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iPhone : Remember when you mocked his house being robbed and attacked him on social media, sicking ur mad red hat racists upon him?

Fuck you.…

iPhone : We lost a giant today. Congressman Elijah Cummings was a fearless leader, a protector of democracy, and a fighter for the people of Maryland. Our world is dimmer without him in it.

iPhone : As I remember, I believe the budget was 0 dollars. We most certainly didnt have an "outside living pod" (not even sure I know what that is) at Spaso House.…

iPhone : Tony Schwartz “Malignant narcissists psychologically decompensate once they achieve the ultimate power. They worsen, become more aggressive and demanding, + lose touch with reality. We can expect his narcissistic rage to intensify in proportion to his paranoia.”
ElizabethMica, ‘17 (rephrased)

iPhone : At a ceremony to honor the passage of the Shephard-Byrd hate crimes act, Matthew Shephard's parents accused AG Barr of hypocrisy for not defending civil rights for trans people. DOJ employees gave that sentiment a standing ovation.

iPhone : RACALAMB Chad Pergram You know homeless people go to warm climates. Same in Florida. Homelessness is an epidemic. Get a grip. You want to live in warm weather welcome to the real world. You sound like an asshole

iPhone : I love this letter, but it is so so weird.

“Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool. I will call you later"…

iPhone : Being stupid is not impeachable. Making terrible foreign policy decisions are not impeachable But the President's behavior over the last week sure should make it easier for GOP Senators to get comfortable convicting him for abuse of power which is impeachable.…

iPhone : This isn’t Nixon. Cyber warfare was used against us. I can’t believe this shit seriously

iPhone : Are republicans just going to say they’ve been lying this entire time? No they’re not. Wtf are we going to do with all these people? Why don’t we have a Cambridge analytica to counter the Russian narrative we are being fed? Logic is the plan? Yea ok

iPhone : Racism is a national security threat. People biased against Obama believe the nonsense they are being fed. This is dangerous shit and the longer it goes on, the less I see a return to any semblance of normalcy in the future.

iPhone : Recall earlier last week, US officials were downplaying Trump’s disastrous order as only involving <50 people on the border for a limited Turkish incursion. Ten days later we are executing emergency “break glass” evacuation procedure reserved for an extreme worst-case scenario.