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Bio Cultural Critic and Columnist for DAWN EOS, Naya Daur, Friday Times and Hilal. Reagan-Fascell Fellow. Author. And allegedly a satirist too.
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Twitter for iPad : Fair enough. But I have a feeling the PM will take a u-turn on this statement as well. A u-turn on a statement about u-turns. That would be classic IK.

Twitter for iPad : Had it been Pakistan, Fox News anchors would have already started to denounce CNN anchors as traitors and blasphemers.…

Twitter for iPad : Populism has two mouths. While one mouth loudly feeds on people’s fantasies, the other one quietly feeds on the mouth feeding on people’s fantasies. That’s why populists often become victims of their own mouths.

Twitter for iPad : Karachi’s famous Empress Market was constructed by the British in 1889. It began to be encroached upon from 1970s. Many ‘clean up operations’ were initiated but none worked. This year one of the largest operations is being implemented.

1. 1890.
2. 1966.
3. 1974
4. 2017

Twitter for iPad : State institutions may believe that a policy of appeasement avoids conflict, but in reality it offers nothing more than a brief respite.

Twitter for iPad : A naive idea. Because in 1976 Bhutto to neutralise rising criticism of him from religious parties organised a ‘Seerat Conference’. Didn’t work. The very next year, those he was trying to appease turned on him. By July 1977 he was gone.…

Twitter for iPad : Bhai, many moons ago.

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Twitter for iPad : Another 3-0 sweep by Pakistan. 11 series wins on the trot and 31st time they bowled out a side inside 20 overs. This team is the only thing in the country which seems to have a plan. Well done Team Sarfaraz. #PakVsNZ

Twitter for iPad : So we are now asking Twitter and FB to do something our state and government couldn’t. If he is free to say whatever he wants to in his speeches here, why should he not on Twitter. Maybe Twitter too has signed an agreement with TLP.…

Twitter for iPad : So, from now on, if someone curses the judiciary and asks people to rebel against the army, they can get away after saying, ‘acha sorry?’

In that case, I think Altaf Bhai should also be given this chance.

Twitter for iPad : Do keep reminding us why Nawaz and Cyril were dragged to the courts for treachery. I’m not quite sure, other than the fact that their teeth weren’t sharp enough. And these ‘measures’ that our galant regime is to take to keep an acquitted woman on ECL, is a slap on the judiciary.

Twitter for iPad : Free bananas in a not-so-free banana republic.
That boy works hard to earn a living. Whereas those stealing from him think they deserve free meals because they are ‘saving our faith.’…