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iPhone : Here is all Iranian Americans need to know about the Trump admin:
1.Banned Iranians from this country
2.Sanctioned food & medicine in Iran
3.Funded an organization dedicated to political attacks on Iranian Americans
4.Demoted a civil servant because of her Iranian heritage

iPhone : My story will be updated soon, so keep checking. It will mention that one reason Brian Hook told the IG that he decided to push out Sahar Nowrouzzadeh was because "he considered himself an expert on Iran."…

Twitter Web App : Brian Hook needs to resign or be fired. And Pompeo needs to answer for giving him even more responsibility than he had when he first engaged in this ethnic discrimination against a career employee.…

iPhone : Here's our statement from PEN America about the court ruling yesterday which ruled searches by border officials of our personal devices violates the Fourth Amendment. Major victory for privacy, for reporters, for activists, for anyone coming into the US!…

iPhone : .Negar Mortazavi: From an int’l perspective, the world is more sympathetic to Iran’s position in the nuclear dispute than the U.S. because Iran stayed strictly committed to the nuclear deal for one year, after the U.S. left the deal and violated its terms.

iPhone : #ISIS persists in #Syria and two #Armenian priests are only its latest victims. They were murdered en route to the killing fields of #DeirZor where #Turkey sent hundreds of thousands of Armenians to perish 104 years ago.…

iPhone : Saudi Arabia has taken the formal step of criminalizing feminism including it amongst extremist ideologies prosecuted by state security

iPhone : Yes folks, AIPAC stands with Greater Israel entrepreneurs in demanding that the world treat settlements as indistinguishable from sovereign Israel (& in accusing anyone who refuses to do so — even Israel’s biggest trading partners — of anti-Israel discrimination).…

iPhone : Trump‘s policy of maximum pressure on Iran combined with the bigoted #MuslimBan successfully preventing people-to-people exchanges between Iranians and Americans.…

iPhone : My friend Golnaz Fathi, Iranian artist extraordinaire, has her solo exhibition in New York this week. But Trump’s #TravelBan prevents her from being here. Go see it y’all.
Sundaram Tagore Galleries
p.s. One of her paintings is on display at the The Met

iPhone : Chang had a key connection in Trump admin. Brian Bulatao, a top figure in State Department and old friend of Pompeo, attended a fundraiser for her nonprofit in TX and once donated $5500.

Chang was being considered for an even bigger government job with a budget of $1 billion.

iPhone : Senior Trump official Mina Chang embellished her resume; put her face on a fake Time magazine cover, claimed to be a Harvard Business School alum, invented a role on a UN panel, and claimed that she addressed Democratic and Republican national conventions.…

iPhone : There actually was an entire media war launched in the 1980s to spread misinformation that Iran was using chemical weapons. Even when 3 UN fact-finding missions in 1980s found no evidence of it, they were accused of being biased. So this hypothetical is actually not far fetched.…