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Twitter Web App : And if you're ready to take the bold step of cutting out dopamine from your life entirely:… (NB: don't)

Twitter Web App : Neuroplasticity 2.0: A precise, actionable system on how to Create Positive Mental Neuro-Attitudes… This kind of self-help is 100 years old, used to be frame in spiritual terms, now in terms of neuroscience…

Twitter Web App : "Dopamine fasting" sounds nice but I doubt it has much to do with dopamine. Would be more accurate but less sexy to call it something like "taking time out"…

Twitter Web App : I just read The Generalizability Crisis by Tal Yarkoni A bit late but I've been out of the loop for a few weeks. Thanks to Daniel Barron for the tip. Certainly a must-read! I will post more thoughts soon.

Twitter Web App : Topographic Signatures of Global Object Perception in Human Visual Cortex… Preprint from Susanne Stoll, Nonie J. Finlayson, & Sam Schwarzkopf. Incredible Fig 5!

Twitter Web App : "...neural systems involved with economic assessments of reward value are not contributing to changes in subjective preference"…

Twitter Web App : Im worried that this book series could give a misleading impression of modern neuro-science

Android : I’d attribute this to the incentive salience theory of addiction. We want the internet more, but like it less.…

Twitter Web App : Has the internet regressed over the past decade? Back in 2010, we were using Facebook, Google and Twitter and thinking they were great. Now, we are still using them but we don't like them.

Twitter Web App : Why did you print out your data and roll it up in the first place?…

Twitter Web App : Having a positive parasocial relationship with Trump was positively associated with increased perceived acceptability of fast food.… Political psychology meets food psychology. Could get messy

Twitter Web App : Scott W. True, but that's not surprising, we know atheists are like that. What's interesting is that Christians see atheists as 'worse' than non-Christian religions

Twitter Web App : Christians view atheist scientists as less warm and trustworthy than Christian, Muslim or Jewish ones… Any one will do but you need one