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Bio The safest spacecraft designed by NASA, Orion will carry humans to the moon and beyond. facebook.com/NASAOrion/
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iPhone : Our facilities let researchers put spacecraft through the rigors of space—and weve been doing it since the days of #Apollo. Today, well use them to test Orion Spacecraft as we prepare to return humans to the surface of the Moon— to stay. 🌒 #Apollo50th More: nasa.gov/feature/from-t…

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iPhone : It is a team effort to send American astronauts to the Moon. In this episode of Rocket Science in 60 Seconds, Dawn Stanley explains how the NASA centers work together on #NASASLS, NASA_Orion and NASAGroundSys for the #Artemis missions. WATCH >> go.nasa.gov/2JDzzym

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TweetDeck : Day 2 of #DisueñoworkShops in Colombia bringing #SpaceScience and #DesignThinking to #futureEngineers !

Never too young to #jointhejourney! #journeytoMars #girlsinSTEM #iftheycanseeittheycanbeit

Let’s see how these #Orion Capsules do!!! Orion Spacecraft #OrionSplashdown

Android : Introducing Human Exploration and Operations (HEO) Mission Directorate #lunchboxnotes! 🚀🌕✨Stick a note in a loved ones lunch box for an out-of-this-world surprise. Each note has a funny space joke or a fun fact! Click here to download: go.nasa.gov/2GhsMZ4

TweetDeck : On the 50th Anniversary of #Apollo11 NASA Admin Jim Bridenstine talks about the new #Artemis mission: “We go to the moon so we can learn how to live and work on another world and have more access to the solar system than ever before.”

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iPhone : Get ready to listen to the sounds of Apollo! 🌑🎶

In this episode of #NASAExplorers: Apollo, hear what 50 years of lunar exploration sounds like, just in time for #Apollo50th.

You can binge the whole series now: go.nasa.gov/2JK4ho4

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iPhone : We’re 6 days away from our #Apollo50th anniversary of when humans walked on another world for the first time in history! As we move forward to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon in five years, take a look back at our historic legacy: go.nasa.gov/2JMBm2G

iPhone : "Eyes on the Stars" ✨ We're excited we'll be seeing #AstronautSnoopy this Thanksgiving. Working with PEANUTS for decades, we have a long history of partnership in our safety and human space flight awareness program. More: nasa.gov/feature/nasa-a… twitter.com/snoopy/status/…

iPhone : No more artists impressions. Starting next week, as the world celebrates #Apollo50th, the Orion Spacecraft spacecraft that will fly around the #Moon on the first #Artemis mission will be complete: blogs.esa.int/orion/2019/07/… #blog #ForwardToTheMoon

iPhone : #AstronautSnoopy takes flight in this year’s Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the #Apollo11 Moon Landing! This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of Snoopy’s first flight as an Astronaut in the 1969 Parade. #macysparade

TweetDeck : In the latest Rocket Science in 60 Seconds episode, Dawn Stanley, deputy director for cross program system integrations for #NASASLS, explains how the NASA centers work together on the #Artemis program to send astronauts to the Moon — and Mars. WATCH >> go.nasa.gov/2JxrMSH

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TweetDeck : Filmmakers: CineSpace is a collaboration between NASA and Houston Cinema Arts that offers you a chance to share works inspired by, and using, actual NASA imagery. But hurry! Submissions are due July 15! Learn more: cinespace.org

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iPhone : Named for the mythological Greek Moon goddess and twin of Apollo, #Artemis will carry humanity back to the Moon — this time, for good — before we launch to Mars and to the unexplored beyond. Get the latest updates and more, straight to your inbox: go.nasa.gov/32d6rVP

TweetDeck : The mobile launcher, crew quarters, and cryogenics lab—oh my! Some more things from #NASASocial, featuring a scientist who really did put liquid nitrogen in his hat...then put it on his head. 😱 #ThereIsNoSuchThingAsHotOrCold NASA Social