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Bio The safest spacecraft designed by NASA, Orion will carry humans to the moon and beyond. facebook.com/NASAOrion/
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iPhone : Were joining forces with Peanuts Worldwide to share the excitement of space with the next generation of explorers! ✨Learn about our #Apollo50th collaboration to update #AstronautSnoopy, create new space-themed educational activities & much more: go.nasa.gov/2JW1D0t

iPhone : This week PEANUTS is celebrating our Peanuts education partership including the 50th anniversary of NASA #Apollo10 Mission. Follow along for all things #AstronautSnoopy. twitter.com/therealbuzz/st…

iPhone : Oh, don’t worry about the Moon, it’s just going through a phase 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌚

Today, you can witness a Blue Moon! These rare sites happen about once every 2 1/2 years. Planning to take pictures? Here are 10 tips for shooting the Moon: go.nasa.gov/2w35Yqq

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iPhone : Before Apollo 11, Apollo 10 helped sort out all the unknowns to make a Moon landing possible. 50 years ago, NASA Astronauts Tom Stafford, John Young and Gene Cernan traveled to lunar orbit, sending home the first color TV images from space: go.nasa.gov/2Q7b9yC #Apollo50

iPhone : Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of @nasa’s Apollo 10 mission with Snoopy! Now streaming for free on Apple TV: apple.co/Peanuts_In_Spa…

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TweetDeck : Next week Florida Tech is hosting a Space Technology Day to engage students, faculty, regional institutions and local businesses on upcoming opportunities and our #Moon2024 plan. Tune in on NASA TV for Administrator Jim Bridenstines remarks: go.nasa.gov/2YwvuAz

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TweetDeck : NASA and its partners will visit Michigan next week to highlight work being done in the state to build and supply aerospace components for #NASASLS. Interested media can find full DETAILS HERE >> go.nasa.gov/2Ebv5eT

TweetDeck : I had a nice conversation with NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine this week, talking all things Artemis and the feasibility of the program. One fun new thing: the name EM-1 is dead; it’s Artemis 1 now. theverge.com/2019/5/17/1862…

iPhone : Are you looking for an internship? The Fall 2019 deadline for a NASA Internship is July 1st! 🚀Get ahead by starting your application today at intern.nasa.gov. #NASAinterns

iPhone : Introducing the 11 companies that will conduct #Moon2024 studies and produce human lander prototypes that will help us put NASA Astronauts on the Moon in five years: go.nasa.gov/2w4P8Y0

iPhone : Want to know more about our crew escape system, called the Launch Abort System or LAS? Read more here: nasa.gov/sites/default/… twitter.com/nasagroundsys/…

iPhone : Saturday night, May 18th, there’ll be a blue moon in the sky.
Ever wondered what that is, exactly? Just ask us, we’ll show you 🤓

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iPhone : .The White House’s budget amendment supports several elements that are needed to get us to the Moon in five years:

🚀NASA_SLS rocket
👩‍🚀Orion Spacecraft space capsule
🌑Gateway lunar orbiter & a human lunar lander system

Discover more from Bill Gerstenmaier: go.nasa.gov/2vXHrTF

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