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Sprinklr : We are accepting applicants for the Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge 🚁 The goal? To provide a proving ground where NASA, vehicle providers, airspace technology providers and the public learn what is really required to achieve UAM. Details→

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How did an attempt to build a supersonic passenger jet result in a material used to implant pacemakers in some of the trickiest cases of congestive heart failure?

Sprinklr : Over the last five years weve been part of collaborative research into composite materials used in aerospace construction. Why? So we can fly farther, faster, and with less fuel–meaning cheaper air travel→

Twitter Web App : .NASA is with you when you fly! Every U.S. aircraft flying today, and every U.S. air traffic control facility, uses NASA-developed technology in some way. Work done at NASAArmstrong helps aviation today. More:

Sprinklr : Sure, electrified aircraft propulsion could be a fuel- and- cost-efficient alternative to traditional jet engine-powered airplane, but how would it work? 🤔

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Learn how our partnership with Uber will take urban air mobility forward→

Sprinklr : The X-57, our first all-electric experimental aircraft and the first crewed X-plane in two decades, has arrived at NASA Armstrong 😮 The X-57 will help develop certification standards for emerging electric aircraft markets, including urban air mobility→

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Sprinklr : “They turn 2-D drawings into a 3-D product. They’re true artisans at their craft.” ✈️👨‍🎨

Sprinklr : 🎈The final weekend of #BalloonFiesta is upon us 🎈

Don't miss your last chance to visit the NASA Pavilion for demos of the high-altitude pressure suits used by pilots of the retired SR-71 and ER-2 alongside exhibits of the X-59, X-57, SOFIAtelescope and NASA Webb Telescope!

iPhone : Happy to be NASAArmstrong) 's Twitter Profile">NASA Armstrong today where we specialize in aviation research. The first A in NASA is Aeronautics. Armstrong is a significant part of what we are trying to achieve as a nation.

Sprinklr : At Lockheed Martins Skunk Works, the next airplane destined to take its place among aeronautical icons, NASA’s X-59 QueSST, is taking shape 🤫✈️→

Sprinklr : Q: How do NASA interns spend their summer? 🤓☀️

A: For some, competing in a 10-week laptop flight simulator challenge for the X-59 QueSST!

See how our amazing interns developed X-59 computer flight simulators from scratch:…

Twitter Web App : The #BalloonFiesta is in full swing, which means you still have time to visit NASA Aeronautics near the Balloon Discovery Center to explore our work in urban air mobility, quiet supersonic flight over land, electric propulsion and more!

Sprinklr : "We’re at a critical time in the history of aviation because we have an opportunity to develop systems that will reduce cost, energy consumption and noise, while opening up new markets and opportunities for American companies."

Sprinklr : NASA Aeronautics Uber

Urban Air Mobility

Sprinklr : Our first all-electric experimental aircraft, aka X-plane, is here! Our engineers will now begin putting the X-57 Maxwell through ground tests, followed by taxi tests, and eventually flight tests 🔋✈️

Twitter Web App : They are more than just pretty faces 💁‍♂️Our aerospace engineers design, install and check new concepts required to support NASA aerial missions–such as the X-59’s eXternal Vision System, which will allow pilots to fly without a forward-facing window→

Twitter Web App : Remembering engineer and NACA pilot Scott Crossfield on his #birthday. Crossfield made aeronautical history when he reached the aviation milestone of Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) or more than 1,320 miles per hour in the D-558-II Skyrocket.

Sprinklr : Our X-59 experts are busy prepping for tonights FREE webinar, Quiet Supersonic
Flight Over Land: Lowering the Boom. 🤫✈️ Tonights session begins at 7:30PM EDT, so register now and get the inside scoop on our Low-Boom Flight Demonstration mission→