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iPhone : It appears Mueller did find “collusion” or legal term “conspiracy” against the United States but William Barr redacted it from the report.

They are attempting to coverup the Russian investigation.


iPhone : Someone wants to have a fireside chat because it worked so well for FDR.

The only snag is that FDR could speak in complete sentences, didn’t do crimes, make fun of disabled people and diminish veterans that actually served their country with honor.

iPhone : How to commit sycophanticide:

-whistleblower report is hearsay
-people that heard the call are from the deep state
-No quid pro quo
-There was a quid pro quo, but no one knew
-Everyone knew, but crimes are not impeachable
-stop being so mean to us because we’re criminals

iPhone : Obama calls out “woke” culture as faux-activism, because if you sit at home and tweet all day you’re not an activist, you’re our current president.

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