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Twitter Web App : Lights, Camera, Space! 🎥🎬🎞️

This year, a #VR camera has been capturing life and science aboard the Intl. Space Station. Soon, Felix & Paul Studios, the team behind the cinematic virtual reality experience, plans to capture a spacewalk in 360.

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Twitter Web App : Looking forward to my next spacewalk where Luca and I will upgrade the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.…

Twitter Web App : 📢Last call for NASA Internships applications for Spring 2020❗️

We need your creativity & innovation to work on projects that impact NASA’s mission, like sending the 1st 👩‍🚀 & next 👨‍🚀 to the Moon by 2024. The #Artemis Generations time is now!

Twitter Web App : The spacewalks to upgrade the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer don’t start for a few weeks, but Andrew Morgan and @Astro_Luca are already preparing aboard the Intl. Space Station. They created tape flags that will be used for marking tubes during the spacewalks.

Twitter Web App : Today we welcomed Cygnus NG-12 to the @space_station (ISS), named in memory of Alan Bean: test pilot, astronaut, artist . . . and one of my childhood heroes.

Twitter Web App : Ever wondered how cargo vessels get to Intl. Space Station? It’s a little bit of them parking close by and a little bit of us driving the #Canadarm2 to catch them! Then the ground teams drive the arm to attach them to a docking port. Welcome, science cargo of #Cygnus! #NASA #Space

iPhone : Gone but not forgotten! Watching the HTV cargo ship depart Intl. Space Station today and remembering the complex dance of the robotic arm that marked the beginning of its stay. The batteries being removed were later installed by us on spacewalks—can’t beat that for teamwork!

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iPhone : The sunrises on station and the the HTV-8 Japanese cargo vehicle is go for an on time release at 12:20pm CT. Watch live now on NASA TV...

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Twitter Web App : Happy Halloween! 🎃 In celebration of the upcoming #SpaceStation20th anniversary of human presence in 2020, enjoy these photos of astronauts aboard the station celebrating on October 31 throughout the years. 👻

Twitter Web App : Today in 2000, the Expedition 1 crew launched to the space station, arriving two days later. 🚀 That means if you are 19 or younger, you have never lived a day without humans in space! Join us as we begin celebrating the #SpaceStation20th anniversary:…

Twitter Web App : #OTD NASA Intl. Space Station Exp 53 crew were treated to a #Halloween without the trick of gravity. I wonder what crews should take with them to celebrate #Halloween during #Artemis msns to the #Moon & #Mars? #ForwardtotheMoon

iPhone : NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy will return to the space station in April. Cassidy will join his crewmates — @Roscosmos cosmonauts Nikolai Tikhonov & Andrei Babkin – to discuss their mission in a news conference at 2 p.m. EST Nov. 7, at Johnson Space Center. More:…

iPhone : It’s almost harvest time! Every day my crewmates and I water the plants using a syringe that connects to each plant’s irrigation system. We are studying how different light conditions and fertilizers change properties of the lettuce, to include taste!

iPhone : Do you know what a piccolo being played sounds like? What about a piccolo being played in space? Today Jessica Meir treated students in Maine to a little bit of music from space! NASA, but Sp🕸️🕸️ky loves having astronauts with diverse backgrounds and talents on the Intl. Space Station!

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iPhone : During today’s Earth-to-space call with students at RSU 39, @Astro_Jesscia shared some valuable advice she learned along the way to becoming a NASA Astronauts: “Never be afraid to take a risk & fail. In the end, it may bring you closer to what you want to do.”

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