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Bio Typographer, typeface designer, web designer, typographic consultant, @HexProjects & @variablefonts founder, @FontsInUse cofounder, @CooperType alum, pizza fan.
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iPhone : Retype Foundry It was actually while coming back in to the US after a visit to Canada. But, yeah, it is consistently the most aggressive and unwelcoming entrance even to a returning citizen.

iPhone : … While passing through customs to enter the Netherlands, the officer asks me exactly one question: “How long will you be here?”

I answer “Indefinitely – I’m moving here”.

He smiles, stamps my passport and says, simply, “Welcome to the Netherlands!”

iPhone : Only a few days after being held by US customs in a small room with chairs bolted to floor and asked dozens of questions about my entire life, including what languages I code in, the process of entering the Netherlands could not be any more different.

iPhone : Fonts in Action True story! Was taken into the small interview room with chairs bolted to the floor, car searched and everything. Of course the conversation was a *little* bit longer than that :)

iPhone : Just got stopped by US customs …

👮‍♀️: What’s your occupation?

I make fonts and websites.

👮‍♀️: What languages do you code in?

HTML, CSS, some Python.

👮‍♀️: JavaScript?

Yeah but if you really want to get into it, I think people rely too much on JS.

👮‍♀️: OK, get out of here.