Bio NASAs Space Launch System is a heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of powering the Orion spacecraft and cargo beyond low Earth orbit.
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Sprinklr : More than 1,000 companies across the country support the development of #NASASLS. Media are invited to tour Futuramic in Michigan this week to learn how the company is supporting future missions to the Moon and, ultimately, to Mars. DETAILS HERE >>

Sprinklr : #ICYMI - NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter hit a dizzying milestone Wednesday when it completed 60,000 loops around the Red Planet! DETAILS >>

Sprinklr : The old man in the Moon is showing his age! 🌝 A new study adds to a growing understanding that the Moon is an actively changing world. MORE >>

Sprinklr : NASA will return astronauts to the Moon by 2024, but you can explore the Moon straight from your desktop or mobile device NOW. CHECK IT OUT >> #Moon2024

Sprinklr : NASA and its partners will visit Michigan next week to highlight work being done in the state to build and supply aerospace components for #NASASLS. Interested media can find full DETAILS HERE >>

Sprinklr : What is the Space Launch System? Why is it so important for #Moon2024? Systems engineer Kathryn Crowe from NASA Marshall explains it all in the latest #NASASLS Rocket Science in 60 Seconds episode HERE >>

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Twitter Web Client : .Orion Spacecraft, NASA_SLS, & NASAs Exploration Ground Systems programs are continuing work on one of the most complex space systems ever built. In America & Europe, teams are building the spacecraft, rocket, & infrastructure needed to send humans to deep space destinations, including the Moon.

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Sprinklr : NASA is testing methods to grow bigger plants in space aboard the Intl. Space Station. 🌱 The results could help future astronauts on long-duration missions to Moon, Mars and beyond. MORE >>

Twitter Web Client : America is going back to the Moon — to stay! As we focus our lunar exploration efforts, discover more about our #Moon2024 plans during a @Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ starting at 11:30am ET. Get ready to ask your questions ➡️:

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Sprinklr : Ever wanted to visit Mars? A new video shows what it would be like to soar over Mount Sharp just like Curiosity Rover! WATCH IT >>

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Sprinklr : 🚀 NASA selected 142 proposals from 129 U.S. small businesses to help develop technologies that could help humans live on the Moon and Mars. LEARN MORE >>

iPhone : What goes 2 miles per second and just completed 60,000 loops around the Red Planet?

NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has collected Martian science daily since 2006. See how MRO supports missions and assists in planning for future human exploration:

Twitter Web Client : We are expanding our presence in the solar system, going forward to the Moon — to stay — then on to Mars.

Learn more about NASAs plans for #Moon2Mars >> #WeAreGoing

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Sprinklr : Just like a grape wrinkles as it shrinks down to a raisin, NASA Goddard researchers say the Moon gets wrinkles as it shrinks. And, when that happens, a moonquake can occur. LEARN MORE >>

Twitter Web Client : What are we doing to send humans back to the Moon in five years? Get answers to your #Moon2024 mission questions during a @Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ tomorrow starting at 11:30am ET. Our experts will take questions at

Twitter Web Client : NASA has been exploring space for 60 years! Learn how 60 years of knowledge and discovery prepares us to go farther than humanity has ever gone before.

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Sprinklr : A new era of space exploration is on the horizon. How NASA plans to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024 HERE >> #Moon2024

Sprinklr : The call to explore is even greater. NASA is going to the Moon — to stay — by 2024. The Space Launch System rocket is a powerful catalyst to support deep space missions that will prepare and propel humans toward Mars and beyond. MORE on #Moon2024 >>

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