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Twitter Web App : Clint Eastwood Ditches Donald Trump for Mike Bloomberg in 2020 Election

Twitter Web App : Given Justice Sotomayor's courageous dissent that calls out the prejudice of her colleagues, here is a piece dedicated to her willingness to keep making the right choices, despite all of us feeling overwhelmed by those doing America wrong right now.…

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Donald Trump is asked by reporters if he is working for Russia in an attempt to fix the 2020 election.

#TrumpIsARussianAsset #RussianInterference

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Twitter Web App : Intelligence officials briefed Congress last week on CURRENT efforts from Russia to interfere in the 2020 election to benefit Trump, AGAIN.. & what does Trump do? FIRE the Director of National Intelligence. Entire GOP is COMPLICIT #TrumpIsARussianAsset…

Twitter Web App : Parasite is a foreign movie about how oblivious the ultra-rich are about the struggles of the working class, and it requires two hours of reading subtitles. Of course Trump hates it.

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Twitter Web App : Notice TrumPutin's fear is only that Dems will exploit it, not that a foreign adversary is helping him get elected. #RussianCollusion #PutinsPuppet #TraitorTrump…

Twitter Web App : Hillary warned us.
Mueller warned us.
EVERYBODY warned us.

Now trump is pissed that DNI Joseph Maguire is warning us.

You'd think a President would be pissed about a Russian attack on our elections. #RussianCollusion…

Twitter Web App : If you STILL think the #2020Election is a referendum on policy issues, it's time to wake up and get engaged.

Democracy is teetering off a cliff -- and if Dems don't keep the House and flip the Senate, ALL policies are irrelevant

#VoteThemAllOut2020 #VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020…

Twitter Web App : Roger Stone gets 3 years, 4 months. That's slightly longer than Michael Cohen, who's serving a three-year sentence.…

Twitter Web App : DOJ officials from the Bush, Reagan and Nixon administrations blast Trump and Barr for eroding public trust in the rule of law.

Twitter Web App : .⁦George Conway⁩: “Trump’s beef has always been not merely with individual federal judges who don’t bend to his will, but with the idea of an independent judiciary.” The judiciary has been a check so far on him but may reject future checks.…

Twitter Web App : Warren was not mean, nor angry.

She was effective.

And by the way, we are allowed to be angry about racial profiling. You’re allowed to be angry about sexual harassment. Or at big banks committing fraud against single parents.

Anger at injustice is quite appropriate.…

Twitter Web App : Small islands contribute the least to climate change but often suffer the worst of its consequences. At the CGI Action Network today, we talked about how to build resilience to natural disasters in communities on the sharp end of climate change.…

Twitter Web App : Jesus H. Christ on a cracker.

Donald Trump 'offered Julian Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack'…

Twitter Web App : Just tried to find out how to get my absentee ballot. They said I was flagged and had to re-register.

Everyone should check their registration ASAP.