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Spredfast app : The Rhaetian Railway is one of the best ways to experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Swiss Alps

Spredfast app : The Calusa were a fisher-hunter-gatherer society that also famously resisted colonization and conversion

Spredfast app : With help from science, how much faster, stronger, and better can humans get?

Media Studio : During mating season, male elephants are amped up on 50 times their testosterone level—filling them with rage

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Spredfast app : Called pelagic red crabs, the animals are not strong swimmers, so they migrate by drifting with the tide, winds, and currents

Spredfast app : This new generation of monks are coming of age after decades of Soviet religious persecution

Spredfast app : The beauty of freediving in these ice-cold glacier waters was unparalleled, says Your Shot photographer Guillaume Bihet about this location in Iceland

Spredfast app : How is it that baobab trees, which are thousands of years old, are suddenly dying in such a short time frame?

Media Studio : With the help of remote-operated vehicles, you can see what decades worth of ocean life looks like

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Spredfast app : For more than 20 years, Poles have been the largest immigrant group in Iceland—the smallest nation to compete in the #WorldCup2018

Spredfast app : From financial challenges to outright discrimination and harassment, being a woman in the sciences is still a struggle around the world

Spredfast app : Western diamondback rattlesnakes have more to fear from people than we do from them—but they should always be treated carefully

Spredfast app : Jaguars were once worshipped as gods by early Mesoamerican societies, but now their dwindling population could rest on a pair of week-old cubs

Media Studio : With the help of 360-degree vision and a suction cupped tongue, the chameleons prey never had a chance

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Spredfast app : "The volcanic geology of the island, especially inside the caldera, is stunning ... It just looks like it can't possibly be real."

Spredfast app : What makes us human? In large part it's that we can imagine something—and then make it real

Spredfast app : Big wall climbers, ocean explorers, mountaineers—there's a national park for every kind of adventurer

Spredfast app : Vacation season is in full swing, with plenty of destinations to choose from—no matter your style or speed