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Android : Just spoke with President @JairBolsonaro of Brazil. Our future Trade prospects are very exciting and our relationship is strong, perhaps stronger than ever before. I told him if the United States can help with the Amazon Rainforest fires, we stand ready to assist!

Android : Wishful thinking from @ChuckTodd today, saying Donald J. Trump supporters are “exhausted.”


Chuck ought to get himself to a Trump rally and feel the energy and momentum.

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Android : I LOVED being in Nevada last night with so many wonderful and powerful ladies who support our President! 2020 is coming and these ladies are ready to deliver President Donald J. Trump FOUR MORE YEARS! #KAG2020 #WomenForTrump 🇺🇸

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Android : #WomenForTrump rally with Kellyanne Conway and Pam Bondi

Tampa, Florida

They didn’t get a big enough room!!! Standing room only in the back with hundreds still outside trying to get in!

You will NEVER see this on CNN!

Let’s make sure everyone sees it!

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Android : Surprise call from President Donald J. Trump at the Women for Trump event in Tampa, Florida! #trump2020 #LeadRight

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Android : This Passion, is a multitude, you will never see them in a #DemocraticDebate2020 .
They distribute US money to future “voters”, who enter the US illegally. His agenda is to destroy America without respecting the mandate of the American people to President Donald J. Trump

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Android : I guess another road block is up and the funny part is that won’t stop him from receiving donations or support from America. Just last week at one fundraiser the campaign raised 12 million in a day. I guess us women are a threat #WomenForTrump…

Android : Join Women for Trump this Thursday in West Des Moines for a training & meet and greet! This will be a great way to connect with fellow supporters of Pres. Donald J. Trump & learn how to register voters in Iowa.

Get your tickets here 👉

Android : We’re planning one of the LARGEST Trump - Victory Leadership Initiative Trainings of the election cycle! 🎉

Excited to have Katrina Pierson joining us in Oakland County to celebrate the strength of women in the Republican Party. ⬇️🇺🇸 #LeadRight…

Android : OMG!!! Can you imagine the backlash if this had been done to Barack Obama?!?! Civil War would have instantaneously broken out!

This woman needs therapy & serious meds - STAT!!!

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Android : And some Democratic proposals, such as "Medicare for All," concern union members who fear the universal health care plan could eliminate [their] hard-fought medical benefits... ,… via Des Moines Register