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Bio Saving and improving lives. Official account for the NHS Organ Donor Register. We love reading your tweets and reply to them between 0700-2300 #OrganDonation
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Android : Guess who’s on the Organ Donor Register? 😆

Wouldn’t you want to help up to 9 people by donating your organs when you die? You would be leaving the world knowing you did one last good dead, isn’t that amazing! 😱😁

More information on donating your organs NHS Organ Donation💗 💗

Clarabridge Engage : @nhsuk @nhsengland @boxingfandanh Excellent, Dan! Thanks for being registered as a life-saving organ donor - We really appreciate your support!

Thanks - Patrick ❤️


Android : I was diagnosed with Keratoconus at 13. I received a corneal transplant in 2016 which gave me the gift of sight back in my right eye.

This is allowing me to fulfill my dream of becoming a Childrens Nurse. Im forever grateful to my donor and her family. #WorldSightDay

Twitter Web App : I am able to see today through someone’s donated cornea. That someone somewhere is my hero.

You too could give someone the ultimate gift we can give to a fellow human being, by registering to give the gift of sight today. bit.ly/2M21CIH


Twitter Web App : “As a family we are so thankful that someone chose to donate their cornea. It has simply allowed my daughter a chance to keep the light perception she has to help her in life. Words can’t express how thankful I am. #WorldSightDay

Twitter Web App : ❌Myth: My eyesight is poor so I cant donate my corneas.

✅Fact: People with poor eyesight can still donate their corneas and transform lives.

We bust some of the common myths around cornea donation: bit.ly/2IFF0ff


Twitter Web App : Today is #WorldSightDay. If you required a cornea transplant so you could see would you take one? If you would, will you agree to donate?

#PassItOn about your organ & tissue donation decision as ultimately it will be they that will be asked to support your decision.

Twitter Web App : Would you donate your corneas to give someone the gift of sight after your death?

Don't forget to share your decision with your family too.❤️


Twitter Web App : John helped a 90 year old lady and a 71 year old gentleman to see. I feel very proud that John has helped two people to see better.

Organ donation is a wonderful gift to help someone live a better life. Please think about what a great gift you can give someone. #WorldSightDay

Twitter Media Studio : Im incredibly proud of him for lots of reasons.

Hannahs son Alfie died at just nine and a half. He transformed lives, including giving the gift of sight, after his death.


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