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iPhone : I’ve been playing a lot of Pokémon to try and cheer myself up. And while it isn’t helping me get my mind off of the Galar Dex region lock, it helps to play through the games using my many favorite Pokémon. Pokémon and Animal Crossing are my comfort games.

iPhone : Game Freak say their making this change so that they can have yearly Pokémon game releases. But that sounds like a developers nightmare! I’m worried about the crunch this will cause them, and I wish they could take their time with the games to avoid rushing them out incomplete.

iPhone : I’m sick of the nasty people on both sides. Those saying the fan base is a bunch of cry babies because they can’t beat the game without their level 100 Pokémon, and those attacking the game developers with nasty messages.

iPhone : Pokemon Home isn’t even released until 2020, so if balance is an issue there’s plenty of time to play through the game with the Galar Dex only. Official tournaments are often regional Dex only anyways. And it’s a awful time constraint to have a new Pokémon game out every year.

iPhone : Obviously I don’t want the people working on Sword and Shield to crunch. I just wish like many others that they can add the rest of the Pokémon through updates. I don’t want to pay for a transferring service like Pokémon Home, if half of my Pokémon can’t be transferred.

iPhone : I criticize Pokémon because I love them. I literally owe my life to Pokémon when I’ve been suicidal. I’ve grown up with the series since I was able to hold a Game Boy. Every one of my Pokémon have sentimental value to me and that’s why I’m for #BringBackNationalDex

iPhone : Did you know that some owl species including Eurasian Eagle Owls do this “wings hug” behavior to shelter their babies in the nest? In light of my human mother revealing herself to be a complete nightmare, I’ve decided that Cleo is my mom now. She’s doing a great job.