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Twitter Web App : Our Ionospheric Connection Explorer heads to space tonight! Heres why scientists are so excited about this mission to study Earths interface to space. ⬇️

🚀 Coverage of the launch starts at 9:15pm ET / 6:15pm PT at! #NASAICON

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Twitter Web App : Its launch day for ICON! The satellite will head to space aboard a Northrop Grumman #PegasusXL rocket, carried out to the launch point by the L-1011 Stargazer airplane. Go behind the scenes on board the plane giving ICON a ride to space ➡️ #NASAICON

Twitter Web App : Were streaming LIVE from Las Cruces for the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle II Forum where 10 competition finalists are presenting their ideas! Check out what you may have missed yesterday and tune in today at 10:30am EST:…

Twitter for iPad : The first all-electric🔌 configuration of NASA’s X-57 Maxwell is here! 📍

The X-57, NASA’s first all-electric experimental aircraft is the first crewed X-plane in two decades!

To find out more about the X-57✈️ visit :

Twitter Web App : NEWS: Our #Artemis astronauts will #SuitUp in a high-tech spacesuit called xEMU. NASA will build the 2024 suit for the first woman and next man on the Moon. We’ll ask U.S. companies to manage production for 2025 & beyond. More:

Twitter Web App : These 25 space technologies will be tested aboard aircraft, high-altitude balloons, & suborbital rockets. With our commercial partners, were helping researchers mature their innovations for possible infusion into NASA missions to the Moon and beyond:

Twitter Web App : U.S. universities are invited to team up with NASA centers to propose SmallSat systems for future lunar missions. Were seeking new ways for small spacecraft to communicate, navigate & operate beyond low-Earth orbit. 🛰️Notices of Intent due by tomorrow:

iPhone : We received 22 applications for clinical trials for the Vascular Tissue Challenge! These teams now have one year to create a piece of human organ tissue and keep it alive for 30 days (three times). We cant wait to see their results! MORE >>

Twitter Web App : When a spacecraft built for humans ventures into deep space, it requires an array of features to keep it & a crew inside safe. To accomplish this, Orion Spacecraft has built-in tech that will enable us to explore farther into the solar system. 🚀Check it out:

Twitter Web App : Our very own Michelle Munk, Principal Technologist for Entry, Descent and Landing Systems, will be an expert on tomorrows @Reddit AMA. Got questions about how well land on the lunar surface and then Mars? Get ready to ask her anything October 3 at 2pm ET!…

Twitter Web App : Why go back to the Moon and not somewhere else? Why now? Why NASA? Through the #Artemis program, were going to the Moon to prepare for future human missions exploring Mars. Administrator Jim Bridenstine explains:

Twitter Web App : Sec. 202. (a) There is hereby established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration- National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958

Did you know that today is NASAs birthday? Happy Birthday to us! 🎉🎉🎉

#OTD in 1958, NASA opened for business.…

Twitter Web App : We may not have invented GPS, but the precision ensuring navigation to within 3 inches of your destination comes from NASA JPL. With NASA Spinoff software, GPS directs first responders, self-driving tractors, and more to exactly where they need to go:

Twitter Web App : Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage! 🚀

Our #Mars2020 Rover is gearing up for its seven-month journey to the Red Planet and you can send your name along for the ride. Get your boarding pass before 11:59pm ET on Sept. 30:

Twitter Web App : Just in: New NASA partnerships with 14 U.S. companies will mature technologies for producing rocket fuel on the Moon, propelling interplanetary CubeSats, enhancing rover mobility, & more. Find out how they complement our Moon to Mars exploration approach:

Twitter Web App : We build, test and fly technologies for the Moon and Mars, but we also invest in the U.S. space industry to accelerate emerging capabilities. Here are our latest Tipping Point partnerships with 14 American companies:

Twitter Web App : By 2024, we’ll send the first woman 👩‍🚀 and next man 👨‍🚀 to the Moon as part of our #Artemis program. When they land, our astronauts will step foot where no human has ever been before: the Moon’s 🌒 south pole. Heres why we are going:

Twitter Web App : Only 5 days left to send your name to Mars!

Here are the standings so far:
🥇 Turkey 🇹🇷 2.5 Million
🥈 India 🇮🇳 1.5 Million
🥉 USA 🇺🇸 1.2 Million

Send your name by Sept 30 at #Mars2020

Sprinklr : Mini robots that can roll, fly, float, swim, and then morph into a single machine? NASA JPL is testing a prototype of Shapeshifter, a transformational vehicle for exploring distant worlds like Saturns moon Titan. More about this revolutionary concept:

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