:…

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iPhone : Popped up to Vancouver BC for 24 hours, and somehow managed to keep up my #Fusion360 practice. Xena-inspired sword, with very loose dimensions, for days 19 & 20 of #31daysofFusion360 - I may tweak the scale a bit and make it a letter opener 😂

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iPhone : New game plan, if Dana Ford wins, I’ll let him have a tree in his honor at the Festival of Trees on November 9th, and if I win, I have to run till I collapse or throw up at conditioning practice. Please keep voting for him!…

iPhone : This storm is so powerful it’s shaking my apartment. It was nice knowing all of you. #cowx #9wx

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iPhone : Thousands of El Pasoans are saying goodbye to Margie Reckard, victims of the #ElPasoShooting and consoling her husband

They had no family in El Paso so he invited the public.

The line to enter stretches for nearly half a mile.

This is #ElPasoStrong

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iPhone : A Bitcoin! That would be cool!😎5th grade science teacher, I could devise that to teach my students how technology has impacted all areas of their lives!…

Twitter Web App : Final topping is underway on the Delta 4’s first stage liquid hydrogen tank, and liquid hydrogen is now flowing into the rocket’s second stage to power its RL10 engine on two burns to place the GPS satellite into the proper orbit today. (📷: ULA).…

Instagram : The newest renovations to @hawkersfare Five Points location is nice, but these Korean Twice Fried Wings are 🔥🔥🔥. These delicious wings are tossed in garlic Gochujang sauce, peanuts, sesame & and topped with……

iPhone : Its 2019 @AIAA, you need to stop having MANELS - all male panels. I know a ton of women at each institution up there who could have been on that panel. It simply is not acceptable.…

Twitter Web App : (5/5)
Image credit: Stefan Misirdzhiev | winning artist concept called Jannah City Louth, a city of a million inhabitants on Mars, in the HP Mars Home Planet rendering challenge

iPhone : Chad Ellis is I registered super early so that helped with cost. It was my second time & I did find it worthwhile. They do have scholarships! The networking seems worthwhile to me and it mostly happens when I overcome my introvert nature and hang out with people.

Twitter Web App : For the 1st time in a year I’m taking a true vacation and not releasing a new #WildBusinessGrowth Podcast episode this week 🎙

We’ll pick back up Friday, 8/30, and get back to our weekly Wednesday schedule after that Hippo Direct…

iPhone : When you let other people decide who you get to be, you’ll never become the person you were meant to be. #listentoyourself #followyourdreams #motivation

Twitter Web App : Halloween is fast approaching yall. Get on these treats tout suite!…

Twitter Web App : The origins of the word Litecoin were derived not just from it being a lite version of Bitcoin.

I was looking at Lime Tea Company Incorporated and the light-bulb moment came where the letters were calling me to pick the name.

The letters were:

LIme TEa COmpany INcorporated…

iPhone : The Family Tree Season 3 – Cuttings 5 – Identity

With Scout Pup, Alex Iantaffi and Meg-John & Justin

Apple Podcasts:…




TweetDeck : 50 years ago today, Apollo 11 took man to the moon for the first time. Watch the full original CBS launch broadcast here:… #NASA #MoonLanding

SumAll : My week on Twitter 🎉: 4 Mentions, 960 Mention Reach, 56 Likes, 8 Retweets, 361K Retweet Reach. See yours with…

iPhone : If you aren’t listening to Moonshot I highly recommend it. I feel like my mind is being expanded every time I listen.…