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Bio Chercheuse, explorer of all things, Maman, PhD candidate in Psycholinguistics @ANU looking into infant language acquisition, play, learning, and emotion.
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Android : Kuddos to his teacher, who made the most of a tough new situation. The kids were so delighted to see each other and their teacher. A few kinks need to be worked out (and the duration of class shortened for sure) but I'm in awe of the teachers good will, flexibility and innovation

Android : My 4yo Saturday French school decided to maintain virtual classes, so 15 4yo are talking over each other on google meet right now... folly you say? #ParentingInAPandemic #AcademicTwitter #SaturdayMorning #coronavirus

Android : I have put together an extremely light "sign-up" questionnaire for any parents who are interested in being contacted by labs to find out about online experimental options over the next few weeks.…
It simply asks for a name/alias, age of child, & email.

Android : Women academic friends with children: I spoke to a prospective graduate student today who was told by a male professor in her department that if she wanted children, she might as well not even shoot for a PhD. Share your stories in this thread to prove he's wrong.

Android : That's it tweeps, my PhD thesis is out:
Symbolic Play and Language Acquisition: The Dynamics of Infant-Caretaker Communication during Symbolic Play

Android : Look out! The enlightening @Netflix series on babies starts tomorrow! #babies #becomingbrilliant #ece #playfullearning #playmatters…

Android : Happy to announce that, following our successful abstract submission, LDR will officially launch in the symposium on Open Science in Child Language Research at IASCL2020 in Philadelphia- see you on the Rocky steps!

Android : Rhonda Mayne In no particular order: work hard, don't avoid problems, pick your advisor wisely, surround yourself with supportive people, ask for help when you need, take a break when you need, make sure there is something other than the PhD going on in your life (not an exhaustive list)

Android : Ishmael Academic Chatter Sure. I didn't say everyone *should*. The message here is that it can be done. It is a message that has often kept me going during this challenging process. It certainly doesn't come easy nor is it a requirement to have a meaningful life.

Android : Thesis accepted with minor revisions! Might even have been called a 'tour de force' by one of the examiners 🤯 I am in shock. So grateful to Evan Kidd and ANU language lab. #phdchat #PhD #phdlife #academictweeter if I can do it, you can too!

Android : Am I being judged or supported? Final read(s) before submission. Could this actually be happening? #phdchat #FridayFeeling #phdforum #PhDone ?!