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iPhone : More high level Trump administration insiders are testifying on Capitol Hill under subpoena and drawing the line directly to Trump and his demand for dirt on his political rivals in the fast moving scandal... - Nicolle Wallace

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iPhone : BREAKING NEWS: Three sources tell our Capitol Hill team... that John Bolton has been invited to give his deposition next Thursday - Garrett Haake w/ Nicolle Wallace

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iPhone : "Numerous long-serving government professionals have stepped forth to declare that Trump’s interests and those of the United States have vastly diverged — and that Trump and his ringleaders have perverted and manipulated our foreign policy to serve his interests, and not ours."…

iPhone : From Volker advisor & State official Chris Anderson’s opening statement: When Russia attacked Ukrainian military vessels heading to Mariupol, State quickly prepared a statement condemning Russia for its escalation but top officials in the White House blocked it from being issued.

iPhone : On John Sullivan/today's confirmation hearing, Peter Baker: "Sullivan told Yovanovitch that she had done nothing wrong but he was bringing her back despite the fact that she had done nothing that can't be something that he found to be pleasant, as a professional." #AMRstaff

iPhone : Sullivan on whether he was aware of an effort to smear Yovanovitch:

"I was."

Was Mr. Giuliani involved in the smear?

"I believed he was, yes."

iPhone : .Joyce Alene: "Ms. Croft will testify she was told the orders to withhold aid to Ukraine came directly from President. Giuliani's relationship w/ President will be front & center when Congress tries to determine liability/culpability for conduct that took place." #AMRstaff

iPhone : Today's witnesses, Geoff Bennett: "Katherine Croft is current State Dept. official. She was adviser to Fmr. Special Envoy to Ukraine, Volker. She's prepared to say she received number of phone calls from lobbyist Bob Livingston requesting, urging Yovanovitch be fired." #AMRstaff

iPhone : Murphy: Giuliani says was acting at the direction of the State Department.
Did State Dept call Giuliani and ask him to have these conversations with Ukrainian officials?
Sullivan: My recollection is that based on conversations with Kurt Volker.

iPhone : Nearly 66% of registered voters believe the White House should comply with House subpoenas demanding testimony and documents, according to a Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll. 26% disagreed.

iPhone : Russian Amb. nominee John Sullivan on whether he was aware of the effort to smear then-Amb. to Ukraine Yovanovitch:

I was.

Sen. Menendez: Was Rudy Giuliani involved?

Sullivan: I believed he was, yes.

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iPhone : Q: You were aware there were individuals and forces outside of the State Dept seeking to smear Ambassador Yovanovitch, is that correct?

Russia Ambassador Nom John Sullivan: "I was."

Q: Did you know Mister Giuliani was one of those people?

Sullivan: "I believed he was, yes"

iPhone : “Conservatives” who have spent a lifetime preaching personal responsibility always find some excuse for Trump’s misconduct.…

iPhone : "My knowledge...about any involvement of Mr. Giuliani was in connection with a campaign against our ambassador to Ukraine," Sulivan said, describing the spring/summer timeframe.

iPhone : SULLIVAN, a top State Dept. official and Trump's nominee to be ambassador to Russia, is tellingt the Senate about his awareness of a "campaign" by Rudy Giuliani to remove Ambassador Yovanovitch.

iPhone : Trump’s last stand would have been that those around him took steps in Ukraine he was unaware of & didn’t direct. Now, that’s off the table too. “The order [to withhold aid from Ukraine] came at the direction of the president.”…