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Twitter Web App : Hello from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia! ✈️We’re here with the IMPACTS field campaign, the Investigation of Microphysics Precipitation for Atlantic Coast-Threatening Snowstorms. It’s week 2 of the campaign that’s all about snow ❄️❄️❄️…

Buffer : To land astronauts on the Moon by 2024, our #Artemis program is sending 16 science experiments & technology demos to the Moon in 2021. Those include a LIDAR-based sensor for precise Moon landings and stereo cameras to snap images of a lunar lander’s plume:

Twitter Web App : For #EducationDay our NEW Tech Logic lessons are available for download! This series teaches K-12 students how well use local resources for construction on the Moon or Mars. Whether you’re an educator, parent or student, the #Artemis generation needs you:

Sprinklr : #Now in 2004 at 12:05 am EST, the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity landed on the Martian surface. In this composite photo you can see the deflated airbags used to cushion the landing.

Sprinklr : By 2024, we’ll send the first woman 👩‍🚀 and next man 👨‍🚀 to the Moon! Our #Artemis program astronauts will use the Moon 🌒 as a proving ground for living on Mars 🔴. Heres how we are going:

Twitter Media Studio : This time-lapse video shows Andrew Morgan and @Astro_Luca on a spacewalk to finish repairs on a cosmic ray detector. Jessica Meir and Christina H Koch helped the duo from inside the station.

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Sprinklr : Earth has ~190 major meteor craters, yet scientists only know the age of just a few. Recently, the age of the Yarrabubba meteor crater in Australia was found to be 2.229 billion years old, making it the oldest crater currently known. Learn more:

Sprinklr : We love when the colors of a sunrise match a rocket stage, dont you? 🌅 More highlights from the installation of the #NASASLS core stage into the B-2 Test Stand HERE >>

TweetDeck : What separates a successful person from a famous person? Great Branding! So too for NASA and Artemis. It’s the brand! Ms. Ashley Edwards is our HEO HErO for the creativity behind the excitement and motivation of the Artemis brand that celebrates our success on day 1803🚀

TweetDeck : MARSBOx: An out-of-this-world zoo. Last September, DLR_de astrobiologists sent microbial samples 🧫 into Earth’s stratosphere on board NASA balloon, subjecting them to harsh radiation & temperature conditions ☀️🦠🍄 Mould vs bacteria, who fared best? ➡️…

Twitter Web App : Have you ever watched a weather forecast and hoped for 𝑏𝑎𝑑 weather? ❄️

The IMPACTS team is eagerly scanning the skies for snowstorms in hopes of flying NASA aircraft into and above them. 📗 Field notes:

Sprinklr : From south Mississippi and the next step for #Artemis, to 250 miles above Earth and the latest spacewalk, our #ICYMI gets you caught up on the weeks space news >>

Twitter Web App : #OTD six years ago NASA TDRS TDRS-L (now TDRS-12) launched. TDRS-12 is the second of the third generation TDRS. The TDRS constellation is the space segment of the Space Network and provides tracking and communication services to missions like Hubble and Intl. Space Station.

iPhone : Congratulations to NASA Goddard engineer Kenneth Harris II for making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list! Since launching his NASA career at age 16, he’s paved a stellar pathway for the next generation of engineers:

Sprinklr : As lead #InformationSecurity Specialist NASA Ames, youll help ensure the safe and secure delivery of NASA data. Interested in joining our team? US citizens should send resumes to Learn more: #NASAJobs

Sprinklr : “Be perseverant and patient, and always put forward your best effort.”

Erika Podest grew up in Panama, spending much of her childhood enjoying the outdoors. Now she uses NASA Earth satellite imagery to study how ecosystems are affected by climate change.

iPhone : #OTD six years ago NASA TDRS TDRS-L (now TDRS-12) launched. TDRS-12 is the second of the third generation TDRS. The TDRS constellation is the space segment of the Space Network and provides tracking and communication services to missions like Hubble and Intl. Space Station.

Twitter Web App : And by slow I mean literally the speed of a tortoise… clocking about 0.27 mph (0.12 m/sec)

Twitter Web App : If you missed last nights NASA Spitzer talk, there will be another one at 7 pm PST tonight (Jan. 24) at Caltech.

A recording of last nights event is also available here:……

Twitter Web App : We’ve got gadgets and gizmos aplenty 🛠🧜‍♀️!

On Saturday, astronauts will conduct the last of four spacewalks to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer instrument on Intl. Space Station. Our team developed half of the tools that made the job possible!


Twitter Web App : Launch & Learn! Are you a college student or instructor interested in developing science payloads? Here’s your chance to build experiments that fly high into Earths atmosphere to briefly touch space! Get the details here:

iPhone : A7: #ISTESTEM

🧲 Use Nearpod’s lessons built in partnership with #STEM favorites like @PhET,, NASA eClips, & #NearpodVR!

🌍 Enable safe internet searching by embedding recommended websites into Nearpod #STEM lessons!

Twitter Web App : Today the Moon reaches its new phase, meaning it’s not visible in the sky and a new monthly lunar cycle has begun. This month’s new Moon also marks the first day of the #LunarNewYear. Learn all about the phases of the Moon:

Twitter Web App : Fine, visor up this time – but at least the magnificent Earth still makes an appearance too. All #spacewalk #selfies (and other photos) made possible with a Nikon D5 with a 28 mm lens in a protective housing (visible in center of 2nd photo). #SelfieSunday

Twitter Web App : Excited to announce that Dr. Marla Pérez-Davis will be the new director of NASA Glenn Research. Dr. Pérez-Davis and the Glenn Research Center in Ohio will play a critical role in achieving our ambitious Moon to Mars exploration goals.…

iPhone : The search is on! Are you:

☑️Curious about space?
☑️Social media savvy?
☑️Ready to create some iconic content?

Apply today to our #NASASocial to get a front row seat to a rocket launch from NASA Wallops on Feb. 9:

iPhone : Opportunity for students to dare mighty things at NASAJPL Edu wouldnt exist without the people who bring them to the Laboratory in the first place – the people known as mentors. 👥

Happy #NationalMentorMonth! Learn more about NASA STEM Engagement resources at ✨…

iPhone : .Jeremy R. Hansen in Mission Control asks Andrew Morgan how the stars look from the Intl. Space Station. His response: theyre distinctly bright and they dont twinkle! ✨…

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iPhone : 🚀Launch update: NASA @ESA & @ULAlaunch confirm #SolarOrbiter launch date adjusted to 7 Feb 23:15 EST/ 8 Feb 04:15 GMT/05:15 CET due to rescheduling of the Wet Dress Rehearsal earlier this week.…

Twitter Web App : This is happening at 7 pm TONIGHT at NASA JPL, and again at 7 pm tomorrow at @caltech. Tonights event will be livestreamed and archived on YouTube. #SpitzerFinalVoyage…

Sprinklr Publishing : Safety is our top priority; if there are any actionable findings from the investigation, we will inform our S-76 customers.

Twitter Media Studio : 🎉🎉🎉 ¡Medio millón de seguidores! 🎉🎉🎉 Sois 500.000 estrellas ⭐. Gracias por acompañarnos en nuestra exploración del espacio y la Tierra.

Sprinklr : Below is a new piece of luminescent art by Enrico Novelli. Tag us with #JWSTArt or email us at with your art inspired by our mission! See our web gallery of art here: - and thanks to everyone who has contributed! #NASAWebb

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iPhone : #ICYMI: Last chance to apply for entry-level #AirTrafficControl positions! #ApplyNow at Watch Erin talk about her family’s #FAA legacy. #DreamJob #ATCNowHiring #CoolCareers

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TweetDeck : Have you voted yet? Tomorrow is the last day to cast your vote for your favorite of nine potential #Mars2020 Rover names! 💫

Help NASA choose a rover name by voting here >>

Sprinklr : .NASA Glenn Research (GRC), est. 1941, researches and tests game-changing technologies in propulsion, aeronautics, materials & structures, communications, power & energy storage, and biomedical sciences. 👏 Explore GRC research at #NTRS! >

TweetDeck : What happens when an asteroid impacts Earths atmosphere?

NASA researchers are using our #supercomputers to predict different types & sizes of strikes to better understand the damage they might cause.

Read more about this research: #TBT

Twitter Web App : Keeping an eye on climate? We have updated our vital sign dashboard with the latest global temperature data.

#ICYMI, last year was the second warmest on record (after 2016), according to NASA and NOAA.…

Twitter Web App : We’re at a critical time in the history of aviation because we have an opportunity to develop systems that will reduce cost, energy consumption and noise, while opening up new markets and opportunities for American companies.

Twitter Web App : 🪐✨ ‘Dragonfly to Explore the Icy, Exotic World of Titan’
The eight-bladed autonomous rotorcraft-#lander is planned to land on #Titan in 2034 and explore more than 100 miles of its surface.

Learn more ➡️:

Image credit: Johns Hopkins APL

Hootsuite Inc. : Join #WomeninAviation members & friends at the 31st Annual Women in Aviation International Conference, March 5-7 at Disneys Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL. You wont want to miss this fun & unique gathering! Register early & save. #WAI20

Twitter Ads : 新年快乐! We hope its a blessed and bountiful year! #LunarNewYear

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Twitter Web App : Youre not going to want to miss this! The Crew Dragons launch escape protocol will be intentionally triggered in the test to ensure safety! Click the link for all the details on how you can check out the coverage of this event!
#SpaceX #CrewDragon #NASA…

Twitter Web App : 🌔 Pushing the boundaries of space technology, NASA’s first in-space competition invites the public to design, build and launch small satellites capable of advanced operations near and beyond the Moon. MORE >>

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Twitter Web App : Fly on a NASA aircraft studying the Earth this summer in California! ☀️✈️

The NASA Student Airborne Research Program - SARP 2020 internship application deadline is fast approaching (January 29, 2020). 💻

Apply at Questions? Contact

Sprinklr : The #Artemis Generation teams taking on this years #StudentLaunch are doing Critical Design Reviews right now. That means launch day in Alabama is less than 3 months away! As we celebrate International Education Day, check out the scenes from last year >>

Twitter Web App : Winter is HERE! And pilots in the Far North need improvements to aviation safety all year long. Learn how ALPA is helping pilots, passengers, and cargo. #KeepFlyingSafe…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow is International #EducationDay! 🥳Celebrate by tuning into NASA TV at 10:35am ET to watch NASA Astronauts 👩‍🚀👩‍🚀on the International Intl. Space Station inspire the #Artemis Generation of explorers at the International School of Panama! #STEMonStation

TweetDeck : On this day in 1892, Bessie Coleman was born. She went on to become the first African-American woman to receive her pilot’s license and became an inspiration to generations of future aviators.

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