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Twitter Web App : #Antarctic mountains may seem an unlikely place to find #fish, but after hunting for a month last winter, NSF Polar Programs-funded #scientists, led by an @uchicago #researcher, recovered a trove of #fossils from when the continent was much warmer and wetter: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : Microscopic image of cuticle of an Antarctic sea #spider, showing multiple pores. NSF Polar Programs-funded #Antarctic #researchers at @uhmanoanow think the pores allow more oxygen in as the spiders grow allowing the animals to become larger in frigid #polar waters: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : Video produced by @Dartmouth about NSF Polar Programs-funded JSEP, which deploys U.S., Greenlandic, and Danish high-school students and Dartmouth students to #Greenland (#Gronland) has won an award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : The Washington Post reporter Sarah Kaplan recently spent a week with NSF Polar Programs-funded U.S. #researchers in Utqiagvik, #Alaska, who will drift for a year on a vessel frozen into the #Arctic ice. They did science in bitter cold and learned how to cope with bears: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : #Researchers from two NSF Polar Programs-funded teams investigating the role that #Arctic thermokarst lakes--which form when #permafrost thaws and subsides--in releasing #methane into the atmosphere and the effects on ecosystems when these lakes suddenly drain: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : The #AuroraAustralis and the #moon from the “Dark Sector” at NSF Polar Programss Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, #Antarctica. The Dark Sector is so called because the area is kept clear of interference from #electromagnetic signals that could affect radio #astronomy observations.

Twitter Web App : PODCAST: A convoy to the bottom of the planet. The latest of a series produced by NSF Polar Programss Antarctic Sun newspaper, highlights the people who make the 1,000-mile drive from #Antarcticas McMurdo Station to supply Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : Study uncovers surprising melting patterns beneath #Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf. Researchers with the ROSETTA-Ice project, an NSF Polar Programs-funded survey of #Antarctic ice, have discovered an ancient geologic structure that restricts where ocean water flows: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : MULTIMEDIA: embedded PRIs The World reporters story about cruise to #Antarctica asks “Is Thwaites #Glacier Glacier Doomed?”, as researchers try to reduce #scientific scientific #uncertainty on likelihood, timing, and magnitude of a potential collapse: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : A sediment core from Elson Lagoon in #Alaska will be used to study nutrient cycling. It was collected by NSF Polar Programs-funded, UT Austin-based #researchers with the Beaufort Lagoons #Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research project (ble.lternet.edu).

Twitter Web App : Dr. Kelly K. Falkner (seated, second from left) was one of three U.S. Antarctic Program officials who attended an #Antarctic Search-and-Rescue Workshop held this week in Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : On Oct. 31, 1956, this U.S. Navy C-47 cargo plane became the first #aircraft to land at the South Pole. Flown by LCDR Conrad “Gus” Shinn, the plane was named for a hit song of the time, made famous by actress and singer Doris Day, who died this week: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : Glad to welcome Dr. Kelly Falkner and her team from the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs to NZ to keep our Antarctic cooperation strong. 🇺🇸🇦🇶🇳🇿

Twitter Web App : To help celebrate InternationalJazzDay on April 30, John Mark Piper, a fire lieutenant at NSF’s McMurdo Station, #Antarctica volunteered his time and talents to play a number on the vibraphone in the station’s Chapel of the Snows: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w

Twitter Web App : DEADLINES, May 22: OPP’s #Antarctic #Infrastructure and #Logistics (AIL) section has announced two vacancies: a logistics manager and a #transportation manager: tinyurl.com/mrg9g2w