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iPhone : I just saw that my high school graphic arts teacher liked someone else’s photo of a big window display thing I designed for Typographics and honestly it feels like I just received another certificate of competency.

Twitter Web Client : Kent Lew’s Haffner typeface is really one of the most under-appreciated serif typefaces from the past decade. It’s used for body text in the print edition of Time magazine, but I hope it’ll be released on the retail font market some day so we can all see more of it in the world.

iPhone : Zach Leatherman Gotcha. Yeah some font sellers consciously target more exclusive and/or corporate markets. There are also still pricing schemes left over from the early days of web fonts when the additional effort and risks were much higher. But hopefully they don’t sour you on the whole market!

iPhone : Zach Leatherman Depending on the fonts in question, that is on the higher end for a desktop-only license these days. However, it’s worth noting the price you’ve shown is for *6* styles – i.e. just $35 per style.

This kind of sticker shock is a recurring problem for multi-style type families.

Twitter Web Client : … Regardless of Apple’s relationship with the 5 big vendors it named as partners, the new mechanisms for iOS font installations through an app make the Type.World project that much more interesting as a centralized but independent platform for font syncing and management.

Twitter Web Client : … With all that said, this process still requires a user to install an app in order to install a font. It’s yet to be seen whether the app store will offer standalone fonts. It’s possible the 5 big vendors Apple cited previously will be the first participants in such a platform.

Twitter Web Client : … Of course installing custom fonts is already possible in iOS via configuration profiles (e.g. Fontstand’s app has offered iOS font installation since 2016) but the process will become more intuitive and seamless with a new dedicated component for fonts in the system settings.

Twitter Web Client : For those who didn’t watch Apple’s “Font Management and Text Scaling” presentation yesterday (…), it does indeed seem like independent font vendors will be able to offer their fonts to iOS users. (They even used “IndieFont” as a vendor name in their demo.)