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Android : Megan Frampton I should add I really don't care if someone hates the plot or one of/both the MCs. Cool. But it claws bad when carefully researched content, real life events/locations/people, in use words etc are dismissed or mocked for inaccuracy because not in Austen or Heyer.

Android : Megan Frampton I think HR authors would love to talk about the merits of the actual writing. But that is an extraordinary ask when you are up against rigid beliefs about 'the good old days'. Plus publisher gatekeeping.

Android : Maureen 100% agree. And so, so often the historical romance gatekeeping is just plain racism, homophobia or misogyny. Plenty of books have nonsense plots re actual history/law etc, but are gushed over. It's not about accuracy.

Android : As long as people are still one-starring historical romances for 'anachronistic' content like queer/poc HEAs, kink, explicit sex, explicit language, non-virgin heroines, or feminism, it's hard to have a discussion about the actual writing.

Android : Words have been political since the dawn of time. Stories, plays, music, books, have all analysed/reflected/mocked/warned/celebrated decisions and foibles of those in power.

This is not modern, FFS. And politics is so interwoven in culture it will always appear.