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Mars the sword owl🦉🗡

Bio (They/them) 23/Freelance Artist/ Cosplayer/ Pokémon Master! I make stuff, watch cartoons, and play games. Birds and Knights are pretty cool! Icon by CinamonCune
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iPhone : きなこさん💕遊ばれてるのか、遊んであげてるのか🐥😎

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iPhone : I'm still open for these, btw! And the example designs are also for sale for $15/each :-)…

iPhone : I still dont have any takers on these adopts, so Im dropping their price from $40 to $30 - if you want a cute dino as an oc, Ive got your back!

Feel free to shoot me a message if interested :)

iPhone : Please consider donating to to help them support Brazil's indigenous people's fight to preserve a vital part of our planet. #AmazonRainforest

iPhone : My canid mask pattern is finally officially ready for sale/download!…

Not only that but I have also started a Telegram group for these cardboard/EVA masks to find supplies, tips, help, or just share what youre proud to have made.


iPhone : With 9 days to go until the Kickstarter launch, here is all the information you should need to prepare!! There are a LOT of stretch goals and I really dont know how many we can unlock.. but I hope we can at least unlock a few! ; v ;