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SocialFlow : After meeting the needs of science, industry, and commerce for more than 130 years, the kilogram has just been fundamentally reinvented. - NBC News MACH nbcnews.to/2QQ9DRh

SocialFlow : The disaster in Butte County, which has killed at least 71 people, comes as California is experiencing a monumental housing crisis, where nearly half of the nation's unsheltered live in cars, parks, and on the streets. nbcnews.to/2QOtzUp

SocialFlow : A group of transgender women and gay men ride a subway into Mexico City while traveling with the migrant caravan.

Dozens of transgender women and gay men in the caravan have banded together for protection from their fellow travelers. nbcnews.to/2DIvKGd

SocialFlow : Same-sex couples in Costa Rica will have the right to get married by mid-2020, the nation's constitutional court has ruled, a first for socially conservative Central America. - NBC Out nbcnews.to/2QUFoIZ

SocialFlow : Opinion | Corey Brettschneider: "Passing a bill to safeguard the special counsel's investigation is both legally sound and necessary for maintaining the integrity of American democracy." nbcnews.to/2QQ3Uuz - NBC News THINK

SocialFlow : A 1972 painting by British artist David Hockney soared to $90.3 million at Christie's, smashing the record for the highest price ever paid at auction for a work by a living artist. nbcnews.to/2QPm7bL

SocialFlow : With the new Fantastic Beasts film, J.K. Rowling takes audiences deeper into the world that pre-dated Harry Potter and his friends. Newt Scamander’s 1920s New York and Europe is alive with wizardry, magic, and alchemy. - NBC News MACH nbcnews.to/2QQa1iC

SocialFlow : .NBCNewsBETTER: Productivity experts John Zeratsky and Jake Knapp created a system to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from doing the things we really need to focus on. nbcnews.to/2QOXwnv

SocialFlow : Opinion | Amanda Lucidon: "I still hear the first lady's voice in my head every time I am confronted with a challenge that scares me." nbcnews.to/2DM11ba - NBC News THINK

SocialFlow : A federal judge in Connecticut has ruled that thousands of Navy and Marine Corps veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who developed post-traumatic stress disorder but were denied Veterans Affairs benefits can sue the military. nbcnews.to/2DJnshp

SocialFlow : WATCH: Actor Michael B. Jordan talks about his film heroes and why he's working so hard to make Hollywood more inclusive. nbcnews.to/2QKIEqc

SocialFlow : Milk is the most common food allergy for children under 5, but a new study says many cases are not diagnosed and parents are unprepared. nbcnews.to/2QK4euO

SocialFlow : After meeting the needs of science, industry, and commerce for more than 130 years, the kilogram has just been fundamentally reinvented. - NBC News MACH nbcnews.to/2DJeTTF

SocialFlow : .NBCBLK launches Black History Month series 'She Thrives,' highlighting 10 amazing women you should know from a variety of generations, occupations, and regions. nbcnews.to/2QUnar3

SocialFlow : John Leguizamo's 90-minute play covers 3,000 years of history, from the Aztec and Incan empires to Spanish patriots in the Revolutionary War to other unsung figures who remain largely unknown to everyday Americans. nbcnews.to/2QMkQlC

SocialFlow : Opinion | Robert Schlesinger: Trump giving Miriam Adelson the Medal of Freedom captures the transactional nature of his presidency. nbcnews.to/2QUlLAN - NBC News THINK

SocialFlow : The last surviving leaders of the communist Khmer Rouge regime that brutally ruled Cambodia in the 1970s were convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes by an international tribunal. nbcnews.to/2DGo72Y

SocialFlow : Robin Tran talks about how she bombed her first audition, what drives her comedy today, and what it's like representing both the Asian American and transgender community in her work. nbcnews.to/2QP9M7o

SocialFlow : North Korea said that it will deport an American citizen it detained one month ago for illegally entering the country. nbcnews.to/2DJoKsy