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SocialFlow : A federal judge has overturned, in part, convictions against executives at Insys Therapeutics, the maker of a liquid fentanyl painkiller called Subsys. The judge ruled that prosecutors failed to prove that Insys violated the Controlled Substances Act.

SocialFlow : Investigative journalist Caruana Galizia had been a towering figure in the Mediterranean nation, best known for her work at "The Malta Independent" and frequent reports digging into the Panama Papers, a massive trove of law firm records leaked in 2016.

SocialFlow : One of the most popular features in "Highlights For Children" is Hidden Pictures that challenges kids to find small pictures inside a larger scene. It's one of several legacy features that are recurring elements of the magazine.

SocialFlow : Pennsylvania's new laws incorporate recommendations made by a grand jury after hundreds of cases of clergy abuse were uncovered in 2018.

SocialFlow : The same emotion can inspire us to become better people or to do unspeakable acts.

Hidden Brain looks at research on envy and its evil twin, schadenfreude.

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SocialFlow : Amid the turmoil in Bolivia over the reelection of Evo Morales, there is another perspective on his time in office.

As the country's first indigenous president, Morales promised to bring power to marginalized groups. And he fulfilled that promise.

SocialFlow : Idaho just expanded access to Medicaid, helping tens of thousands get coverage. But a university there refused to accept Medicaid, forcing students to pay for plans.

On Tuesday it changed that policy.

SocialFlow : Activists and more than 100 members of Congress — all Democrats — have called for Stephen Miller's resignation since the publication of emails in which he recommended articles from white nationalist websites.

The White House is standing behind him.

SocialFlow : Donald "Nick" Clifford was one of nearly 400 men and women who worked on Mount Rushmore.

He died on Saturday at a hospice in Rapid City at the age of 98, his wife told NPR.

SocialFlow : A typical grocery bill in the Canadian territory of Nunavut:

⭕ vanilla creme cookies: $18.29
⭕ baby formula: $26.99
⭕ grapes: $28.58

SocialFlow : They strive to make it look easy on stage, but professional dancers' bodies take a beating. The same orthopedics team that works with the Cleveland Browns is also treating the Cleveland Ballet this season. 90.3 WCPN ideastream

SocialFlow : Their 3-year-old shoved a doll's shoe up her nose. They had to go to the ER, where a doctor removed it with forceps.

And then the medical bill came — for $2,658.98.

SocialFlow : Young Arctic researchers face an unsettling reality: Much of the sea ice that's covered the Arctic Ocean for thousands of years may disappear over the course of their careers.

"The Arctic sea ice is like the canary in the mine," one scientist says.

Twitter Web App : Cartoonist Howard Cruse died on Tuesday at the age of 75.

His 1995 semi-autobiographical work, "Stuck Rubber Baby," is a milestone both as a graphic novel and as queer history.…

SocialFlow : "Good mutton is like the best steak you've ever had," says Eugenie McGuire, who breeds sheep at a ranch in Colorado.

"The biggest problem is getting people to try it."

SocialFlow : Firefighters in Santa Barbara County are battling a stubborn, wind-driven blaze that has burned more than 4,200 acres.

The fire is threatening several thousand residents.

SocialFlow : A team of researchers thinks that ketamine may be able to "rewrite" memories that shape a person's relationship with alcohol.

SocialFlow : When they were teenagers, Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

After 36 years, they've finally been exonerated.

SocialFlow : Heads up, Thanksgiving travelers:

The forecast map from the National Weather Service has many shades of pink, purple and red.

There are winter storm warnings in effect from California to Michigan.

SocialFlow : In a White House where turnover is high, Stephen Miller is one of the staffers who has been there from the beginning.

And he continues to be a key architect of the president's hard-line immigration policies.