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Bio We are Jews taking direct action against ICE & ICE enablers to sound the alarm: #NeverAgainIsNow. DM us your location to get involved—Jews, immigrants & allies!
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Twitter for iPad : AMOR RI Movimiento Cosecha FANG Fuerza Laboral Fox News CW: Pepper spray

Health update: 5 people hospitalized, 3 for severe pepper spray exposure, 2 after being hit by the truck. Thankful the injuries were not life-threatening.

Were mindful that immigrants locked up by ICE & CBP are often injured, and usually denied medical care.

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Android : Id encourage all of you to read -- actually read -- the reported essays in the #1619project. If these ideas or facts are new to you, if they upset you or make you uncomfortable, if they challenge your idea of America, ask yourself: why? nytimes.com/interactive/20…

iPhone : THREAD: If you want to be reassured as to how scared many, many elites are today, please read the master at his detailed, level best. 😇 twitter.com/Dry_Observer/s…

iPhone : The Israeli government — and the American Jewish establishment — have made a deal with the devil.

They have decided that as long as you give unconditional support to Israel’s extremists policies, they will excuse your hatred of the Jewish people.

iPhone : Learned about ways to engage my ANC rep for #BirthToThree! A great reminder that we need to take action to push our city to fight displacement, support its families, and work for racial equity.

ANC SMD 2F06 here I come!

iPhone : Collaborators take note: A leading presidential candidate is saying therell be investigations.

If youre a tech worker at Amazon, Palantir, Salesforce, Microsoft, or any other firm that has an ICE/CBP contract, start organizing, were here to support you.

Android : Hate by the numbers. This will be the impact in #Massachusetts of this administrations inhumane, xenophobic agenda.

To see what the #PublicCharge rule does and doesn’t do: buff.ly/2ZeQlw4

#ProtectFamilies #MA7 twitter.com/massago/status…

iPhone : We can’t address inequality & the crisis of democracy in America w/out facing the systemic racism of an economy built on stolen labor & stolen land. #1619Project #PoorPeoplesCampaign twitter.com/wilsonhartgrov…

Twitter Web App : In honor of Rashida Tlaib, here is the sitty of Izzy Mustafa, AJPs Communications Strategist: This is my sitty. My guardian angel. A fierce Palestinian woman who shows me unconditional love every day. I carry her strength & humor with me everywhere I go. #MyPalestinianSitty

iPhone : Don’t give up, the tide is turning.

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

iPhone : Honestly, this explains a lot! He does not mention these crucial political developments because AIPAC, and other organizations he trusts to give him information, work overtime to hide these facts from politicians.

If he knew about them, he would be as angry as Rashida Tlaib.

iPhone : If this is what he’s willing to do to a crowd of mostly white protestors in front of cameras, just imagine what’s happening inside that prison where no one’s watching. aclu.org/blog/immigrant…

iPhone : absolutely dying at this mother fucker slamming his greasy sausage fingers on a fucking iPad to bang out a tweet complaining about element in slavery

iPhone : People keep asking me how I think that Elizabeth Warren would perform in the debates against Trump as if it’s even a question: The woman who is brave enough to take on Fox News, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Oil, and Billionaires is going to kick Trump’s ass during the debates! 💥

TweetDeck : LA Sheriffs Deputy Samuel Aldama got a tattoo with a skull, rifle, flames & helmet emblazoned with CPT - a police gang tattoo. Two months later, he & another deputy killed Donta Taylor. They said Taylor drew a gun, but Taylor was unarmed. theappeal.org/claims-of-raci…

Twitter Web App : Four years ago, Syrian archaeologist Khaled Al-Asaad was murdered by Daesh after refusing to give away the location of hidden artefacts in Palmyra.

He gave his life for the heritage he had dedicated his life to, in defiance of brutality, extremism, and authoritarianism

Twitter Web App : I’m giving myself this night off of twitter as well before I dive back in — there was a lot to comment on this weekend but it was (and is) a needed break. See ya tomorrow morning, friends.

Twitter Web App : We dont have concentration camps in the Bay Area, but we do have Palantir, and Palantir is the tech backbone for CBP and ICE both in terms of writing the software for raids and providing the state surveillance, - Lizard 🚩 #CloseTheCamps

businessinsider.com/palantir-prote… - via Rosalie Chan

iPhone : this photo belongs in the Louvre, I’ll take no further questions thank u twitter.com/ktvu/status/11…

TweetDeck : Each of the stories in the #1619project takes up a modern phenomenon and reveals its history. From the lack of healthcare to mass incarceration, from the brutality of capitalism to the epidemic of sugar — no part of America has been untouched by slavery. nyti.ms/31Io2Uz

iPhone : Sitting on my couch doing some crying and some breathing and some feeling of my own humanity. Feeling the peace of Shabbat dissipate into the work of the week. This work is hard. Reach out whenever. (And don’t worry, rabbis have rabbis too) twitter.com/rabbibecky/sta…

iPhone : Leading Latina organizer Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez is launching a campaign for U.S. Senate, entering a Democratic primary to oust Republican John Cornyn. bit.ly/2N8MJWb

iPhone : After an intense week, may we be blessed with Shabbat comfort, may we be blessed with Shabbat light, may we be blessed with Shabbat peace.

Heres a Shabbat Shalom Thread of the many highs and lows of this overwhelming week for the progressive Jewish community.

Android : “Kick em in the ass” Trump supporters say about Jewish women calling out Trump’s antisemitism.

I’d love to know what Ronna McDaniel and Liz Cheney have to say about this. I wonder what Donald J. Trump has to say about it.

RT if you want to know too.

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Twitter Web App : ... the grand project of Jewishness, to which he came honestly: wrestling with God, playing the stranger. Watching the world die of old age while awaiting the messiah; catching the dazzling light reflected off the shattered glass of our material world. jewishcurrents.org/kaddish-for-da…

iPhone : Voting machine vendor ES&S (44% of US election equipment) gets its control cards from a small Illinois business owned by a man who immigrated to the US from Belarus. The business appears to sell mostly arts & crafts. via 3M-TripleM✍️ 1/ twitter.com/jennycohn1/sta…

iPhone : Jimmy Oddo Would be glad to join you in a support group for recovering pols! We could help trigger & then support each other :-)

Might have to involve some time off Twitter, though, where clever-response culture might be all there is (there I go again)

Seriously, though: thanks for this.

iPhone : Governor Jay Inslee doesn’t just talk about a just transition for coal workers, he’s actually making one happen in Washington State.

If we believe in justice, we must transition of off fossil fuels. We also must make sure no one gets left behind.

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Twitter Web App : Donate to @JudaismOOOT & support the future of radically inclusive Jewish student leadership


iPhone : I read “Maus” for the first time when I was 13/14 and it is, I think, still among the most formative Nazi Holocaust narratives I’ve ever read. The censoring and censuring of Jewish artists speaking earnestly about parallels between Nazism and this moment is a bit chilling. twitter.com/newsweek/statu…

iPhone : tho the narrative is often that black writers are somehow non-objective opinion activists for including race in political conversation, deeply reported projects like 1619 are reminders that its the inverse -- to ignore race-- that is the non-journalistic, activist position

iPhone : Also: the university is a community, not a service provider. Hold it accountable the way you would any community, help make it better, be a participant, learn from and respect people in all roles. Don’t think of yourself as a customer.

Twitter Web App : every time someone I graduated high school with announces their pregnancy I feel like I can hear the cannon blast from hunger games

iPhone : For those of you who aren’t me and like five other people who care, this happy couple is Technet’s accountant and the dragon freed from alternate-universe Nazi Excalibur; and their romance is one of the most delightful weird background details of Davis’s Excalibur run. twitter.com/notlasers/stat…

iPhone : I have never seen anything in journalism quite like this 1619 Project that Ida Bae Wells conceived and produced with her NYT Magazine colleagues. She and the awesome talent on these pages have done patriotic work. Please spend the time with it that is required. nyti.ms/31JsMtb

iPhone : READ THIS! TY Sheila Katz & the amazing group of women who authored this; we needed it. TY Dan Brown & eJewish Philanthropy for publishing such a relevant piece on where women stand in the Jewish world &, what you can do about it. #EquityEverAfter buff.ly/2Z5azbO

iPhone : .Walmart 🆘 please stop selling guns. As the largest gun retailer in the world, you could instantly change the standard for gun ownership in America.

Join us 👨🏽‍🎓👩🏼‍💼👩‍🏫👩🏾‍⚕️👴🏾🧕🏿👨🏼‍🦰👧🏻👨🏾‍🦱
in calling on Walmart to take actions ⤵️
Learn more at WalmartMustAct.org

iPhone : I mean, what’s the point? A Congresswoman wanted to see her grandma, and y’all Woodrow Wilson wannabes are losing y’all white minds. You’ve cozied up to fascist colonial power. The Congresswomen look like the Boogeymen of your racist fantasies, white power is safe. You won.

Twitter Web App : Good news! Far right scared off by anti-fascists 

London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) has just received news that the main far-right “Free Tommy” rally planned for August 24th has been cancelled by its organisers.

(More details of our demo on 24th will be announced soon)

iPhone : Women make up the majority of Walmart consumers. Today women are coming out to demand that Walmart divest from violence and invest in communities. You can join at WalmartMustAct.org #WalmartMustAct twitter.com/igorvolsky/sta…

iPhone : Happy Friday! 🐶 I got visited by Aziz before the weekend ✨

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Android : The White Nationalist who posted threats to shoot up the Jewish Community Center in Youngstown, OH (where I direct the Center for Judaic Studies) was also a participant in Unite the Right in Charlottesville (2007). That’s why antifa‘s work identifying these folks is so important. twitter.com/thehill/status…

Android : gonna probably continue to be obnoxious about this for a hot second but because our feeds move constantly: ICYMI, my band’s demo is out daddysboy.bandcamp.com

Twitter Web App : 🚨🚨🚨
My amazing friend Marlon has been granted parole after SIX MONTHS IN ICE DETENTION and we need your help!

Marlon has fought incredibly hard, barely escaping alive — fleeing police brutality and gang violence — from El Salvador.


Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump 40% of Americans say they cant afford to pay an unexpected $400 bill

1 in 5 can’t pay the current month’s bills

1 in 4 skipped needed medical care each year because they couldn’t afford the cost

1 in 8 suffer from food insecurity, a lack of consistent access to enough food

Twitter Web App : Joshua B. Hoe Im a journalist & have reported on the horror show inside Alabama prisons for the past 7 years. I now know & care about many incarcerated people and feel deep empathy for everyone impacted. Its the human rights crisis of our time and I feel a moral duty to shine a light.

Twitter Web App : Huge shoutout to Aaron Regunberg for not only telling the horrifying story of #JewsAgainstICE being run over by a truck in Rhode Island, but for telling the story of why Jews across the country are standing up.

Watch video here: on.msnbc.com/33DrL7E

Hootsuite Inc. : Lets support our small shop owners before heading out to Target or Amazon.

Twitter Web App : A 20-year-old man who allegedly threatened to carry out a shooting at a Jewish community center in Youngstown, Ohio, has been arrested, according to police cnn.it/2z8yVCF

iPhone : Wesley And yet there they are. Right there in the history. Glaring out at us, alongside their victims. We cant just keep ignoring them, however badly conservatives want to.

iPhone : The conceit of the magazine is that nothing about modern American life has been left untouched by the colonists decision to purchase that first group of enslaved Africans, that the year 1619 is as important to the American story as the year 1776.

iPhone : NEWS: USCIS officials informed staff Saturday morning that the policy barring asylum for those who cross through Mexico was in effect for migrants at the New Mexico and Texas border.

Background: google.com/amp/s/www.buzz…

iPhone : For what little its worth, hes been saying some version of Fox is trying to harm me since the presidential primaries, only to drop it for periods of time. twitter.com/alexi/status/1…

iPhone : Heres a behind-the-scenes look at an El Paso Matters investigation, and the obstacles placed in the path of accountability. You can support transparency and in-depth journalism by donating to El Paso Matters at epcf.org/epmatters. twitter.com/BobMooreNews/s…

Twitter Web App : My lovely Canadian homeland is turning into a farce

Green NGOs have been warned by Elections Canada that asserting climate change is real could be deemed partisan, w implications for what they can legally communicate



iPhone : Once decent, compassionate Christians have slowly but quite clearly adopted a bastardized, angry, Fox News, America First, gun-loving, immigrant-hating, racist white religion that has become the Republican version of God.


Hootsuite Inc. : Learn from UUSC staffer Jennifer ORourke about her experience with UU College and a group of UU youth from Dallas as they spent an immersive week in Tucson, learning and working with our partner organizations at the southern border. #UUs #MigrantJustice uusc.org/reflections-on…

iPhone : A6: Im excited to teach these this year for a variety of reasons. #OwnVoices, representing LBGTQ community, #DisruptTexts ... and theyre all just really really good. #NCTEchat #TeachLivingPoets