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ID 19426551 : 1,000 rushing yards + 1,000 receiving yards.

The RB most likely to achieve that in 2018 is ______. (via GMFB)

iPhone : Behind the scenes from Marcedes Lewis’s youth football camp!

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  • Start Video : If he doesn’t go through you…
Travis Kelces going OVER you.

“He probably jumped over seven, eight people this season.” 🆙🆙🆙 #NFLTop100 : Which rookie QB should people be most excited about? (via @GMFB)

Spredfast app : The five BEST tight ends in football are... : “At any moment, [SuperCam] can come out.”

And when he does…
Cameron Newton = Unstoppable. #NFLTop100

iPhone : Breakfast in bed has never looked better.

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TweetDeck : .Atlanta Falcons pass rusher Vic Beasley checking in from his football camp!

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Spredfast app : Im ready to get back to playing at the level I know I can play at.

The Los Angeles Chargers CB feels like his old self again:

iPhone : We are in New Orleans for Leonard Fournette’s free youth camp today! The NFL Foundation is funding over 400 player camps this summer so our players can give back to their communities! #LetsPlayFootball