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Buffer : "We’ve got a revenue target that is not a whole lot different than today’s annual revenue target, but it is totally reversed in terms of our print versus digital revenue target. It’s basically flipping over."

Buffer : More local coverage is always a good thing, but what happens when these students finish up their semester? It's hard to build connections w/sources and the community with this format…

Buffer : It's no inverted pyramid, but these five components of solutions journalism could help readers want to read more about the topic of an article and improve their perception of its quality.

Buffer : Three years into nonprofit ownership, The Philadelphia Inquirer is still trying to chart its future

Buffer : "It is important that journalists take the time to fully explain the issue and the response before exploring implementation, results, and insights."

Buffer : How does a public benefit corporation owner actually affect the newsroom?

Buffer : People avoid consuming news that bums them out. Here are five elements that help them see a solution

Buffer : The Inquirer is evidence that even with the profit motive removed — even with a civic-minded ownership structure aimed specifically at preserving local journalism — it’s still no easy task.

Buffer : "Being owned by a not-for-profit entity makes us unique among our industry peers, but it does not make us immune from the challenges facing the local newspapers across the country."

Buffer : This reporter came for ER bills (with the help of 1,000-plus patients), and now doctors are listening

Buffer : What really makes a solutions journalism article work? Following these five steps:

Buffer : The Philadelphia Inquirer is trying to both build and be the local newsroom of the future — at the same time.

How's it going?

Buffer : The second-biggest spender of Facebook ads for Trump is kind of unbelievable

Buffer : "As we become more visible, trans journalists are asking journalism leaders to confront the structural barriers that make it hard for trans people, particularly trans people of color, to enter and remain in the industry."

Buffer : "I was stupid enough to say, 'Oh, we’re reporters.'"

Buffer : The Epoch Times has 3 billion video views across platforms and spent $1.5 million on 11,000 pro-Trump advertisements in the last six months.

Its parent organization also thinks Trump was sent by higher powers to destroy the Communist party in China:

Buffer : Instead of hiring longtime local journalists, the Boston Globe is working with Boston University’s (unpaid) journalism students as part of the former's subscription drive and the latter's major requirement .

Buffer : A Boston University course this fall will help the Boston Globe double down on more hyperlocal reporting