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TweetDeck : chris rennie David Farrar Graeme Edgeler I do not see legislation as telling people to do or not to do.

Legislation provides a framework within which we structure our activities. It provides structure & ethical form for our activities.
It does not "dictate" what we do or what we do not do.

TweetDeck : Jonn schulz The old soviet concept of communism was abandoned & replaced with a different approach based on the principles of putting capitalist tools to work in pursuit of the social goals of the society.
Old world notions of "communism being a threat to everyone" no longer apply.

TweetDeck : Steven Fanner Guardian Australia Jacinda Ardern Laws can, however, be challenged in court. When they are, they must be defended.
Failure to defend with valid rational legal justification for that law, will result in that law being deemed not to meet the rational standard required of laws.

Laws can and do get struck down.

TweetDeck : Jonn schulz Quaint notions of "communist china".

It is not 1970 any more granddad.

Mainland China:
Number of billionaires: 285
Total billionaire wealth: US$996 billion
Hong Kong China:
Number of billionaires: 87
Total billionaire wealth: US$259 billion

TweetDeck : chris rennie David Farrar Graeme Edgeler Incorrect.
There is no dictating whether a religion can be registered.
If the religion meets the definition as entrenched in Charities law, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it from being registered.

The law binds government as well as the entity being registered.

TweetDeck : Darel The Hill Prime minister, like all citizens, is free to wear the clothing of her choice.
Fashion police have no authority.
Your puerile attempt to shame people for what they wear speaks more about you than it does about anyone else.

TweetDeck : Ron Asher While I agree in principle, I must insist that a person's rights over their own body is the business of every person who has a body, even if it can't carry a child.

Laws against abortion tacitly give the state authority over what ANY person can or cant do with their own body.

TweetDeck : Steven Fanner Guardian Australia Jacinda Ardern Port Arthur is not New Zealand.
Australia's pre-Port Arthur gun law & gun culture weren't 100% identical to New Zealand's.
Two countries, two potentially different outcomes.

Legally, evidence from Australia does provide persuasive argument, but doesn't provide binding authority