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SocialFlow : By simply making more ethical business decisions, could tech C.E.O.s allow billions of users to feel less isolated, confused, and miserable? Big Tech begins the search for its soul.

SocialFlow : The crime-fiction writer Tana French believes that unreliable narrators give us the best glimpse into another perspective, “because we are all unreliable writers of our own lives.”

SocialFlow : The median wealth among black families is about a tenth that of white families. Now, as reparations are a subject of national debate, the issue of black land loss is receiving renewed attention.

SocialFlow : Hacker News, Silicon Valley's most important online forum, is known for hyper-rationality. But its moderators—two old friends—use empathy to keep its community together.

SocialFlow : What's coming up in film this fall? Bio-pics on Harriet Tubman and Judy Garland, and the New York Film Festival.

SocialFlow : Edwidge Danticat reflects on the extreme kindness and awe-inspiring words of Toni Morrison and Paule Marshall.

SocialFlow : William Gardner Smith’s novel “The Stone Face,” from 1963, explores a black exile’s discovery of an injustice perpetrated by his host country, a place the protagonist initially had mistaken for paradise.

SocialFlow : Why has this online Chinese-language publication banned the phrases “Falun Gong,” “Dalai Lama,” and “Panama Papers”? Han Zhang reports.

SocialFlow : “Immunity,” @Clairo's impressive and deeply touching full-length début album, shows that she is too sincere to approach her music as an art-school project.

SocialFlow : Elizabeth Warren’s campaign rests on the theory that the past decade has transformed the way class is felt in America: it is now also possible to run a widely inclusive, populist campaign against the ultra-rich.

SocialFlow : “[Silicon] Valley right now is like a patient who’s just received a grave diagnosis.” Will Big Tech finally reckon with its problematic business models and start taking responsibility for its actions?

SocialFlow : In the Trump era, off-kilter comedy is increasingly upstaged by the horrors of reality.

SocialFlow : In this week's episode of The New Yorker Radio, the actress, producer, and soon-to-be director Maggie Gyllenhaal talks about challenging how sexuality is depicted onscreen. Listen here, or wherever you get your podcasts.

SocialFlow : In a selection of pieces from our archive, Jhumpa Lahiri, Keith Gessen, and other writers reflect on the art of mastering a foreign language.

SocialFlow : How do you produce comedy in a world where the horrors of reality can upstage the most outrageous satire?

SocialFlow : Megafires are huge, hot, and fast—they can engulf a whole town within minutes. Can a new plan prevent them from starting?

SocialFlow : During the 2016 G.O.P. primaries, Mike Pompeo warned voters that Donald Trump would be an “authoritarian” President. Now, according to a former American ambassador, “he’s like a heat-­seeking missile for Trump’s ass.”

SocialFlow : With about 1.6 million followers on WeChat and more than a million active readers a day, College Daily is one of an increasing number of Chinese “self-media” outlets, which have no official government affiliation.