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Twitter Web App : Malcolm Nance Psychoanalyst Dr. Justin Frank sounds the alarm: “Psychologically Donald Trump functions like a killer... In America there is an epidemic of violence about to happen because of DT. Donald Trump has to be #Quarantined to stop it!” W/ chauncey devega rawstory.com/2019/08/psycho…

Twitter Web App : I want you to imagine what Trump was saying. Shooting immigrants in the legs & letting them bleed out. Impale themselves on the spikes of his fence. No medical care. Just blood & human carnage. Including Women & children dying slowly & painfully. Sadistic in the extreme.

Twitter Web App : Republicans used to care about pics 1-3; now, they care mainly about pic 4. It’s no longer about conservatism; it’s about kneeling before a man.

Twitter Web App : Pompous Pompeo needs to go.
#PompousPompeo twitter.com/djrothkopf/sta…

Twitter Web App : I’m here for every single minute of Hillary Clinton’s I told you so tour.

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Twitter Web App : It's not necessarily the case that people like Graham and Barr must have blackmail or some kind of "kompromat" hanging over them to do what they are doing. They might just be fascists.

Twitter Web App : Reporting now saying that Pompeo was on the Trump-Zelensky call, but NSA Bolton was not. Incredible. I’ve never heard of anything like this. twitter.com/mcfaul/status/…

Twitter Web App : Me showing up to Trump’s Impeachment Party.

Turn up the volume ğŸŽ¶

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Twitter Web App : California governor Gavin Newsom signs bill that will allow California college athletes to profit off their name, likeness and image.

Newsom signed it on the #TheShop with LeBron James.

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Twitter Web App : NEW: It's not just Australia. A DOJ official tells ABC News that AG Barr asked President Trump to initiate introductions between him and the leaders of Australia **and Italy.** Official confirmed Barr's trip last week to Italy was related to his review of the Russia investigation.