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Android : Freedom Thanks for the positivity. It didn't end in tears thanks as none of it was dangerous. It's nothing compared to an actual playground which children go on all the time. Just sharing a bit of happiness during this shit storm.

Twitter Web App : Another video from USA, Brooklyn Hospital Centre, New York City.

No sign of the coronavirus catastrophe being portrayed by the American Media. Yet.

Have a listen to this guy & make your own mind up on what is happening across the pond.

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Android : Are there any only children out there around age 4 that would like a video call with us sometime? WhatsApp maybe? Just a thought. ❤️ #lockdown

Android : Very disappointed Raab didn't use opportunity of 2 good questions to reign in police over-zealousnes & enforcement far beyond official rules. We can tolerate lockdown but if politicians allow draconian over-reach, can undermine whole strategy; worrying threat to liberty long-term

Android : What do you think of our assault course? #lockdown

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Twitter Web App : Know how you feel! I miss seeing my family too! The irony is that the thing we want to do most is to hug out nearest and dearest and that’s the thing we can’t do!!😏☹️…

Twitter Web App : Nikki💥 Thought this since day 1. It is a ludicrous over reaction. If it was Ebola, killing 7 out of 10 infected, I would expect/welcome these measures, but this is a flu like virus, killing probably 1 in a thousand. Hysteria!…

Twitter Web App : Please read and retweet. 50 fun things to do at home while self isolating, get your minds out of the gutter lol 😉👇👇👇👇👇👇