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Bio National Security Adviser to the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Tweets from National Security Adviser account are signed NSA.
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iPhone : د ملي خپلواکۍ د بیا ګټلو د نهه نویمې کلیزې په مناسبت د مبارکۍ پیغام!

iPhone : د پکتيا ولايت په ګرديز ښار کې پر جومات او لمونځ کوونکو د ترهګرو وحشيانه بريد په کلکه غندم. د جلالتماب ولسمشر له هدايت سره سم ټولو ملکي او نظامي ارګانونو ته دنده سپارل شوي، چې د پيښې د شهيدانو د قربانيانو کورنيو ته بيړنۍ مرستې ورسوي. امنيتي ارګانونه به د پيښې جدي څيړنه کوي.

iPhone : د حاجي صاحب حيات خان د شهادت ناڅاپي خبر ډير خواشيني کړم، د ترهګرو دغه وحشيانه او ستر بشري جنايت په کلکه غندم. حاجي حيات خان زما نيږدې عزيز، د هېواد اصيل بچی او رښتونی افغان و، چې په ډيره ميړانه او شهامت يې د وحشي ترهګرو پر وړاندې خپله ولسي مبارزه په ننګرهار ولايت کې جاري کړې وه.

iPhone : Met Dep. Commander Resolute Support, Gen. Walrath, to discuss military to military cooperation in our joint CT campaign. Gen. Walrath conveyed that the US AFG RSM will continue to support AFG forces in both CT and capability development on the basis of the four-year plan.

iPhone : France has been a pillar of support to Afghanistan in the recent #NATO Summit. In my recent meeting with #Frances Ambassador to #Afghanistan, FrenchEmbassyKabul Francois Richier we discussed counter-terrorism cooperation and cooperation on the migration issues.

iPhone : The terrorist targeted four things this year: 1) to gain territory, 2) disrupting the government and communication system, 3) disrupting election and 4) spill over into central asia and other neighbors of Afghanistan. #JCMB2018

iPhone : The six areas of security sector reform: management and development of forces; training and education; increasing combat power; unity of command; anti corruption and transparency and respect for human rights#JCMB2018

iPhone : While we are persuing the peace strategy with Afghan networks, we will persue counter terrorism strategy with foriegn networks. #JCMB2018

iPhone : It is true that there is an increase in the brink of violence in the country, but it hasnt brought them any significant territorial gains. #JCMB2018

iPhone : The fight we do is not just on behalf of Afghanistan. It is a defense measure on behalf of the region and the global community. #JCMB2018

iPhone : In addition to the Afghan networks, such as the Taliban and Haqqani, we are fighting three other categories of terrorist. #JCMB2018

iPhone : Terrorist are posing a serious threat to the world society, not only to us #Afghans. We have a common enemy, common threat and a common purpose. #JCMB2018

iPhone : The army will be a hold force to protect the areas that we clear, and the special forces will be a clear force. We strongly believe our forces will only be able to deliver on this mission if we undertake serious, serious reform efforts. #JCMB2018