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Twitter for iPad : If you’re a fan of transiting planets like we are, check out Mercury transit the Sun today!

The stars NASA_TESS observes are too far away to get images of a transit like this. Instead, TESS measures a dip in a star’s brightness as a planet blocks starlight during a transit.…

Twitter Web App : A sea of stars was captured by NASA_TESS over a year of science observations. This mosaic of the southern sky is compiled from 208 images that contain 29 newly discovered exoplanets and more than 1,000 candidates now being studied.

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Twitter Web App : The southern sky as seen by NASA_TESS in its first year of operations is shown in this mesmerizing mosaic. The glowing band on the left is the Milky Way, our home galaxy seen edgewise. Learn more about this mosaic that was assembled by Ethan Kruse:…

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI This artists rendition of the planet LHS 3844 b was featured as the NASA Image of the Day on October 8th. This likely rocky planet was one of the first discovered by NASA_TESS and was also later studied by NASAspitzer. Read more here:…

Twitter Web App : We know of over 4,000 exoplanets today, but the first exoplanets were discovered just a few decades ago. A team whose work led to the discovery of an exoplanet orbiting a solar-type star in 1995 has been awarded a 2019 #NobelPrize in Physics! Congratulations!…

Twitter Web App : .NASA_TESS has been finding a lot of exoplanets as well as candidate exoplanets since starting science in July 2018, and now there is a fun new way to visualize these discoveries! Check it out here:…

Twitter Web App : #ICYMI NASA_TESS and other observatories witnessed a star getting shredded by a black hole, and scientists gathered NASA Goddard today to talk to news stations around the world about this new detection! Learn more here:… #BlackHoleWeek

iPhone : Struggling to understand the gravity of the situation? Ask our experts your questions about black holes on Reddit at 2pm ET, 11am PT today! Hear more about the latest on black holes. #BlackHoleWeek⚫

Twitter Web App : What happens when a star strays too close to a black hole? Intense tides break it apart into a stream of gas. NASA_TESS helped produce the most detailed look yet at the beginning of this cataclysmic phenomenon. Visualize how it unfolded:


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Twitter Web App : When a star gets too close to a black hole, it can get ripped to shreds as shown in the illustration below. Earlier this year, NASA_TESS and NASA Swift Observatory both witnessed this phenomenon, called a tidal disruption event! Learn more here:… #BlackHoleWeek

Twitter Web App : TESS is finding planets all over our galaxy, but one place TESS will not be able to easily search is toward our galaxy’s center. In addition to Sgr A*, there are many other stars blended together from TESS's point of view, making it difficult to study them. #BlackHoleWeek…

iPhone : Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in space. Where do they come from? Are they where all your missing socks go? Get your questions ready for our black hole experts on Reddit, at 2pm ET, 11am PT on Friday, September 27th. #BlackHoleWeek⚫

iPhone : The main job of NASA_TESS is to find planets orbiting nearby stars. But, what if TESS found a planet orbiting a black hole? You might not want to live on such a planet! Read why here: #BlackHoleWeek

iPhone : Black holes are mystifying yet awesome cosmic phenomena. Unfortunately, people have many ideas about them that are more science fiction than science fact. Here are five reasons why you wouldn’t want to live near a black hole: #BlackHoleWeek⚫

Twitter Web App : .NASA_TESS will be pointing its cameras in the direction of M87 starting in March of next year! While we don’t yet know what TESS will see, we are excited that TESS will get to join the fun and check out this exotic object. #BlackHoleWeek…

Twitter Web App : Want to get up to speed on black holes? We’ve got you covered! A black hole is an object so dense that not even light can escape it. #BlackHoleWeek⚫ 1/6

Twitter Web App : In addition to surveying the sky to find exoplanets, NASA_TESS is studying black holes too! Later this week, we will share what TESS can reveal about these elusive objects. Stay tuned! #BlackHoleWeek