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Bio NASAs JSC is the lead center for the International Space Station and the Orion spacecraft, and the home of the Mission Control Center and NASA astronaut corps.
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Twitter Media Studio : Visiting The Health Museum in Houston tomorrow? Stop by and say hello – we’ll be there, too! Watch “The Day We Walked On The Moon” and enjoy space themed snacks before a panel discussion on space health topics, including former astronauts as panelists!…

Twitter Media Studio : TOMORROW, July 20: Houston, celebrate #Apollo11 with us at Discovery Green! 🚀 Visit our Driven to Explore trailer, participate in NASA STEM Engagement activities & more. Later, watch Apollo 11 & count down to the first step on the Moon 50 years ago. #Apollo50th

Twitter Media Studio : The world held its breath as Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin stepped on the Moon, but in that moment, NASA commentator Doug Ward served as the voice of Mission Control to the public. #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : Yesterday, Apollo alumni and past and current employees gathered to celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary by admiring personal collections of spaceflight memorabilia! From flags that flew in space to July 20, 1969 newspaper headlines, there was something impressive for everyone.

Twitter Web App : We Go: To the Moon and on to Mars. Todays #Artemis generation will explore farther than weve ever gone before. The Artemis program will send the first woman and next man to walk on the lunar surface and build a sustainable base to prepare for missions to Mars and beyond.

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Twitter Web App : LIVE NOW: Tune into to watch the live broadcast of #NASASTEM Forward to the Moon! This special STEM show will inspire the #Artemis generation of explorers to dream big, & take charge of the bold way NASA’s going forward to the Moon and on to Mars!

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Twitter Web App : LIVE NOW: Gene Kranz discusses what it was like to be in Mission Control for the historic Moon landing. Celebrate #Apollo50th and join us:…

  • Start Video : In high school, Jessica Meir attended a talk by Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke. She wrote him a letter about her dream to also become an astronaut, and he replied. 23 years later,Meir shared the impact of that response with Duke in Apollo Mission Control. #Apollo50th

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iPhone : LIVE: We’re paying tribute to our heroes & looking forward to new frontiers during a special NASA TV broadcast. Hear from Apollo explorers, current NASA Astronauts, guest host Adam Savage (Adam Savage) & more! Watch and questions using #Apollo50th:…

iPhone : Yep, those are #Apollo legends Gene Kranz and Charlie Duke! Tune in in a few minutes to NASA TV! NASA’s Giant Leaps: Past and Future. Watch online at

Twitter Media Studio : On Houston We Have A Podcast, NASA historian Jennifer Ross-Nazzal shares lesser known stories of #Apollo11 50 years after the historic Moon landing. Alumni from NASAs Apollo program share memories from their unique roles in those missions.… #Apollo50th

Twitter Media Studio : TODAY, July 19: Catch us on NASA TV during our #Apollo50th broadcast! We’re celebrating the #Apollo11 anniversary and our #Artemis plans while giving you a look inside the newly restored Apollo Mission Control! Tune in at 12 pm CT:

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Twitter Web Client : Space veterans who worked on Apollo 11 joined astronauts from all eras at Rice Stadium, where they shot a video on the very spot where President John F. Kennedy gave his famous We choose to go to the moon’ speech.

See Johnson Space Centers reunion video here:

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Twitter Media Studio : Astronauts training reflects their missions: rigorous. In the Apollo era, we prepared for the unknown as much as possible. Now, we’ve set our sights on going further, & modern technology allows us to train much more safely – all in pursuit of our next giant leap. #Apollo50th

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Twitter Media Studio : President Kennedy’s challenge to land men on the Moon & return safely to Earth in the 60s pushed America to achieve what many thought impossible. But its effect & realization went deeper: Generations of people worldwide were inspired to pursue the next giant leap. #Apollo50th

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Twitter Media Studio : Houston, are you looking to celebrate the #Apollo11 anniversary this weekend? Take a small step to Discovery Green where well be commemorating our giant leaps! Watch Apollo 11, see Moon rocks, check out our Driven to Explore trailer & more: #Apollo50th

Twitter Media Studio : What makes a great crew better? A study on the effects of isolation and confinement on team dynamics with NASA’s Human Research Program and global partners reopened its hatch on July 17. As friends, the crew exited for the first time in 4 months.…