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Bio We are Jews, immigrants & allies taking action against ICE. We need to empty the detention centers before COVID turns them into death camps. Text NEVER to 83224
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TweetDeck : 1/Today is Day 1 of @Detentionwatch’s #FreeThemAll Week of Digital Action! The first target is ICE Field Office Directors. A #COVID19 outbreak in immigration detention is imminent. ICE has the discretion to #FreeThemAll. Read & RT this thread for ways to put pressure on ICE today

iPhone : 4. Wait to be connected to an ICE agent.
5. When they respond, say "Hi, my name is ___ and I am calling to demand all immigrant detainees are released from detention at Karnes and Pearsall due to the imminent threat of COVID-19 If you don't, we are all at risk.”

iPhone : That being said, calling ICE might be trickier said than done so please follow these instructions to get through to an ICE agent:

1. Call the San Antonio Field Office at (210) 283-4750.
2. In the first menu press 9.
3. On the second menu press 6

TweetDeck : Update: client being led away from sobbing family in this picture is still in Pike and now on lockdown 23 hours of the day, and unable to be removed from the country due to the pandemic. Family praying for his release. twitter.com/juliblingblong…

Android : We recently paid bond for a NY mom who had been separated from her 2 young children in the middle of this crisis and couldn’t afford the $5000 pricetag that the gov’t placed on her freedom

With your support we can free many more people from ICE detention nyimmigrantfreedom.org/let-my-people-…

Android : Houston, well be back! Get involved, and call Gov. Greg Abbott to demand that he close Southwest Key and #FreeThemAll, NOW: (512) 463-2000

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Android : BREAKING: Right now, activists are holding a car rally in Houston to demand that Gov. Greg Abbott close the Southwest Key detention facility and use his emergency powers to #FreeThemAll. He must release ICE detainees before COVID turns Texass detention centers into death camps.

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Android : We are out here in Houston with ✡️ Never Again Action ✡️ drawing attention to the plight of migrants locked in the detention center at 419 Emancipation Ave. As the pandemic spreads, the detention centers will become death camps. Gov. Greg Abbott must order their release before it is too late.

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Android : 📣📣📣 Honk if you demand that Andrew Cuomo, Governor Phil Murphy, and governors nationwide act NOW to #FreeThemAll!

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Android : BREAKING: Right now activists are holding a car rally outside the Orange County Correctional Facility, to demand Andrew Cuomo use his emergency powers to #FreeThemAll. He must release ICE detainees from NY’s detention centers before #COVID19 COVID turns them into death camps!