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Bio NASAs JSC is the lead center for the International Space Station and the Orion spacecraft, and the home of the Mission Control Center and NASA astronaut corps.
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Twitter Web App : Thanks to the Space Food Systems Laboratory at Johnson Space Center, the crew members will get a taste of home this holiday! Check out the recipe for the same cornbread dressing that will be part of the only Thanksgiving meal in space this year:…

Twitter Web App : 55 years ago, NASA JPL managed the Mariner Mars 1964 Project to send 2 spacecraft to conduct the first robotic exploration of Mars, taking photos & scientific measurements. Mariner 4 launched Nov. 28, 1964, passing within 6,118 mi. of Mars 228 days later.…

Twitter Media Studio : NASA’s working to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024 through the elements of the new #Artemis program. 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀 Do you know the names of some of the key components of this exciting new program? 🌙 #TuesdayTrivia

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iPhone : The three NASA astronauts on board the station, Christina H Koch, Jessica Meir and Andrew Morgan, share what #Thanksgiving means to them and get a look at what the holiday in space will be like in 2019.

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Twitter Web App : After Apollo 12 splashed down on November 24, 1969 personnel from the USS Hornet recovered the astronauts, Command Module and lunar materials. The lunar samples departed Hornet within hours, arriving in Houston on November 25.…

iPhone : Touchdown! NASA’s Super Guppy aircraft has safely landed at Mansfield Lahm Airport. Welcome to Ohio, Orion Spacecraft! 💫🎉💫

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Sprinklr : On Nov. 24, 1969, Apollo 12 astronauts returned to Earth, completing the second human lunar landing mission. The USS Hornet recovered the crew & spacecraft, including parts of the robotic Surveyor 3 they visited on the lunar surface & lunar samples.…

Twitter Web App : Unique tools were developed specifically for the repair of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a cosmic particle detector. Learn what they are & how they work from the engineers who helped develop them on this week’s episode of “Houston, We Have A Podcast.”…

Twitter Web App : .Andrew Morgan and @Astro_Luca wrapped up a 6-hour and 33-minute spacewalk at 1:35pm ET today. They are readying the stations cosmic particle detector for a new cooling system. Read more...

Twitter Web App : #Artemis I Orion spacecraft is loaded onto NASAs Super Guppy aircraft at NASAKennedy. The spacecraft will be transported to NASAglenn Plum Brook Station Space Power Facility for thermal-vacuum testing.

Twitter Web App : Farewell, #Starliner! 👋
The spacecraft is on the way to ULA to be mated to the #AtlasV!

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Twitter Web App : The crew that will be the first to fly on the Boeing Space #Starliner spacecraft watched the vehicle roll out to the launch facility early this morning to prepare for the targeted Dec. 17 uncrewed test flight:……

Twitter Web App : #Starliner was moved to the Space Launch Complex 41 Vertical Integration Facility this morning. Later today the spacecraft will be stacked on top of an Atlas V rocket for final processing ahead of the launch. It's getting close to the targeted Dec. 17 uncrewed test flight!…

Twitter Web App : Meet NASA_Johnson) 's Twitter Profile">Johnson Space Center intern, Ty-Chris! He’s currently interning in JSC’s Office of STEM Engagement 📚🖊 #IEW2019

Read Ty-Chris’ blog here:

Are you interested in STEM engagement? Apply to a NASA internship at 🚀 #NASAinterns