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iPhone : People will die on a hill supporting scum that beat woman and children.

But if the guy is protesting police brutality, stop the presses. We’ve gone too far!! I’m boycotting the NFL!!🙃

iPhone : I remember when people made fun of Ballard for considering him as one of the candidate’s to be the next Colts HC…

iPhone : Hey, Ben... do you plan to delete this tweet now that it has been proven that Nike and Kaepernick had no intentions of filming an ad nor did they have anyone there to film the ad. Or are you just gonna leave up this false information because it suits your narrative…

iPhone : Like I been saying. Watch for the hook. This is all part of pushing the narrative that Kaepernick doesn’t ✌🏾really want it✌🏾…

iPhone : In regards to Myles Garrett, he has offered a sincere apology and my feelings are everybody makes mistakes in life. The NFL is a family, and as a family we support each other when we make mistakes. Let’s go forward with spirit of accountability and forgiveness.

iPhone : Michael Speaker Well I’m the only left here in MD. My mom retired and moved down to VA to be close to my sister and her grandson. So me and my significant other will be the only ones you meet. Lol

But you’re most definitely welcomed to come anytime.