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Buffer : Its the first day of our Fall Cloud Challenge☁️! Were asking citizen scientists to take out their phones and report what kinds of clouds they see from October 15 to November 15 using the The GLOBE Program Observer app. Join the challenge:

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Buffer : You can name the Mars 2020 Rover! NASA invites U.S. students to submit essays to name NASA's next Mars rover. Kindergarten through 12th grade students have until Nov. 1, 2019 to submit their name. Info here:

Buffer : A robotic arm scans a piece of composite material to demonstrate research into inspecting composites. For the last five years, NASA and partners researched composite materials used in aerospace construction. Find out the benefits of their research:

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Twitter Web App : #NASAinterns from 3 NASA centers spent their summer competing to develop a laptop flight simulator of the X-59 QueSST aircraft. The competition came with an added challenge: it had to be completed within 10 weeks. 💻✈️⚙️

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Buffer : Author Patricia Cornwell (Patricia Cornwell) visited NASA Langley to show her appreciation for the people, capabilities and facilities that serve as the setting for her new book. Find out how we helped plant the seed for her latest novel:

Twitter Web App : On October 10 we're holding a FREE webinar for the acoustics research community! We'll be sharing results of our 2018 Quiet Supersonic Flights, as well as discussing approaches to conducting surveys of community overflight response. Registration details→

Buffer : Engineer David Hatke checks over the Langley Aerodrome No. 8 before testing in the 12-foot Low Speed Wind Tunnel. This new @NASAAero unmanned aerial systems unique 3D-printed design allows engineers to quickly swap out parts for continued redesign. More:

Buffer : An ever-changing fleet of aircraft requires serious ingenuity and masterful skills. Aircraft engineers design, install and check new concepts required to support the wide variety of NASA aerial missions. Find out what they're up to:

Buffer : Happy #InternationalTeachersDay to educators across the globe who inspire the #Artemis generation to explore and innovate. Find NASA #STEM education resources here:

Buffer : Interns from three NASA centers spent their summer competing to develop a laptop flight simulator of the X-59 aircraft. The final models were judged in a “fly-off” by actual X-59 test pilots. Find out the winners and download the simulations:

Buffer : Its been 25 years since weve proved that Earth-observing lidar could work in space. Now, with a changing climate and an intensification of severe storms and wildfires, these space-based lidar systems are of increasing benefit to humanity. Learn more:

Buffer : Who knew being a scientist could be as easy as pointing your phone at the sky? NASA and The The GLOBE Program are asking citizen scientists to take out their phones and report what kinds of clouds they see from Oct. 15-Nov. 15. Get involved→

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Twitter Web App : Fred Haise, an Apollo 13 astronaut, paid a visit to NASA Langley and got quite the experience – a tour of the Lunar Landing Research Facility and a look at our efforts to go forward to the Moon via the #Artemis program. Check out his visit:

Twitter Web App : 🚨LIVE NOW!🚨 Ask us anything about our plans to send the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.

Submit your questions on @Reddit for our #Artemis experts:…

Twitter Web App : Why are we going to the Moon? 🌕
How will we get there? 🚀
What progress have we made so far? 🤔

Get answers to these questions & more in our #Artemis Reddit Ask Me Anything today at 2pm ET:…

Buffer : Houston, we've had a̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶l̶e̶m̶ astronaut Fred Haise at NASA Langley. The Apollo 13 Lunar Module Pilot stopped by our center to share stories from his experiences working at NASA. Check out photos from his visit: #Apollo50th

Twitter Web App : Our very own Michelle Munk, Principal Technologist for Entry, Descent and Landing Systems, will be an expert on tomorrows @Reddit AMA. Got questions about how well land on the lunar surface and then Mars? Get ready to ask her anything October 3 at 2pm ET!…

Twitter Web App : Great editorial from Times-Dispatch on how space brings out our nation’s best. The work of NASA_Langley and others on the #Artemis program will benefit humanity in ways we have not yet imagined. Our future is fast approaching.…

Twitter Web App : Its never too early to inspire the next generation of explorers and innovators. Today, NASA Langley center director Clayton Turner read books about space and aeronautics to three and four-year-olds at a local daycare. Learn more about #STEM engagement→