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Bio NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center is home to the Space Launch System & proven technical expertise in propulsion, space systems, science and technology.
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iPhone : We are celebrating #Apollo50th as we make our way to Dancing in the Streets in downtown Huntsville, AL. If you are in town, join us for #NASA exhibits and more!

Sprinklr : Drawing inspiration from the Apollo program logo, NASA has unveiled a new identity for #Artemis as we prepare for our next giant leap. MORE >> #Apollo50th

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE NOW: Tune into to watch the live broadcast of #NASASTEM Forward to the Moon! This special STEM show will inspire the #Artemis generation of explorers to dream big, & take charge of the bold way NASA’s going forward to the Moon and on to Mars!

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Twitter Web Client : We Go: To the Moon and on to Mars. Todays #Artemis generation will explore farther than weve ever gone before. The Artemis program will send the first woman and next man to walk on the lunar surface and build a sustainable base to prepare for missions to Mars and beyond.

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Twitter Web Client : Earth Blue, Rocket Red & Lunar Silver: We have a new identity for our #Artemis Program that draws bold inspiration from the Apollo program & forges its own path, showing how #Artemis will pursue lunar exploration like never before and pave the way to Mars:

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE NOW: Adam Savage (Adam Savage) discusses the future of spacesuits with spacesuit technician Lindsay Aitchison and one of our NASA Astronauts Randy Bresnik (Randy Bresnik). Ask questions using the hashtag #Apollo50th:…

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE NOW: Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt discusses the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and collecting Moon rocks on the lunar surface! Join the celebration and ask questions using the hashtag #Apollo50th:…

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE NOW: One of our NASA Astronauts Rex Walheim reflects on the #Apollo50th anniversary and what its like to launch into space. Join us now and ask questions using the hashtag #Apollo50th:…

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE: We’re paying tribute to our heroes & looking forward to new frontiers during a special NASA TV broadcast. Hear from Apollo explorers, current NASA Astronauts, guest host Adam Savage (Adam Savage) & more! Watch and questions using #Apollo50th:…

Sprinklr : Five decades ago, #NASAMarshall developed the Saturn V rocket that sent Apollo to the Moon – now, were building the tools we need to send #Artemis back >>

Twitter Web Client : 🗣️ Theres something we think you should know.

Scroll back down to read the first word of each tweet that weve shared this morning to celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary. The world experienced these powerful words 50 years ago.

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iPhone : Mankind has benefited time and time again from space exploration. From disaster relief to food safety, see how NASA Spinoff technology, some of it spurred by #Apollo11, shows up in your everyday life:

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Sprinklr : Were only two days away from the Apollo 11 moon landing!

Tune in tomorrow at noon CT for NASAs Giant Leaps, a live broadcast saluting the heroes of Apollo and discussing the future of space exploration >> #Apollo50th

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE: Join us for a new episode of NASA in Silicon Valley Live as NASA Ames experts talk about our #Apollo50th anniversary and our future #Artemis missions to explore the Moon and Mars.

Tune in & ask questions on Twitch:…

Twitter Web Client : Roughly a week ago, crews placed the #NASASLS liquid oxygen tank test article into a test stand at NASA Marshall. This time-lapse video shows how they did it. WATCH MORE >>

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Twitter Web Client : Standing tall at 363 feet, the Saturn V rocket was the only vehicle of its time that could accomplish a feat such as landing humans on the Moon. 👨‍🚀 🌔 This #Apollo50th, the @AirAndSpace Museum has brought the rocket back to life on the Washington Monument:

Twitter Web Client : Experience the Moons magnificent desolation, as astronaut Buzz Aldrin called it, in stunning panoramas of the Apollo landing sites. As we celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary, see what the 12 humans who walked on the lunar surface experienced visually:

Sprinklr : Theres a lot we need to learn as we get ready to live and work on the Moon.

Here are a few things the #Artemis program will teach us >> #Apollo50th

Sprinklr : 50 years ago, #Apollo11 was on its way to the Moon.

Take a day-by-day look back at its journey with NASA >> #Apollo50th