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SocialFlow : .John Cassidy on the significance of President Trump honoring Ed Meese, who was was directly implicated in not one but three major scandals during his time as Attorney General.

Twitter Web App : If Amazon had slowed down to insure safety procedures were in place, “it would have been a hell of a lot better for the people who were killed,” Ladd said. “But once the machine starts moving it takes on a life of its own.”

Twitter Web App : In December 2016, a contractor rushing to deliver packages flew through a crosswalk, hitting Telesfora Escamilla, an 84-year-old woman walking home from a hair salon.

SocialFlow : Several years ago, an Amazon senior manager, Brittain Ladd, reported grave concerns regarding the company’s hiring of third-party couriers for “last-mile delivery.” Amazon decided the risk was worth it.

SocialFlow : The doomed love between Porgy and Bess takes its place alongside the great star-crossed pairings of opera history.

SocialFlow : Nietzsche’s political thinking is still discussed today, although his ideas are devilishly difficult to reconcile with modern conceptions of left and right.

SocialFlow : What happens when you lie on your résumé about your fluency in French.

SocialFlow : Amazon’s obsession with expansion has made it the corporate equivalent of a colonizer, ruthlessly invading new industries and subjugating some smaller companies. And Jeff Bezos is ready to fight any efforts to constrain him. Charles Duhigg reports.

SocialFlow : A new Lifetime movie examines the white-collar criminality of the recent college-admissions scandal.

SocialFlow : NowThis News videos are regularly shared earnestly by major figures on the left, such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and caustically by conservatives, who hold them up as examples of an incompatible world view.

Twitter Web App : Read John Seabrook on how predictive-text technology could transform the future of the written word:

Twitter Web App : We forced a bot to read over 5 million words from The New Yorker’s archive and then asked it to help write a New Yorker story of its own. This is what it wrote.

SocialFlow : “People don’t just happen,” Saeed Jones asserts in his new memoir, “How We Fight for Our Lives,” which focusses on his coming of age and his mother’s death.

SocialFlow : “All we can do is breathe the air of the period we live in, carry with us the special burdens of the time, and grow up within those confines. That’s just how things are.” A Personal History by Haruki Murakami.

SocialFlow : The Internet, like the printing press before it, has empowered reformers. It has also empowered hucksters, war profiteers, terrorists, and bigots.

SocialFlow : Nietzsche is quoted in the chat rooms of the far right, and he surfaces in leftist discussions about the future of democracy. How can a single thinker generate such varied interpretations?

SocialFlow : How a whistle-blower helped Ronan Farrow expose Harvey Weinstein’s dealings with Black Cube, a private-intelligence agency hired to surveil Weinstein’s accusers.