Bio NASAs Space Launch System is a heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of powering the Orion spacecraft and cargo beyond low Earth orbit.
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Twitter Web Client : Were saddened by the passing of Chris Kraft, our first flight director. He was a space legend who created the concept of Mission Control during the early human spaceflight program and made it an integral part of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. He was 95.

Twitter Web Client : #Artemis: Twin sister of Apollo, goddess of the Moon and epitome of America’s next chapter in space exploration. πŸš€

With our goal of sending humans to Mars, were going back to the Moon to stay and Artemis is leading the way. Uncover a new era:

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Twitter Web Client : What does 50 years of exploring our Moon sound like?

When you turn that data into music, it’s beautiful.

Take a listen! 🎡

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Sprinklr : What will the Artemis missions teach us about living and working on the Moon? From its water to its soil, scientists and engineers will be able to examine its surface up close. LEARN MORE >>

Sprinklr : What can we say? Here at NASA we like big rockets, and we cannot lie. πŸš€ MORE >>

Sprinklr : #ICYMI this time-lapse video shows how teams at NASAs Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, placed the liquid oxygen tank structural test article into Test Stand 4697. WATCH >>

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Twitter Web Client : On this historic #Apollo50th anniversary occasion, weve achieved a critical milestone. The Orion Spacecraft crew vehicle for the #Artemis 1 mission is complete and ready to begin preps for its historic first flight, says Vice President Mike Pence Pence


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Sprinklr : On this day 50 years ago, humanity touched the Moon. πŸŒ™ Now, the world is ready to go back. NASAs Space Launch System rocket is the backbone for a new era of human exploration. MORE >> #Apollo50th

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iPhone : PSA: Check out a model of the Orion and a full-size parachute at NASAs #SDCC2019 booth (4423)! πŸš€ For even more space:

Sprinklr : #Apollo50th and #SDCC50 in the same week? What a treat! NASAs Space Launch System team is at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend to talk about the SLS rocket and Americas next giant leap. As Yoda once said, Pass on what you have learned.”

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Twitter Web Client : Earth Blue, Rocket Red & Lunar Silver: We have a new identity for our #Artemis Program that draws bold inspiration from the Apollo program & forges its own path, showing how #Artemis will pursue lunar exploration like never before and pave the way to Mars:

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE: We’re paying tribute to our heroes & looking forward to new frontiers during a special NASA TV broadcast. Hear from Apollo explorers, current NASA Astronauts, guest host Adam Savage (Adam Savage) & more! Watch and questions using #Apollo50th:…

Twitter Web Client : Today, we celebrate #Apollo50th and look forward to the future of human spaceflight! Well go live from NASAs Kennedy Space Center, historic Mission Control, Neil Armstrongs hometown and more.

1pm ET - NASAs Giant Leaps
3pm ET - NASA STEM Engagement Forward to the Moon


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Twitter Web Client : That’s one way to shake things up 😬

Did you know that workers at NASAs Kennedy Space Center used their own hands, feet and a little bit of sweat to shake a test version of the Saturn V? Note: dont skip leg day at the gym. #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : Happening today, NASA will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and look toward future explorations of the Moon and Mars in a live, two-hour broadcast. Tune in at 1 p.m. EDT. DETAILS >> #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : Roughly a week ago, crews placed the #NASASLS liquid oxygen tank test article into a test stand at NASA Marshall. This time-lapse video shows how they did it. WATCH MORE >>

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Twitter Web Client : One of the first steps in sending humans to the Moon 🌘 was solving the problem of getting them safely back to Earth 🌎. In the 1950s & 60s we came up with new designs + materials for spacecraft that would make human spaceflight a reality: #TBT #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : With the recent delivery of the liquid oxygen tank test article and the start of testing in June on the liquid hydrogen tank, NASA is more than halfway through SLS structural testing that helps ensure #Artemis mission success and astronaut safety. MORE >>