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Bio Doing my best to be a perpetual learner and culture sponge. || It is far easier to manipulate than it is to understand. Dont be a sheep.
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Android : Absolutely brilliant 90 seconds from Bernie Sanders where he breaks down just how wrong Pete is on universal healthcare and universal college for all.

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Android : Julian Castro 🎯

Iowa and New Hampshire should not be the first two states that vote in the presidential primary as they are two states with hardly any people of color.

Iowa is 90.6% white
New Hampshire is 93.9% white

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Android : Imagine getting laughed at by Boris Johnson. BORIS JOHNSON.

Full piece:

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Android : These are scenes of a system, working as designed, to ensure a racialized distribution of human disposability, one that not just empowers certain people to liquidate others, but even rewards them. They are disposable too - no way GZ comes to a quiet end - but oh the differences.

Android : It’s #repealday, the day the United States ended the prohibition of alcohol.

86 years later, it’s time we end the federal prohibition of Cannabis once and for all.

Legalize it. Regulate it. Expunge the records of the victims of the war on drugs.

Android : The “fuck your feelings” president is a very sensitive snowflake, and that’s rather representative of the fragility of those who think of themselves as embodying phrases like “fuck your feelings.”…

Android : Watching Kamala Harris drop out of the presidential race to avoid going into debt the same month Michael Bloomberg shoved his way into the competition with his billions means we should probably have a conversation about money in politics. But we probably won’t.

Android : NEW EPISODE.

On LUST., Kung Fu Kenny issues a series of sinister commandments to a crowd before waking from his spell and realizing the destructive forces behind his (& our) daily, hypnotic routines.

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