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Android : . S. Wolfethorne Repzion Greg this account has been proven to be you dumbass, just stop trying. It’s not like you haven’t harassed others before. Remember when you called Shane a pedo? Remember when you made fun of his weight? False allegations like that almost ruined Shane’s career.

Android : . Repzion Now you're in your mid thirties acting like a complete shithead behind a throwaway account after the both of you got caught being sexual deviants. So sorry to "obsessively" "harass" you wonderful twats. Sorry that you live in a world were actions have consequences, asswipe.

Android : . Repzion And btw, so fucking what if I did? You met yours while they were still in high school and you in your mid twenties. You bonded over a sick desire to manipulate emotionally fragile young women into fucking the both of you and discarded them like they were cumrags you sick fuck.

Android : . S. Wolfethorne Repzion That's strange as Onosion claimed to have BPD but we already know we can't believe a word he says. Onision's wife was a fan girl obsessing over him and look where that got her. One of the most hated females on YouTube, a ruined life, will never be allowed to work with children.

Android : Onion had an old wedsite called mrodd com that he made skit in before his youtube career took off, but he deleted it and redirected it to Onision com. I found 4 videos from the mrodd page.

(Warning for the doll one for potential r*pe)…

Android : Actual footage of Onision and Kai's first conversation
Onision: soulmate...where are you?
Kai: here
Onion: You really think you're my soulmate? what makes you feel that way?
Kai: cause we both predators lmao

Android : This makes me sick.
Onision is profiting off his own abuse tactics, and grooming... while abusing YT’s copyright system.

#onision #DeplatformPredators #groomerguykai #jamesjackson #groomeronision…