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Android : So... Scrolling thru Netflix, and I see She-Ra, I totally confused the white shoulders as some sort of chair or something. All I could think of was... NECC

Android : FFS, so many dumb hot takes, strawman arguments, and poor logic in my twit time line. Gonna have to mute some foo's.

Android : Rho But aside from that, companies that truly abuse their people should obviously be raked over the coals.

Android : Rho True that the exceedingly wealthy should pay a larger percentage, but at the same time, you can't just absolutely soak them, as eventually they too will run out of money, or leave to other places. The approach must be balanced. Eh.

Android : Though, seriously, was in a philosophical discussion recently about how unfettered capitalism and socialism were equally cold and terrible things, because in the end, it's just a numbers game to an uncaring entity.

Well, that got dark fast. Oh well. Off to draw happy floofs.